Monday, October 23, 2017

Conversion Part 1 by rubrstories

Thanks to rubrstories for this long lost chapter

Conversion Part I

Matt and I were lovers for almost 2 years, and about 18 months had passed since our breakup. I had moved on immediately, with hot little Italian sex-crazed Dan, who never tired of getting fucked but who didn’t hold my interest for more than a few weeks, and then with beach boy Zach, a pale imitation of Matt that had also been short-lived. As a confirmed top, I like to fuck pretty, gym-bodied, bottom guys. At a muscular 6 feet, 175 lbs, with swarthy, masculine looks and abundant black hair owing to mixed Greek and Spanish heritage, I have no trouble in the romance department, but Matt was a hard act to follow. He was exactly my size but the complete opposite of me in appearance. He had this wholesome, perfect blond aura about him, an incredible, almost overworked smooth muscular body, tanning-bed copper skin, the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen on a man, and a smile that could make me dissolve if I let it. On lazy weekend mornings, naked in bed, wrapped around each other under the sheets, we rubbed our cocks together until we couldn’t stand it anymore: his thick, exposed, beautiful pink erection against my dark, hairy, monster, which inevitably found its way into one of his holes. I couldn’t get enough of him: his smooth whiteness next to my coarse dark fur, his sweet sphincter squeezing my huge cock, his lips and mouth sucking on my tongue or the head of my cock, his creamy, tanned face turning red and chafed after a kissing session with me, his muscular legs hiked up on my shoulders and his toes curling when I fucked him enough to make him cum without his cock being touched. And yet, in spite of devouring him physically, I had sensed some part of him seemed beyond my reach, especially when he began spending less time with me and more and more time at the gym or on his computer. Still, with frequent amazing sex and our many other mutual interests, I thought we were perfect together, until he abruptly left, with little more than a lame explanation that he had met someone else. I had never been dumped by someone I cared about so much. We’d had no contact since, but I still thought about him all the time.
Matt was on my mind as usual the day I set up my new computer, installed AOL for the first time, and signed on. Experimenting with the settings, I found a function that located members who were online. I typed in the screen name for Matt, MATT98, with no result. Then I thought about his alternate screen name, the one I had noticed and questioned him about but that he claimed was meaningless and never used. I wasn’t sure I could remember it, but I tried. AOL told me RBRDOM was online and in a chat room called M4MDISCIPLINE. The chat room was full, but soon I figured out how to look at RBRDOM’s profile, which offered very little information:
Name: Sir 
Location: CA 
Description: Young, blond, musclular GWM, dominant. IM for details or see profile on
My initial reaction was one of disbelief. I must have been mistaken about the screen name. Dominant? Rubber? Not my Matt! I had to find out, yet I didn’t want to IM him. I directed my browser to, which turned out to be a members only, pay web site. In short order, I paid the fee by credit card, received confirmation e-mail to gain access, and assembled a rudimentary profile for myself, so that I could search other members. There was no RBRDOM, but there was a RUBRDOM. I clicked on the link for the profile.
Member: Master/Top 
Location: CA 
Physical stats: 6 ft, 190 lb, blond/blue, body builder 
Fetishes: Rubber, leather, uniforms, extreme bondage. slaves in long-term inescapable bondage: heavy manacles, cages, chastity devices, rubber, leather, hoods, gags, plugs, catheters, straitjackets, sleepsacks, piss, completely shaved in head to toe rubber, total control, no escape, no early release. 
Relationship status: intense muscular Master with partner, seeks equally intense in shape slave for training in total bondage & rubber; potential for 24/7 service to Master and partner. Serious, real slaves only. Have partner already. Want a slave.
Below the description, a picture was loading on my screen. I saw Matt’s face first, and then the rest quickly flashed into place: He wore what look like a police uniform, but it was exaggerated, body-hugging, made of rubber I guessed, complete with a cap and tight, shiny black boots encasing his muscular legs up to the knees. Whether it was the mock tight uniform or added bulk from continued weight lifting, he looked appreciably larger than when we had been together. His upper body was massive, his waist, circled by a wide belt, was still lean, and his biceps stretched the rubber sleeves. He was positioned in a wide stance, with his legs apart and arms flexed. His right hand held a leash, leading down to the collar of a bound figure at his feet. The prostrate, obviously muscular, male figure was in a bowed posture on its stomach. The figure was completely black, totally covered in either rubber or leather, and restrained in what looked like a contorted, impossible position: Its arms were held together at the elbows and wrists, bound behind its back, and its legs were bent, with ankles drawn up to its butt. The ankles were connected by a taut, black cord to a ring on its hood, so that its head was pulled back, almost into an upright position. The only visible part of its body was the tongue, protruding from a small hole in the hood and straining forward to touch one of Matt’s boots.

I felt a rush of emotions, a flood of thoughts entered my mind, and I sat frozen at my computer for an unknown time. I felt incredulous, angry, betrayed, confused, and hurt, but there was also another, unfamiliar, weird feeling welling up inside me, and it was manifested in my cock. It was rock hard and leaking so much pre-cum that a wet spot had appeared on my jeans. I fiddled impatiently with my belt and zipper, roughly pulled my pants apart, and grabbed my cock to pump it like a madman. The huge erection overfilled my fist but I barely noticed, instead concentrating on the fantasy that overwhelmed me. Staring at the images before me, I wanted to be the slave in the picture: encased, dehumanized, humiliated, fit to be in Matt’s presence only as a bondage slave, rubberized and bound at his feet to lick his boots. Feverishly working my fist, I had become oblivious to my surroundings as my cock exploded mercilessly and uncontrollably. I moaned out loud, and the spurts of semen landed on the keyboard and screen of my new computer.


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