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Rubber Life - Chapter 8 "The Basement"


Club Hole - The Basement

They descended a long curving ramp that led to under the bar. A single row of concealed lights along the curving wall where it met the floor edge made it easy to follow the ramp. The air was cool and felt ventilated, dry like air conditioning and a lot less smoky then the bar room they had just left. The smell of latex was extremely strong. Jack figured a ramp was probably safer than dark stairs, specially with guys in bondage since he figured correctly he was heading to some sort of dungeon. At the bottom of the ramp another door with a button required another press, short pause and a buzz before they proceeded into the "play room" As the door was opened a guy greeted Biker.
"Hey, haven’t seen you in a while big guy." Jack couldn’t really see who Biker was talking to since he was still mostly in the doorway behind Biker. 
"Bek, this is Jack." Biker stepped forward and Jack stepped in and saw the guy. A capped classic Biker type, leather jacket over the familiar rubber shine of a shirt or catsuit. He was sitting on a stool at the doorway next to a black phone built into the wall. Since he was sitting Jack couldn’t tell how tall or short he was, but he was big-boned and deep-chested. His crotch immediately caught Jack’s attention. He was wearing sheathed tights or his catsuit had a sheath, either way this cock was rock hard and sticking up with a shiny metal cocking around the base. Every now and then the guy just casually stroked his hard dick. It made Jack really horny and he wanted to touch it. 
"First time?" 
Jack, still gagged, just nodded and made a muffled sound like ‘yes’. Spit drooled out of the sides of his mouth when he had leaned forward and he could imagine it slowly following his jawline. Jack then noticed in the darkness a squatting guy chained to the stool in rubber catsuit to the side, some kind of bondage gloves with flat hoof-like pads. He had on one of those dogface rubber hoods that looks like a Boxer and his tongue hung out of the hood, he was staring at his master’s hard cock. 
"Well have fun, you’re in good hands with this guy." 
Biker smiled, "maybe you’ll come join us later?" 
"Maybe, depends on my dog." 
"Fine, if not I’ll call you later and you can come out to the house sometime and help me with Jack." 
"Be an honor, anytime. Pleasure would be mine." He eyed Jack approvingly "You always find the hot ones." 
Biker smiled and looked at Jack, and Jack was pleased the man was happy with him. He wondered how many other ‘hot ones’ there were. Just before they walked away Biker grabbed Bek’s upright cock and gave it a nice squeeze ‘ "looks like you’re off to a good start. "You do love that Viagra don’t you." 
"Yeah, hard all night, what’s not to like?" Bek answered. 
"So what’s good tonight?" 
"I think you’d probably like room 17 but give him an eyeful and stop at 2 and 4." 
"Thanks, talk to you later" and Biker pulled Jack along the hallway, Jack looked back to the see the guy still stroking his rubbered dick and smiling at Jack. As they started down the hall Jack looked back and saw that the pup have moved in front of the stool with his front ‘paws’ on his master’s thigh, Bek was letting him lick his rubber nutsack while he stroked his cock. It was then that Jack noticed something catching the light, the rubber dog had a thick short rubber tail sticking out of his ass and he was wagging it. Must be one of those new butt plus Jack had seen on the web, seeing one wagging made his own ass twitch and he knew he’d get one to please Biker later.
The hallway was a metallic silver, with maybe 16’ ceilings, but with such low lighting from the overhead hanging industrial lamps that it a had a spooky dark quality. They walked down the narrow hall. The first two doors were opposite one another. Biker stopped and slid the one on the right, it slid into the wall. Hmm, pocket doors, made sense. You could open them and the space was just another part of the hallway. Not much room in the hallway anyway for a door to swing out to. The room was brightly lit with halogen pins aimed at a center display. Two rubber vac-racs in rectangular metal frames were suspended on chains form the tall ceiling. A guy was trapped and encased in each rack like two rubber soldiers and they were about two feet apart facing one another. A clear cock pump tube connected the two men’s cocks which were straining to meet one another inside, their cockheads just a few inches apart. Both shafts swollen and touching the tube’s sides. Their balls were pulled an sucked downwards by smaller cylinders. At the tope, a black corrugated tube from each guy’s mouth connected a silver metal Y to another rubber tube that led off into the ceiling. Squatting behind one of the suspended vac-racs was a huge muscleman in just rubber codpiece apron, waders, glove and bicep bands. He turned away momentarily from Jack and bent to adjust something. Jack saw he was hugely muscled, big beefy thighs completely filling the wide top of the waders and a butt like two pale bowling balls with rubber jock straps framing a crack he would have dived into and worshipped for hours. Something really hot about a completely bare backside and his front all rubbered. The cleavage of his pecs disappeared into the top of his rubber apron, the smooth front surface almost medical looking except for the codpiece attached to it. The guy adjusted something to the one guy’s ass in the vac-rac, inflating or probing and then turned his head to acknowledge Biker 
"Hey, gonna be a while, they just went in." The guy was competition type, muscles all over, freakishly big. Shoulders with striations in them, veins on his biceps like cords, and now and then a pierced nipple showing from one side of the apron as he moved about. 
"No rush." Biker answered, just wanted to give Jack a tease. 
"This one new?" 
"Yeah, this is Jack, might be permanent." 
"Really? Mmm, nice. Looks good all geared up and obviously likes it" the guy gave a quick underpat to Jack’s heavy codpiece, which sent a tingle through his balls. "Umm, somebody’s been pumping" he chuckled, "I can think of plenty of things to do with you boy." 
"Hey, not tonight I’m starting him slow." 
"Yeah, fine, catch up with you later." 
"Good" Bike turned Jack and walked him out of the room sliding the door behind him. Jack wondered what was in store for the two trapped rubberists in their vacuum bondage. And what the big muscle guy had meant when he addressed Jack.
Biker stopped in front of door 3 and slid it open a pinch, took a peek and then slid it closed and turned to the flanking door 4 and slid it open, and walked in. Jack noticed the hallway continued further with more doors as it curved, giving no idea of its length.
They stopped in front of a room labeled "Storage" 
"Just part of your visual education." 
The room was a narrow space about 5’ wide and 20’ long. Along one wall an umber of guys in various rubber and leather bondage outfits stood right up against the wall, which had small threaded metal pipes sticking an inch out of the wall in lots of places just below waist level which were numbered and lots of eye hooks along the upper half of the wall, the opposing long wall was mirrored floor to ceiling so the guys - if they weren’t blindfolded - basically were staring at themselves. One leatherman in a Muir cap was walking his rubber straightjacketed captive in front of them when they entered. The guy nodded to Biker. 
"Here, watch." Biker said. 
There wasn’t much room between them and the mirror as they walked down the narrow room to where the new pair were, past guys in all sorts of bondage ware, straps, head harnesses, the works. The only similarity was that each one stood perfectly straight against the wall and Jack could see each had his collar hooked to one of the eye hooks behind him.
The guy "parked" his rubber buddy perpendicular to the wall and then walked to the far end where he picked something up out of a box on a small table. He returned holding what looked like a small rubber flashlight, it was 7" long a half inch in diameter, black like everything in this pace and had a rounded end to it like a billiard ball and another smaller ball shape towards the thin end. The leatherman squatted for a moment and eyed his captive’s ass, lining it up with the nearest pipe hole on the wall. He then proceeded to thread the black flashlight with the pipe fitting and screwed it on, noting the number next to it. He then opened a small pack of lube and shined up the protruding billiard knob, lined it up with his toy’s butt, unzipped the guy’s catsuit and then put his gloved hand on his toy’s crotch and pushed him backwards. The guy knew what was expected of him and standing parallel to the wall now, he slowly backed up as the leatherman guided his ass towards the plug until it was obviously right at the guy’s ass. The leatherman stood, and with both hands on the guy’s hips gave him a push back just to make sure he was impaled. The guy grunted as he was pushed. The leatherman walked back to the far end of the room and pressed buttons on the dark wall, a soft hissing effectively trapped the rubberman against the wall much like a Foley’s inflatable catheter. Jack wondered how large it got because the guy was moaning and grunting in his hood until the leatherman walked back and gave a sharp slap to the side of his hood whereupon he shut up instantly. "That’s better, next time you behave or I’ll really inflate it." The leatherman addressed his boy while holding his chin and making him mechanically nod yes. The guy turned to Biker "hey, you wanna get a drink and catch up" walking away from his impaled boy with no concern. 
"Nah," said Biker, "got plans for Jack. Rick this is Jack." 
"Hey Jack, you behave and hopefully your bud here won’t have to leave you in this room to reconsider your misdeeds " he grinned evilly and winked at Biker. 
Biker let out a chuckle and the three of them walked out, the leatherman closed the door, said bye and headed down the hall towards the entry ramp.
"Yes, you can ask a question, I know your little head is spinning with them" 
"How long will he leave him there?" 
"Depends on what he did . I mean the guy enjoys it too, there’s an optional vibrate mode on the plugs that can be programmed to occur in all sorts of strengths and waves but there are also temperature controls whereby the plug will deflate and reinflate with water - either cold or hot or in between, lots of variables. He’ll probably be there a couple hours while Rick plays elsewhere. Depends on what Rick programmed the computer to do and if he was good or bad. Some guys, this is heaven - long term bondage storage with ass stimulation. For others, it’s hell, not knowing where their master is, they get bored, antsy. They’ve got to stare at themselves in the mirror, can’t touch themselves. Makes ‘em nuts. They’re so horny when you get them out they can be the best fucks in the place." 
Jack shot Biker a worried glance he could read through his hood. 
"I’m not talking about you right now, you’ve been one pleasant surprise after another" Biker groping his ass. 
"Thank you sir, I’ll try to please you. Please let me know when I make a mistake." 
"Oh I will… love that ass" He grabbed Jack and pulled him down the hall at a quicker pace. Jack didn’t see it but Biker gave his hardening cock a repositioning squeeze in his codpiece.

They hadn’t run into many people in the dark hallway but this time a pair walked past them that caught Jack’s eye. A biker type like his master was dragging a victim behind him, the guy being pulled on a chain sheathed in inner tube attached to a complex head harness and body harness locked over a catsuit. The guy had trouble keeping up with his master with his ankles chains and Jack wondered where they were headed.
They walked down the hallway to Room 7, sliding the door back revealing a small room, with gray acoustical padding on all walls. Biker seemed to know the guy there were walking up to seated in the big chair dead center.
Jack realized it was HC, sitting in some sort of sexchair/throne in front of them mounted on an 18" hollow riser. The chair was very squares and made of enormous thick wood pieces with padding on the seat back and arms. HC just sat there enthroned, is huge cock sticking out and over the seat edge it was so long. This was Jack’s first time to see it exposed and he couldn’t believe his eyes. HC had that smirk on his face he’d worn earlier. The light came from in front of him out of the ceiling at an angle and was aimed to focus almost exclusively on his cock, reflected light the only other illumination in the room. HC’s cock was the center, it’s massiveness a tube of pale flesh against his leather chaps and the dark wood of the chair. In the dim light beneath the chair front and half under it, a guy, smallish but muscled with those round baseball biceps little guys had. He was squatting under HC in a rubber Dainese cycle suit with the arms cut off framing his pretty build, it had ribbed padding on the shoulder seams.
Jack could just notice a few other guys in the dark side walls of the room watching, many of them openly stroking their cocks or getting blown while they observed. It looked like some poster drawing for a German lederfest.
Under the chair, the young guy has his head bowed completely which is why Jack hadn’t quite noticed him at first. He had a thick brushcut hairstyle, like velvet - one of those lucky guys with just tons of hair follicles who could really carry off a flat top. HC held his hand up and Biker grabbed Jack’s shoulder to stop his approach. HC then patted the squatter’s head and shifted forward, his huge meat projecting from the chair seat like a missile. The young guy on cue moved forward and proceeded to use his brushcut hair to rub the underside of HC’s huge shaft, pumping his head back and forth in little movements, the tiny hairs must have provided a great tingling sensation because HC’s cock stiffened a little. Fuck, thought Jack, a cock fluffer under your chair, wish he had that at the office! Jack’s dick pulsed in his pouch. HC slid back in the chair, just staring at Jack the entire time and the boy returned to his tight inconspicuous squat under the chair seat. The boy sneaked a peak at Jack as he slid back under and Jack saw how cute the young guy was, creamy skin, black hair and bright blue eyes. His hair the color of his shiny rubber suit. Like just about everyone here he wore gloves short ones which he used to grip the chair legs and stabilize himself under H.
The door opened suddenly and in walked yet another lean athletic rubberman completely covered but with a huge head. The guy was wearing these hot goggles, oval with just tiny lines cut through them that Jack would later learn were snowglare goggles. The goggles stood out from the man’s smooth ball shaped head the result of an inflatable hood. His lips were barely visible in the narrow slit left for a mouth. He was wearing a catsuit under a black rubber chestplate like Roman gladiators wore with molded nipples, the plate was matte rubber compared to the shiny glossed up suit. He wore a jockstrap over the suit that was amply filled with little rubber knobs all over it like those steering wheel covers sports cars had. The textured jock made his crotch all the more conspicuous compared to his smooth thighs and ass.
The goggled rubberman came over and the young brushcut receded further under the chair. Goggle proceeded to step up on the chair, sliding both thighs onto the armrests. HC helped support him as he positioned himself. The light was aimed at the rubberman’s shiny back and the massive cock that lay swollen beneath him on the chair seat. It had begun to thicken and stiffen more with this man’s approach. The rubberman reached up and put both his arms into hanging straps from the ceiling and grabbed the chains with his gloved hands. Hanging, semi-perched as he was, he could control his position. HC proceeded to reach under and unzip the back of the guy’s suit. Jack was transfixed, the suit opened to reveal the base of some big sex toy, black and most likely rubber. HC wrapped both of his hands around the flared base and began to pull, the guy grunting and pushing until a big rippled dildo slid out, each ripple making the guy’s asslips widen and shrink as they slid over the intrusion. Jack was impressed, the toy was big, thick and long. When the dildo was finally out, HC laid it on the seat next to his own dick and to Jack’s amazement the dildo was smaller than HC. HC motioned to get Biker’s attention and pointed at Jack
"He wants you to lube up his meat and guide it in, not many guys get to do this. Make me proud, nice and slow and use lots of lube, got it?" Biker was smiling when Jack looked behind him.
Jack was super excited and nervous at the same time. The guy’s big dick was hypnotic. Biker pushed Jack forward and as he was almost at the chair, grabbed his arm. Jack turned and Biker was holding a custom hood that someone must have handed him. It had a buckling collar, open mouth with two narrow tubes that ran down the back and around over the ears to the sides of the mouth, but left room for a tongue to stick out. Where the mouth was, the rubber went into the mouth cavity and a tongue sleeve with tiny top nubs protruded. On top, a flat black flask was strapped to the hood itself and stuck up about an inch. As Biker slid it on Jack, he adjusted the flow valve on the flask. Jack stuck his tongue into the sleeve and realized lube was dripping from both side tubes, the rubber tongue sleeve easily sliding around his now rubber lined mouth. The mouth cavity and tongue sleeve were in very thin rubber, like condom weight, while the rest of the hood was thick and sturdy. 
"Yea, you guessed it, you lube him with your tongue. You can use your hands to stroke him but the lube drips into your mouth and you tongue-coat that big meat before and while he’s fucking that guy got it? The only guy’s ass you ever eat bare is mine, that’s why the hood has the tongue sleeve so it’s safe. It was designed by balloon head over there, he’s a doctor and a really creative one. Now go make me proud." Biker’s low deep voice was reassuring and resonated through the hood.
"Yes sir" Jack said, his voice muffled by the rubber mouth lining. His tongue slick and making him horny, when he pressed his tongue upwards in his mouth he could feel the little nubs against the roof. Biker turned him around and Jack knelt before the chair, he immediately began to lick the top of the massive cock, oblivious to the cute boy underneath. He started by coating the big head, the cock lay hung over the chair seat like an extra arm, with the tongue sleeve and rubber-lined mouthpiece he couldn’t push anything far into his mouth, certainly no deepthroating so he ran his tongue up and down the shaft on all sides, trying to deposit as much silicone lube as possible and testing it for slickness with the smooth underside of his tongue. Once he had done that he took the whole head into his mouth, using the nubs to tickle with bottom of his shaft. It really didn’t require concentrating on keeping his lips tight, the cock was so thick it barely fit to begin with so his lips were stretched to capacity. He worked the cock for a good five minutes, his own cock fully hard in his pouch. HC seemed to like the head work because his cock was fully hard after Jack finished coating it. He felt Biker’s legs pressing on the sides of his thighs 
"Line it up boy." 
Jack who until this tie has only used his tongue to bathe and worship the meat now picked it up gingerly with both gloved hands like some priestly offering and aimed it upwards. He fingered the tube ends on the sides of his mouth, until rubber two fingers together he could tell they were slick and ran his index finger in a circle around the puckered ass above him, then sliding in one, two and three fingers. The guy was already relaxed from the big dildo. He was surprised by the weight of the cock as he handled it, heavy, like a water balloon. He continued to lick and lube the shaft and noticed how warm it was, all that blood swollen in it just radiated body heat. He couldn’t believe the thing was real and with the rubberman above him blocking his view of HC, it seemed like some dismembered part, alien and monstrous but worth of all his attention. He held the cock straight up and right on queue the rubberman lowered himself just a bit until his asslips were sliding around the head. Jack tongued the shaft just beneath the guy’s asslips as he slowly sat on the first 8" pretty fat and then stopped. Jack knew it must have felt incredible, to handle something so big, and a real cock not some dildo, fuck. What a head trip. Jack’s ass twitched thinking about, with the little plug he’d been wearing thinking Biker would be fucking him some time tonight. His tongue lapped the lower shaft and as the guy ever so slowly mounted the incredible dick, Jack lapped just below on the remaining circumference knowing HC must have loved the sensation. He was painfully hard in his own codpiece, but he had both hands now on HC’s thighs and began to tongue bathe HC’s balls lubing and nibbling them. The suspended rubberman was bout two inches from handling the whole thing but Jack’s head was starting to get in the way. HC shifted forward on the seat until his nuts hung over the edge, bracing himself on the arms. The chair was bolted into the floor so no distribution of weight was going to affect it. Now with his nuts off the edge of the chair, Jack could suck them religiously and while they were big, they were easy after that orifice ripping shaft he’d just had wedged in his mouth. The guy above slid the remaining flesh in his ass and a chorus of moans and whistles came from the walls of the room where numerous guys were watching, stroking or getting sucked. HC moaned "Oh yeah, all the way, aw fuck" all the while stuffing his gloved fingers into the guy’s mouth while he rode the big meat. Jack was in bliss, big nuts to suck on, fully geared with lube dripping from his hood, a tongue sleeve that made every lick and nibble a pleasure to its recipient, a huge cock sliding in and out of a rubberman’s ass above him, the warm smell of flesh in tight rubber from the thighs flanking his face, sweat from balloonhead’s suit beginning to drip...
Then just as suddenly he felt a nibbling on his codpiece, and the boy under the chair was suckin’ at his crotch, running his tongue along the silhouette of Jack’s hard cock - without even thinking he felt himself shoot into his codpiece, his thick cock bent in the tight confines of the pouch. He let out an involuntary moan when it happened and the cute boy gave lovebite to Jack’s cockhead which made him jerk.

"Was expecting that a while ago, you held out pretty well. " Jack could hear Biker whose gloved hand was stroking the side of his hood. Jack opened his eyes and saw that the rubberman had begin to slowly ride the huge cock. He couldn’t believe it fit in the guy’s ass but it was happening directly above hi. The cock was thick like a soda can and so long and proportional it just looked like a flesh colored supersized dildo. 
"Hey, your job’s done here boy" and with that Jack felt Biker’s grip on his collar pulling him sharply back. Jack stumbled and stood up a little dizzy from kneeling. The cute boy looked up at Jack, spit drooling form his mouth as he receded back under the chair. 
"Don’t want to spoil you." Jack stepped back to follow Biker 
"Wait, come here a sec boy " HC had stopped pumping his gloved hand into the balloon headed rubber toy to get Jack’s attention. 
Jack turned. HC motioned for him to come to the side of the chair, when Jack got to the side HC grabbed his collar ring and pulled him to his mouth forcefully. In a low deep voice "not bad for a first timer, sometime I’ll come by and practice on your mouth if your master allows so you start practicing with some big toys, hear? Big ones" And with that he pushed Jack way, HC’s eyes on Jack even while he resumed sucking his buddy’s mouth who had begun to bounce more dramatically on the huge dick. As Biker dragged Jack out of the room, Jack turned to see half a foot of meat flashing in and out of the guy’s ass as he rode it, a surreal scene that felt like a dream, the fucking making a slurping obscene noise with all the lube that haunted Jack as they left. 

Rubber Life Chapter 7 "Club Hole"

Chapter Seven "CLUB HOLE" by

Jack was so exhausted he was close to sleep most of the rest of the ride so his sense of time was useless. He had no idea if they were near London or far away. The area was industrial and pretty much deserted. Biker rode down a steep hill and Jack could see some type of oil refinery and shipyard in the distance so that ruled out London proper. There were lots of little lights and machinery and metal and gates and fences but no sign of life. The many bulbs on the pipe and fences made the rubber on Biker’s jacket shine and sparkle as they whizzed past. At the base of the hill they took a long sideroad that ran along the refinery and finally Biker turned into a narrower road that lead through some warehouses to one near the end. He paused at a gate and took a cards from the bike’s front compartment that looked like a credit card, pushing it into a waiting slot. It activated and a large two-story warehouse door ahead of them slid to the right but only about 4’ wide. Biker drove through and paused, pushing a button the wall and the door closed behind them. In front of them in the lighted warehouse were lots of bikes in rows, a couple vans, some trucks, etc. Jack knew this was their destination from the two guys ahead of them chatting in front of a number of bikes parked to one side and the two leather geared biker guys a sort distance away. One nodded at Biker and then went back to chatting with the hunky guy in front of him, a beefy thing in tight leather pants and a harness and armbands over some serious muscle and tattoos. Biker rode to the far left side and parked in an area with fewer bikes. Jack saw by comparison that theirs was definitely one of the bigger machines. Biker turned off the engine and with that the cockpumps tuned off and Jack realized he’d grown so use to the feeling of his dick and balls in that pressure, he had forgotten about it. He slide his swollen crotch out of the holder and looked at his balls with amazement. His dick was thicker and his ballsack was huge, and tender too. Biker got off first. 
"Wait." He went to the back of the bike on the right side and opened it, fumbling around for a sec. "These will fit better, do mine first." Biker lifted Jack’s chin so he was looking into his eyes. "And no fondling, your tool gets sore when you pump and besides we’re later than I planned so behave." 
Jack was handed one of two codpieces, bigger than the ones they were wearing which would make it a lot easier to stuff their engorged ballsacks into them. He unsnapped Biker’s top three snaps and his dick and balls swung free. It took every bit of control for Jack to not just dive in and smother his face in his man’s crotch but he knew not to fuck up or it would just ruin things. He took the pouchstyle codpiece Biker had handed him which had a black center zipper and snapped the top three snaps onto Biker’s suit. He took of his helmet so he could maneuver the next part since it was harder to see the one snap between Biker’s legs. He carefully lifted Biker’s puffy balls and cock, cupping them in one gloved hand and carefully slid the codpiece over them and then snapped the read snap at the base. Woof, now that was HOT! Big rubber bulge between thick thighs, codpiece sticking out catching light on it’s gleaming surface. FUCK! He just wanted to lick and chew it and lose all track of time but he knew better. It took everything to resist. A zipper the only thing separating him from his master’s swollen cock, the thick black SCUBA zipper such an easy access, Jack wondered how long he could wait…
He reached down and repeated the same with his, noticing that his codpiece wasn’t as big as Bikers. Still sizable but a little smaller with no zipper. His pouch looked impressive puffing out bigger than ever, like some Tom of Finland drawing. He was getting into this pumping stuff, WOOF! The cockring he’d earlier slipped on kept his ballsack pretty big even though it was no longer in the vacuum.
He dismounted the bike and followed Biker to the steel door where the same access card prompted a buzz, Biker punched in a code on the phone-like keyboard and the door unlocked. They stepped in to what w an elevator not a hallway and once the front door had closed and locked, then Biker put his card in a wall slot and the elevator descended. The quiet became noisier as Jack could here bar sounds and smell a combination of cigarette, beer, cigar smoke and poppers in the air. The voices got louder as the elevator stopped at some level and the door opened to reveal a dark modern bar full of hot looking biker and perve guys. The room was dark with sharp points of light coming out of the black-painted ceiling. A bar ran alongside one wall and was two guys deep while the rest of the room had clusters of leather and rubber skinheads, bikers, uniform guys - drinking and talking and laughing. The bar itself was glass-topped and glass-fronted with uplighting so you could see the bartenders and barbacks’ legs, boots and crotches as they walked around. The floor had uplight halogens installed flush which showed off everybody’s legs, bulging crotches, round asses and boots of every kind.
Biker seemed to know everybody and they made their way through to a place near the bar on the far end.
When the guy walked in, a lot of guys gave a heads up, greetings, thumbs up hand gestures and there was a round "HEY! Resounding through the bar. Jack could just make out the guy’s face when he took of his helmet, there were so many people in the bar. He was cute, youngish with a goatee. About 5’11" medium build in biker gear judging from the padded shoulders on the leather jacket and the gauntlet gloves he’d see take off the helmet. Jack wasn’t sure what the fuss was about and turned back facing Biker who was considerably taller and more muscled than the newcomer. 
"Who’s he?" 
Biker answered with a sly grin. "that’s HC, an Aussie." 
Biker gave a nod and HC headed towards them, approaching from Jack’s backside. 
"Hey, long time no see." 
HC approached Biker and got a big wet tongue kiss that made Jack jealous. They obviously knew each other intimately. He wondered if this was an ex. 
"Too long," Biker answered, "This is Jack, my newest." 
The Aussie turned to him and smiled. "Cute, the boy’s hot in rubber" the guy was rather familiar with Jack for a stranger and had his asscheek grabbed in his gloves immediately, kneading the tight round muscle. "Nice" the Aussie was looking Jack up and down which turned Jack on yet made him nervous at the same time. "Real nice." 
"Yeah, and he’s just beginning with me so maybe we’ll work up to you. Don’t want to scare him." Jack looked at Biker questioningly and then back at the Aussie. 
"Um, what’s HC short for?" Jack asked him. 
The Aussie smiled and laughed. He took Jack’s hand and pushed it hard into his crotch where Jack felt the biggest, hardest, longest dick in rubber shorts he’d ever conceived of. He looked down and squeezed it to make sure it was there, the cock ran down the guy’s leg and into the top and well past the beginning of his leather chaps. If the bar hadn’t been so crowded he would have noticed it the minute the guy walked in, you couldn’t miss the bulge. 
"Jeeeeeesus, that thing is real?!" Jack exclaimed half in a whisper. HC responded in a slow soft tone, his mouth hovering over Jack’s ear. 
"Pure meat, 15 by 8 around - most guys can’t handle even half of it but it’s fun getting them to try. I love watching a guy gag with my cock wedged in his mouth ‘specially when he’s on all fours getting pounded from behind. I love the way that fuckin’ movement jams their face into my cock over and over, just love that, they’re gagging for breath but they won’t let go for the world." 
Biker and HC laughed over that but Jack barely heard them, he was stunned running his glove along the dick, it was just like some huge dildo in the guy’s pants He wouldn’t believe it was real and couldn’t stop stroking it. 
"Yeah, up and down, keeps me hard, keep it up kid. Maybe I’ll show it to you later if your master lets me. Mind if I…?" The guy posited to Biker, he had his gloved finger running along Jack’s lower lip. 
"Nah, go ahead." Biker answered. 
And with that the stranger grabbed the back of Jack’s head before he realized it since he was so caught up in staring at the big dick - the guy has his mouth on top of Jack’s in a flash, sucking in his tongue like a warm wet vacuum. Jack was half dazed and half amazed. He closed his eyes and kissed the guy deeply. Like Biker, he knew how to kiss. So many butch guys in the States didn’t like kissing but over here it seemed the norm. Jack’s hand groped the big dick and felt it pulse. God, he was HUGE. Feeling it twitch made Jack’s own cock pulse and his asshole clenched thinking about how hard it would be to handle something so big. Boys always had ambition but he knew from experience just how much it took to relax and take even a moderately sized dildo up his hole. He wasn’t remotely close to handling something like this, but he fantasized about it nonetheless. The Aussie pulled back, Jack kept his hand on the huge cock shaft, it was obscene the way it showed in the rubber shorts, it was like a big pipe only warm and bulged down his chaps well to just above his knee. 
"Bet he sucks well huh, good mouth on him" the Aussie commented. 
Biker smiled, "oh yeah and he learns fast too, he’s a find but I don’t think he’s ready for you, we’ll let him just watch tonight." 
They smiled at each other. 
The Aussie put his gloved thumb in the kid’s mouth and his fingers under his chin and grabbed his jaw that way, giving it a fond little shake. "See ya in a bit kid." 
"Uh huh" Jack mumbled into the glove, with his mouth half open. 
HC Turned and worked his way through the bar, saying hi to guys as he passed. 
"Man, he’s enormous. How does anybody handle that thing? You’re not going to let him fuck me are you?" Jack’s voice had real fear in it. 
"No boy, wouldn’t want you getting all sloppy and loose for me, wouldn’t nee you then would I?" Jack looked worriedly at Biker but saw he then smiled. "Hey relax, I told you to trust me and you’ve had fun so far haven’t you?" 
"Yes what?" 
"Yes sir, sorry sir. No disrespect intended." And Jack felt so stupid he looked at the floor embarrassed." 
"No, you listen. I wasn’t chiding you for not putting ‘Sir’ after a comment. I was asking you for more of a response. Yes is an answer, but not much of one. ‘Sir’, it sounds nice, I like it but I’m not all caught up in protocol like that, believe me. There are people who are just into that automatic "yes sir, no sir" stuff when it’s actions that show respect. If I’m displeased you’re gonna know it and fast. Now chin up." Biker’s rubber gauntlet was on Jack’s neck lifting his chin. "My boy, my guy, my stud, my toy, whatever you want to think of yourself as, the semantics are unimportant. You’re with me. You should always be proud, you remember that and carry yourself with a bit of attitude from now on but remain respectful not cocky. You’re a fuckin’ hot little stud who’s fresh meat on the market unless I keep you in which case you may well be the envy of a whole lot of men. You’re MINE and that means something tonight. It means a lot to me and you better remember you represent me when you’re in public or with my friends. You represent my choice, my time, my property so puff up that chest and show off that cute ass while we’re in here, I know everybody’s gonna check you out tonight because I brought you here. You make me proud here me? Don’t get bent if some guy grabs your ass. If it bother you, push him off but it’s sort of hot having them get a preview of something they can’t have, make ‘em want it even more and just one grab of this," Biker hands grabbed both of Jack’s glutes and pulled him right against the big man "and they’re gonna really want you even more than just looking at how sexy you are in your tight shiny gear." Biker had spoken in a quiet intense way, his head right next to Jack’s, his eyes peering right through his souls.
"I know what you need, what you want, what you really want. I don’t mind if other look or get a little feel here and there, but you don’t mess with ANYONE I don’t let you play with. Trust me, I know who’s safe, smart, who’s responsible. I think you realize that. You’ll play with me or me in a group and only with someone without me WITH my permission, which will be rarely. You give yourself to me totally and I’ll protect you, isn’t that what you want rubberman?" 
Jack had tears in his eyes. This guy was so hot, so down to earth, so upfront and so fucking sexy it felt SOOOOO damned good being squished up against him in his gear, their rubber pressed latex to latex, his big crotch warm against jack, his big hands squeezing his butt, his breath warm in Jack’s face., Jack was overwhelmed with emotions the guy he so admired wanted HIM. Jack was who he wanted. One tear, slipped from his left eye and his right eye pooled involuntarily. "Hey, hey" Biker’s rubber covered index finger swiped the tear from Jack’s cheek and he stuck it in his own mouth. "Is that from fear? Unhappiness or what?" Biker spoke in a calm, sexy, reassuring way. 
"Sir, I’m just …" Jack found himself stuttering, at a complete loss. "Sir, I … I just want to please you and, and knowing you want me, it’s more than I ever hoped to find in rubber" his voice warbles, he stopped afraid he’d burst. 
"Good", Biker’s tongue licked the second tear from Jack’s cheek, he gave a quick nip to Jack’s nose, and then a surprisingly soft kiss on Jack’s forehead. "Hey, calm down. Take deep breath now, deep." Jack inhaled, slowly and deeply and let it out, then again. His lungs and sinuses filled with warm bar smells, mansweat, rubber, leather, more rubber, beer some cigarette smoke, but mostly just warm rubber emanating from his own gear and Biker’s chest. He was being held by this big sexy biker. Felt good, his dick stirred from the smell of all the rubber, he was getting hard again. Biker noticed the swelling pressed against his own codpiece. 
"Now that’s more like it. Come on. Time for a beer, will help you relax. " Biker let go of Jack’s ass and put his rubbered fingers through the front of Jack’s belt pulling him behind him as they headed for the bar.
Biker got two big pints and introduced Jack to one of the bartenders a bare -chested guy with a great smile, and icy gray almost clear eyes that were rather ghostly. Heavy tattoos covered both forearms and biceps but his chest, shoulders, everything else as clean, shaved smooth skin which amplified the tattoo areas. He was wearing gray rubber tights tucked into 22 hole doc martens. His codpiece looked like it was made of welded steel and his Sam Browne belt and wrist bands had shiny metal pyramid stud all over the. The guy’s name was Sky and Jack didn’t even get a chance to ask why before Biker interrupted. 
"Hey, it’s because Sky’s the limit. He decides who’s had enough beer or action or whatever, he’s in charge. It all started as a bad joke about what wouldn’t he do and it just stuck. And with his gray eyes it sort of works don’t you think?" 
Sky smiled at Jack and Jack just laughed. Sky’s the limit, it was so stupid it was funny and the guy did have neat gray/blue eyes. And not a bad build either, very lean but square shouldered to a T with a small waist so ever time he turned his lats were dramatic looking the way they V’d down to his little butt. The tattoos were amazing a well, tribal on his left arm and an orgy of leathermen on his right. Hmm, if Sky’s the limit things must get pretty wild in this place, Jack thought.
Biker and Jack stayed there for a bit making small talk, jack’s eyes were darting around eyeing all the bar studs, watching. A couple guys came over to say hi to Biker and at least half of them snuck a grab of Jack’s ass which he didn’t mind, all this attention was flattering.
"Open up." 
Jack looked at Biker quizzically.
Biker took a big gulp of beer and then pressed his mouth up to Jack’s 
Jack opened and got both Biker’s tongue and warm beer at the same time. Fuck what a sexy way to drink. Some of it dribbled down Jack’s neck in little rivulets that felt like little fingers and then slid quickly when it met the rubber of his shirt at his neck. Biker’s hand slid all over Jack’s chest using the beer drippings as lubrication. Jack was getting super turned on, he could feel Biker hard in his pants Jack was hard and this kissing was otherworldly. Biker was really getting into it, he pulled back and took another big slurp of beer and repeated the whole kiss. When he finished he pulled back and bit Jack’s lower lip, tugging on it in the sexiest way. 
‘’Fuck we’re gonna have fun together." 
"Jack just purred. "Um, sir, I really need to piss." Jack whispered back. 
Biker started pinching his nipples this time, getting more aggressive as he kissed him , chewing his mouth, sucking Jack’s tongue with an intensity that rivaled the first scene. Then without a word, took his gloved hand and walked him to a back sidewall of the bar where a couple guys stood facing the wall. Biker walked up to the wall, and undid his codpiece, pushing his dick into a hole in the wall. He looked at Jack while he peed, then zipped his pouch closed. "Your turn" 
Biker stepped back and Jack walked up tot he wall. He undid his own big pouch and aimed his dick head through the 4" hole and started to pee. Biker moved in behind him and as soon as the mouth closed around his cockhead, Jack jumped out of surprise but Biker’s standing directly behind him held him from moving from the wall. 
"Just let go." Biker whispered in his ear and Jack took a deep breath and finally started to pee again, every drop being swallowed by the hungry mouth behind the wall. When he as done, the tongue licked the tip of his cock and shaft clean, and then he felt nothing so he snapped his pouch back on and turned to Biker.
"OK, time for some fun." With that Biker reached into the inside pocked of his jacket and pulled out a rubber thing on a strap for Jack "Lick it for me." 
Jack obeyed and licked and slobbered on the rubber like a small balloon. 
"Yeah, good" and Biker shoved it in Jacks mouth and buckled it behind his head. He pumped it and the bit inflated. Jack adjusted hi tongue. Biker pumped it some more, it got big. He pumped some more and Jack’s eyes widened as it filled his cheeks and started to hurt. 
Bier smiled, "let’s see" he held the pump in his hand and gave it another squeeze. Jack lifted his neck up a little to give Biker a better view but his eyes were bulging, he was breathing nervously through his nostrils and his cheeks were beginning to ache, please not..
Biker pumped one more time. 
Jack made a nervous little moan. 
"Nice." Biker turned towards Sky at the bar and Sky gave him the thumbs up. 
He pumped it not once but twice more and Jack yelped behind the gag, his cheeks were puffed out and burning, the gag filled and pushed his mouth, his lips couldn’t closer around it, it felt like a grapefruit now shoved in his mouth. Jack put his hands on Biker’s chest in a sign of small panic. 
"Don’t worry, a little pain makes you notice the pleasure", and with that Biker let a little hiss and Jack’s cheeks deflated some, but the gag stayed in place and inflated, just not hugely so. What hurt a moment ago now felt OK by comparison to a moment before when it had felt too big. Biker put his gloved finger through the ring on the front of Jack’s collar and pulled him, Jack knew to follow silently. They walked through the bar, Jack hyper-aware of all the guys staring at him. His ass got pinched several times and once when they were in a particularly crowded part someone had given a tight grab to his crotch catching his nuts.
When they got to a smaller room of the bar, Biker approached a black door flush with one of the walls. You probably wouldn’t have noticed it if you didn’t know it was there. He pushed a doorbell button of some sort on the side and in a moment a low buzz indicated the lock had been released. What Jack didn’t know was Sky was the one who operated the door, like everything else in the bar that was at his control.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Chapter Six - Rubber Life "Heading Out"

Chapter Six "HEADING OUT" by (credit for story goes to Slick)

Jack found a pile of items and began to don them in order using the bottle of lube provided. A cock ring made of neoprene that was firm but softer than metal, small black butt pug which was easy to sit on and pop in - he was surprised Biker chose such a small one but decided not to questions things anymore, a full catsuit with snap-on codpiece that fit like a glove, he loved that, loved looking at himself once he had his suit on. Then sat and added rubber socks he tucked into the catsuit’s ankles. His chaps he zipped on over this which really framed his round little ass sticking out and a pair of equestrian rubber riding boots he decided to wear on the outside of his chaps tucked in since they would be riding, the short tight gloves tucked into the wrists, a plain hood with eye openings, noseholes and regular mouth that zipped snuggly down his head - he also tucked this into his catsuit collar. He gave himself a light polishing with latex polish, slicking up his bike jacket as well and then sliding into that being careful to really slick the shoulders and underarms so they didn’t catch.
Jack knocked on the door to indicate he was ready. 
"Come in," Jack opened the door and re-entered the play room where Biker stood fully geared. Biker moved forward and smiled as he buckled on a D-ring collar then slid a tiny lock through the buckled. "You have no idea what you’re in for, so just trust me tonight, all right?" Jack nodded.
Biker left the playroom and Jack followed him, walking through another area until they came to the garage. A small one-car room with just a cycle in it and some steel cabinets on one whole wall. In the center, Biker’s cycle, a big black and chrome monster hog. The damned thing just looked sexy sitting there like some art piece in the middle of the garage with strange metal bars like big staples that the tires sat in at both ends. 
"If you’re wondering what those are, they stabilize the bike so it makes a great fuck platform. Doesn’t matter what I do to you on it, no chance the thing will tip. Go ahead, take off the seatpad we’re heading out."
Jack approached the bike and saw there was a black cover on the seat area. He knew it was probably leather or rubber like everything else in this place. The constant presence of the two materials made the place, especially the playroom, reek of sex because everything smelled like leather or rubber or the sex that had happened there sometime in the past. His gloved hand pinched the seatpad, matte black, soft, slightly saddle-shaped and about 18" wide and maybe a good 4’ long. With a neoprene cover that obviously been made to custom cover the seat area, it protected the seat and was thick with about 4" of foam built into it, perfect for getting plowed on! It slipped over the seat like a toaster cover making the seat more like a small table, and was surprisingly large. When he lifted it off he was met with yet another surprise. The normal leather twin-seater of the bike had two black matching leather flaps one at the very front and one midway. They were attached all along their front edge but unattached on the back and side edges. Kind of like a pocket you had half-ripped of your jeans. He was baffled by this. Biker was smirking watching his toy eye the big bike, he knew the seat confounded him.
"You’ll learn soon enough. Here, watch what I’ doing because it will be one of you duties in the future and I don’t explain things twice." Biker’s voice had sharpened to focus Jacks attention. 
"Yes sir, sorry sir." 
The tone of Biker’s voice had reminded Jack he shouldn’t daydream. He didn’t want to dare piss of this rubberman he was falling for. There was just so much to observe and everything stimulated him, all the possible sex scenarios and locations, he wondered if he would ever be able to anticipate hi new master or if their sexlife would be one ever-evolving adventure. Jack moved closer to Biker to observe what was up, he watched and listened to how to undo the metal pipes on either end of the bike and how they folded into the floor, beneath hinged doors so they were flush. It only took a few minutes to prep. How to lock up, were the switches and alarms were, etc. 
"Get on." 
Jack jumped and got on the rear of the seat. 
"Scoot your ass a little more back." Biker’s big gloved hands touching Jack’s thigh sent a tingle through him. Fuck this man was sexy. 
"Now undo your codpiece but just the snap on the bottom." 
Jack fidgeted with his gloved hands trying to find just the little crotch snap, he was nervous and had that over-caffeinated edge to him from all the excitement. Biker reached between Jack’s legs and gave his bulge a squeeze. Biker leaned in to him with his love firmly gripping Jack’s baskets. Jack barely had time to turn before Biker’s mouth was on his and Biker’s other hand was pushing Jack’s head firmly in to him. DAMN! He was such a horny kisser, big wet tongue all over Jack’s mouth, the guy sucked Jack’s tongue into his own mouth such force it amazed him. Jack was completely overwhelmed, the guy didn’t fondle his crotch or anything, he just held It in a firm grip while he voraciously deep-kissed Jack. He didn’t even know it if was a second or ten minutes, it just happened and felt so good and just as suddenly Biker pulled away and took his hand off Jack’s crotch which had swollen during the kiss. 
"Fuck you’re a hot little stud. Hope you don’t get scared off. I’m getting to really enjoy this." 
Jack blushed beneath his hood. "Please sir, I would like to stick around if you’ll let me." 
"We’ll see, you’re making me so horny right now if we weren’t late I’d fuck you and that rubber covered melon butt of yours senseless right here but I’ve got other things in mind." Biker opened one of the metal cabinets and took out a black helmet. Jack had only a second to see that the cabinet seemed to be filled with toys and more sex gear. He saw one bid dildo, some things with buckles, rolls of rubber straps but couldn’t make much more out in the light before the helmet with its dark visor had been slid on. The helmet was black and shiny. It made Jack look even more alien as he took a sidelong peek in the wall mirror. WOOF! He was making himself horny. Biker quickly walked away and hit the light switch dimming the garage to the four red bulbs burning on the back wall which now outlined every shape in red highlights, echoed in the metal cabinet doors and again in the wall mirror. His own legs straddling the bike took on a wild look and Biker, well his whole shape was not just black with thin red reflections. Jack was mesmerized watching this man move, the way the rubber echoed every muscled inch of his body. In no time, Biker had saddled on top of the sat firmly in front of Jack and started the bike. 
"You know how to ride don’t you, how to handle curves?" 
"Yes sir, I don’t own a bike but I have several friends who do." 
Biker started the engine and the bike came to life.’ 
"Er… forgot, just one more detail before we take off. " Biker shifted forward and stepped off the purring bike.
With one hand he lifted the midseat flap and with the other he pulled up a dark gray shiny cylinder like a large juice can. Biker pressed a button on the left handlebar and a small slightly different noise started up, barely audible over the engine in it’s idling mode. Jack had no idea what it was until Biker lifted his codpiece flap and his cock and balls were sucked down into the tube. 
"Ummmmmmph" Jack uncontrollably moaned. The cylinder must have been pre-lubed because it felt slick and smooth, jack’s cock was instantly hard and being tugged on. Fuck, a vacuum pump built into the seat! The cylinder had space below it and Biker let it’s natural weight pull jack’s swollen crotch downward and pulled the seat flap over the cylinder. From the top or side, you had no idea the rider was getting his nut and cock pumped so it was the perfect luxury addition to a fetish bike. Cadillac ought to do this, Jack laughed to himself, they’d triple their sales, and then probably accidents! Biker adjusted something on the handlebar and the pressure slowed a bit but firmly held Jack in the tube. He then mounted the bike and undid his own codpiece, fixing his cock and balls also into a pump at the front of the seat. Again, with the flap over the dark cylinder, you would be hard-pressed eve in bright daylight to see anything, but at dusk, like this, you saw nothing strange. A couple more buttons, some knobs adjusted, they were ready. 
"Put your arms around my chest." Jack was only too eager. 
The door must have been on some infrared button on the bike because the garage swung open on its own and the bike with its deep hum vibrating beneath Jack swung out into the driveway. Gripping this rubbered stud, his body encased, his cock and balls worked slowly but relentlessly with a firm suction, he was in heaven. The door swung closed behind them and they rumbled into the street.
Jack pressed himself as closely into Biker as he could, his cock and balls worked by his pump, the buttplug in his ass purring from the engine’s hum, it all felt so right. 
"Good boy" Biker’s gauntlet covered hand slapped Jack’s right thigh and gave it a squeeze and a stroke down to the knee. Jack just shivered with nerves.
Once they drove the city streets, fairly quiet this time of night, they were on the highway in no time and out of London within 20 minutes. A turn onto a smaller road led to an even less-used highway. The road hadn’t been very busy and in the dark, they just looked like two guys in maybe shiny leather biking down the road. Bikes were so common in England, nobody thought twice about it. But here on this other highway, the road was almost empty. Cars and trucks were spaced far ,far apart and most of the ride no one was even near them. They traveled fast and it felt good to zip along in the cool night air. Jack was almost dozing in happiness leaning on Biker’s back unaware of passing time when something prompted him to open his eyes. When he did, a funny flash caught his eye and then he saw it, his whole body tensed. Flashing lights could be seen in the bike’s mirror.

Fuck, I’m fucked! Jack thought, foreign country, no ID dressed like a pervert with his dick stuck in a pump on a bike with another rubberman, Christ! His mind began to race. He pointed at the mirror frantically but Biker just gave him the thumbs up and patted his thigh again. Biker didn’t seem the least bit upset whereas Jack was confused and a mess. Was this another scene? Maybe, but if it wasn’t Biker’s cockiness could get Jack into a lot of trouble His insides were knotting. Was the CHiP officer playing out a scene with them? While Jack pondered the scenarios he suddenly felt no sucking on his crotch, in fact a little air pressure pop and he felt his big pouch pouched out of the cylinder. He reached between his leg with one hand but couldn’t find the snap and his now swollen nutbag was barely going t fit in the codpiece he had started with. He didn’t dare let go of both hands on Biker to do it, he knew he might fall off it they took a sharp turn to elude the cop. He also noticed that Biker hadn’t make any effort to touch his own pouch. This puzzled Jack.
As the flashing lights neared with Biker not slowing, they turned on to a smaller country side road and slowed apparently to stop but before they had driven a good three hundred feet from the smaller highway. Jack couldn’t figure what was going on, the cop car had also turned and was following them right on their tail. Jack realized they were actually slowing to a stop now. His heart was beating so hard in his chest, sweat was breaking out under his suit despite the cool air.
When they stopped, Biker turned off the engine and turned his head sideways to Jack. 
"Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll take care of this in a sec. You must relax and stay on the bike." 
As much as Jack wanted to trust Biker, he had no idea what was going on. The cop door could be heard slamming behind them and Jack saw the cop walking towards the bike in the rearview mirror, his body silhouetted in the headlights. Jack layered his gloved hands as casually as possibly over his codpiece to hide his big balls which were hanging out. He was so nervous he could barely think and he certainly didn’t see Biker reach down and open a panel in the front of his cycle. Biker reached from a small zippered bag in the compartment and carefully opened it. He watched the cop in the mirror as he waited to pull out the contents. The cop was almost upon them as Biker pulled out a black neoprene wallet from the bag, and opened it to reveal a license of some sort on the side. He had it ready in his right hand and made a lame wave in the air to show the approaching cop. Then he held it just a few inches above his crotch as the cop reached them holding a flashlight.
"Hmm, what the…" The cop eyed the two men in shiny black gear and helmets. It was obvious from the leg muscles on the pillion that the back passenger wasn’t a woman. His flashlight took only a cursory pass to reveal shiny rubber gear instead of leather. 
The cop muttered under his breath ‘probably a couple of fags out for a ride… "So let me see your license mister!" his voice was filled with contempt. It pissed Jack off that this guy was a cop but he was in another country and didn’t think it wise to say anything, he just sat there. "Gimme the license!" 
Biker gestured with his gloved left hand to the wallet he was holding open just above his crotch and pointed to something while nodding his head. 
When the cop leaned forward to read it aiming his flashlight in front of him at what seemed to be a walled 
"I can’t read that tiny print in the dark! What the fuck, what does that say there?" The cop was picking the wallet from Biker when BAM! Biker slammed the chloroform soaked foam rubber wallet into the cop’s face and with his left hand grabbed the guy’s head and forced him to breath it even deeper. The cop struggled but literally, it was only maybe two seconds. Whatever was on that wallet it must have been incredibly strong or there was a lot of it. The short beefy guy collapsed to the ground in seconds. Biker lifted the wallet over his shoulder and Jack could read it, illuminated in the cop’s headlights - the thick neoprene held a laminated "license" on one side that had a fucking sexy helmeted biker pic and the title "Big rubber fucked" with some other erotic details in fine print. Jack would have laughed but he was so nervous about the whole thing he couldn’t relax. A cop was knocked out next to them and here they were two fetish cyclers out in the middle of the woods.
Biker stepped oft the bike and began to walk towards the cop car "Stay here." 
He strode off and in a moment, the flashing lights stopped and the headlights went out and the car sat there in the dark almost unnoticeable on this backwood road. He returned to Jack, the only light the Biker’s own headlights aiming into the woods and the flashlight on the ground 
"don’t worry."
Jack was distracted from his own nerves by just how fuckin’ sexy his buddy was. Standing in front of him was his rubber dream with some vacuum pumped balls hanging exposed below his codpiece, their blood swollen redness really drawing eve more attention to them against the black rubber thighs. Jack’s mouth involuntarily began to salivate. Jack couldn’t control himself, he reached over and cupped the big balls, his other hand stroked the top of the big fat cock hanging there. 
"You’ll get plenty of them later boy." Jack was so mesmerized he almost forgot the situation. 
Biker stepped back his balls sliding out of Jack’s hand and slapping on to his chaps, "Help me get this fat biggot up." 
Jack dismounted the bike, whoa, his big balls were sore but sore in a hot way, they felt heavy and sexy swinging out in the chill of the air and is things had that sat too long feeling.
Biker bend and grabbed the cop by under his arms. 
"here, grab his boots and help me get him over there." 
The two of them lifted the cop over to a grassier area near a tree just a few yards in front of them to the side of the road. The cop was a big just slightly bearish type, the kind of beefy guy that is he wasn’t careful, he’d just get fat but at the moment, he was pretty solid, but not tall.
"OK , listen and focus. There’s an instant camera in the back hatch on the left side, go get it and watch a pro. On the right side in the toys, bring me the smallest flesh-colored dildo that’s in there and a butt plug and a packet of lube. Bring them fast. Then roll my bike backwards to the passenger’s side of the police car, keeping the lights aimed here."
By the time Jack had found the camera and gotten back tot he tree which was smack in the headlights of the cycle, Biker had taken off the guy’s hat and glasses, pulled his pants down and had the guy on his knees leaning against him. Jack ran back tot he bike and undoing the kickstand, rolled the big thing back to the side of the cop car. He was amazed at how heavy it felt. When he turned around he saw Biker snapping cuffs on the cop with his arms now clasped behind him. 
"Stuff the dildo in his drawers and make sure it looks like he’s got a woody". 
Jack dropped and did as he was told. It was funny how realistic the flesh dildo looked "straining" in the cotton briefs. 
"Spread a little lube on the fabric where the dildo head is so it looks like he’s leaking precum." 
Jack did as he was told, it made the fleshy color of the dildo show up more through the fabric in the bright headlight. 
"Now take a couple shots but get just this in - his face smothered in my big balls and his crotch all ’hard’ like that but don’t get beyond the shoulders so you can’t see his cuffed arms or anything. Make sure his badge number shows up nice and clear too. That’s the one thing that needs to be in focus.
Jack took off his helmet and put it on the ground behind him so he could focus the camera. He squatted to get the right angle. Biker held the guy up by leaning against the tree and leaning the cop’s weight against him he turned the head to the side so his closed eyes were hidden by Biker’s thigh and placed his big balls just above the slack mouth, shoving them in just a touch.
With the guy’s tongue handing out, and the hard ‘dick’ in his pants, it sure looked convincing. Jack chuckled at ho smart his ma was and shot a couple angles. With that, Biker pushed the pig to the side and the two of them watched the pictures develop in the lights of the cycle. 
"Damn, you’re a pretty good porno photographer boy, next time you get to model." Biker slapped his boy’s rubberized ass which was still warm from sitting on the bike for an hour. The pics were perfect, it looked like the cop was on his knees sucking huge balls with a vengeance from some rubber stud. The flesh color of the dildo just showed through the fabric where it was wet from the lube, really convincing. And his badge was smartly displayed. The brightness of the bike headlights and the flash made the pic look like an unplanned surprise shot, which only lent more credibility. 
"Now what sir?" 
"Well boy, may I remind you we’ve had gloves on the whole time. We’re going to scare the bejeesus out of this pig by leaving him only ONE photo and a note. Any problem with him reporting the license on my bike and I’ll just deny it, you’ll be my alibi. I’ve got friends who’ll swear we were all at dinner together at a restaurant one of them owns, and we’ll mail the pics to the police. Plenty of homophobic types, the police don’t need some big press case hitting the tabloids. Just the threat of losing his job or his buddies thinking he’s queer will shut him up, trust me. I know these types. And the stuff I use is medical grade, no after effects besides a bad headache. Now, I want you to lube that dildo and pump his ass some with it, leave him good and sore and wondering when he wakes up if we fucked him. Then throw the dildo off into the woods once it’s contaminated. Trust me, nobody’s gonna know it was a dildo and not a cock up his ass so who’s going to be out here looking for one in the woods?"
Jack rolled the guy over and pulled his shorts down, he took the dildo out and poured lube all over the guy’s ass so it would end up all over his uniform pants when he sat down. He pushed the dildo in, it resisted but Jack new the guy was unconscious so at this point, he couldn’t care. He shoved it in and out a couple times briskly, then satisfied with his work, stood and hurled it deep into the underbrush.
You had to admit it was a pretty good plan.
Biker took the top ticket in triplicate and ripped it out of the cop’s book. It already had his bike license number written on it and a note "2 bikers speeding" He handed it to Jack "shred this and go scatter it in the grass over there." Then he took the last sheet from the back of the cop’s own ticket book and with the cop’s pen wrote in childlike printing "Just one of many pics from our little session. Keep quiet or the others will be mailed to your precinct boss and your wife and the papers. We got your address from you wallet. Mind your business and everybody’s fine. By the way fag, you had a hot ass, but you shouldn’t solicit bikers at roadstops, it’s a little dangerous for closet cases." 
Jack laughed reading the last comment, it was funny and would make the guy totally paranoid. He certainly wouldn’t show it to anyone if it said that. A sore ass, lube on his uniform, threatening note and a pic…
They carried the cop back over to his car and put him in the backseat. Biker obviously had a plan. 
I "I want you to drive the cop car and follow me on the bike, we’re only going a short distance and nobody’s on the road out here this time of night OK" 
Jack nodded he got in and stated the cop car engine, turned on the headlights and waited for Biker to mount his bike and start up Biker did a U turn and headed back down the short road they had driven on to. He paused at the roadway and checked that there were no cars and then headed out. Nervously, Jack followed with his heart in his throat. What if the guy woke up? Well he was handcuffed. God, he hoped this would be over shortly, it as exciting and he trusted Biker but what if Biker just up and took off now, man he’d be in trouble, out in nowhere driving a cop’s car with him cuffed and passed out in the back. Luckily, just as he was making himself crazy inventing alibis Biker turned and Jack followed. Biker went about a half mile down a dirt farm road and pulled over indicating wit his hand for Jack to follow. Biker stopped and dismounted his bike, coming back to Jack in the car. 
"Get out." Jack did as he was told. They undid the cuffs, the cop still ‘asleep, and moved him to the front seat leaning his head to the side. Then Biker took the best of the polaroids and the note and put it in the cop’s right hand. Biker went back to his bike and got the wallet he’s used before in the ziplock bag and gave the guy a second whiff. The more time they had to get as far from here as possible the harder it would be for this cop to wake up and go looking for them. After all how many custom bikes with two rubbered geared bikers were around here. With the head tilted, the guy looked like he was asleep and after all it was late. Anyone driving by was unlikely to bother a cop car, most people avoided them anyway. Then he locked the door and closed it so nobody could get in. Anyone walking past would see the cop in uniform asleep. If they knocked and woke the guy, he’d awake to see the pic in his hand and find the note on the seat and probably be so embarrassed he’d start the car and tear off.

That accomplished, Biker gave his boy a big affectionate hug and a deep kiss grinding his crotch into Jack’s 
"Job well done, why don’t you give me a little nut sucking for taking care of a sticky situation huh? Get that dirty pig’s saliva off my nice balls for me." Jack smiled and instantly dropped to his knees Biker straddling his head. Jack lifted the codpiece flap and eyeing the cock and balls in front of him was in heaven. He looked up at Biker and licked his helmet headed cock. 
"JUST the nuts, I didn’t say anything about letting you suck my cock…" 
Jack kept his eyes on Biker’s as he greedily sucked and licked the big ball sac in front o him, it was more like licking a grapefruit since he couldn’t get them both in his mouth, the shiny rubber thighs on either side making his sex-crazed. That smell, he closed his eyes and concentrate on making his man happy, his gloved hands on the guy’s chaps, nuts, still big from pumping, filled him mouth and the scent of them warm with rubber, was intense. The feeling of the guy’s orbs sliding in the big round sack that wouldn’t fit entirely in his mouth. Biker let him suck for maybe three minutes 
"Hey, we’ve got somewhere to go and we’re late." Biker abruptly pulled his balls from Jack’s mouth and turned towards the bike impersonally. Jack wondered if he’d been close, if Biker was afraid of cumming so soon. Or if he was suddenly mad at him. Frustrated and a little confused Jack followed to the Bike. Bike stood there. "Well get the fuck on!" he handed Jack his helmet. 
Jack slid on the rear of the seat 
"Don’t you remember anything?" Biker’s tone of voice was irritated but not nasty. He lifted the flap and pushed Jack’s cock and balls back into the vacuum space. Jack smiled and grimaced at the same time, they were sore since he was so new at this. Biker smirked an got in front of him and did the same. In a moment they were back on the road, cock and balls happily pumping beneath him, purr of the engine - he’d been so distracted he forgot about the little buttplug he’d been wearing which came to life as the engine hummed beneath him. He put his arms around Biker’s jacket and leaned in to him, relieved , relaxed and curious about what was ahead as they drove off into the night. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rubber Life - Chapter 5 "London Background"

Story from

When Biker returned he looked completely different. Wearing normal day clothes but sill sexy as all be damned. He was wearing tight leather trousers that were just on the edge of fetish but could pass for fashion anywhere these days. Well worn cycle boots underneath weren’t uncommon and his slick long sleeve T looked expensive and Italian but definitely sexy the way it’s fine gauge cotton echoed his physique. And a plain belt held a black cellphone. Meanwhile, Jack was just sliding into his new sneakers in black stretch fabrics the ones inspired by windsurf boots. They were all the rage and no indication of fetish tendencies but probably owned by every SCUBA perve out there. The charcoal cotton jeans were lycra-blended and fit him almost like rubber. They felt super comfortable and when Jack regarded himself in the skinny mirror in the locker door he swore he’d buy a pair for home. His thighs looked even beefier and his rump was just picture perfect. Of course the snug fitting white tank top was just a slightly sexier version than a classic one. He looked clean-cut and athletic with just an edge of dangerous sex. He liked it. His arms and shoulders were beefy looking in the tank. He wished he could have dressed this way for work back home, maybe he needed to change jobs after all. The two of them were an eyeful without being pervy so it was ideal for heading out. Biker and Jack left via the front door this time which Biker locked via a computer code and then they zipped down the front steps just as a young woman was walking past. Biker stopped instead of crossing in front of her and smiled, nodding his head. 
"Good afternoon, lovely dress." 
The woman smiled, pleased with the compliment and walked on. 
A car service was waiting outside for them and Biker opened the door for Jack, a nice courtesy he wasn’t expecting. 
"After you, you are my guest in London." 
"You don’t drive, sir?" Jack wondered because there was a garage door on the other side of the front door. 
"In the general public you are never to address me as ‘sir’, my name is Gray, and I’m hosting you in London. Yes, I drive. No, not about town. It’s easier to have a service doe the parking, saves time and tickets. Besides I can conduct business calls much more easily without having to negotiate the traffic." 
Gray slid into the car after Jack and gave the driver an address. He was the perfect host, pointing out landmarks and famous stores, he even had the driver go around Piccadilly Circus twice after Jack had commented on something he liked. One would never have guessed or suspected anything kinky about this well-polished entrepreneur. The first stop turned out to be Paul Smith, the English Designer with fun trendy clothes. Jack was a bit perplexed but he wasn’t running the show. So they went in and walked around. Jack commented on a few things he liked and as they passed the register one of the salesmen greeted Gray. 
"Hello Mr. Dickenson, how are you today." 
Dickenson’s his name, Jack wondered if it was a pun. 
"Fine, this is my friend from the States visiting, Jack Brisdon. Jack, I’d like to introduce Mr. Gelves." 
"Hello, Mr. Brisdon," the salesclerk responded. 
"Hi, great stuff." Jack beamed. 
"Yes, every season seems to be more interesting." 
"We’re in a bit of a hurry, can I just give you a list?" Biker inquired. 
"Certainly", the salesmen took up a pen and Biker proceeded to list with phenomenal accuracy, the items Jack had looked at the appropriate sizes. 
"Blue check sport shirt in Medium, the Summer cashmere sweater in the yellow in large, umm the sport cut jean you have with the double tab back, you have in stock?" 
"Yes, sir." 
"In 32 waist, khaki, I’ll have my tailor do the inseam so don’t worry." 
Jack was at a loss for words as Biker rattled on more items. "Just send them to the office if you would and include the VAT paperwork." 
"Yes sir, thank you. Always a pleasure. Very nice to meet you Mr. Brisdon, I hope you’ll have a pleasant visit." 
"I am, thanks." 
As soon as they were outside the store Jack stopped and queried Biker. 
"Are you crazy? I can’t afford all that stuff, we’re going to have to return it." 
"Now now. You haven’t figured it out yet?" Biker lowered his voice and leaned into Jack’s ear as they slid into the car so the driver wouldn’t hear. "I’m rich, quite rich. And I’ve always found a happy boy is an eager one in bed. So when you lit up looking at those clothes, many of which aren’t available in the States, I knew you wanted them. If I don’t want to buy you something I won’t. If I do, you’ll accept it graciously. Consider it payment of sorts for performing so well so far." 
Jack’s eyes were wide open, he just sort of stuttered ‘thank you’ and stared. 
"You’re welcome, and don’t stare, it’s not only impolite but very impolite in certain classes here."
They proceeded to hit several other stores, including an electronic store where Biker, Jack didn’t mentally think of him as Gray Dickinson - bought him a super small super new tiny music player for the gym. Jack was just like a kid at Christmas, smiling the whole time and reveling in the attention. Normally he would have had more questions but he liked listening to Biker talk and just zipped alongside. He was rally hopping they were going to some fetish store but he didn’t dare push his luck.
After several stores they stopped near a small park and Biker told the driver to wait as they had to hit a couple stores in the area. The driver was completely complacent about the whole thing and picked up a magazine from the passenger’s seat. Jack went along and followed Biker who turned after half a block and walked down an alley. Jack followed, his senses a little more alert than usual. At the back of the alley, Biker knocked on a door and it opened. 
"Afternoon sir, come in." 
"Hi, this is Jack. I want the full treatment. I’ll be back to collect him in a few minutes." Biker smiled, stepped back out the door and ushered Jack in. 
No sooner had Jack stepped in then Biker walked away and the occupant closed the door. 
"Come on, you don’t have much time." 
Full treatment? What the… 
"Come on, come on, get in there! I need you stripped right now." The man, sort of a skinhead type only a little older indicated a sideroom to Jack with a door. Jack stepped in and the guy repeated. 
"OK, listen. You’re new or shy I don’t care. Strip and make it fast. He’s a good client and he said he’d be back soon so you better hurry up or I’m gonna never here the end of it. I mean it, STRIP and make it fast." The guy turned and walked away, he was most abrupt. Jack paused a moment and then just thought hell, why no. He was almost completely undressed about to remove just his remaining socks and undies when the guy stepped back in. "Socks don’t matter" 
Jack turned, the guy was on his knees with a measuring tape and measuring him in a flash noting each number on a clipboard. "Stand still will ya?" 
Jack stood and let him do his work, rapidly winding and unwinding the fabric tape around his legs inseam waist, etc. and taking lots of measurements in lots of places that seemed odd. It took about 3 minutes and then just suddenly the guy was in front of Jack on his knees. 
"all right , a couple more, and there’s only one way to do this." 
The guy slid Jack’s briefs down in a flash and popped his dick in his mouth, slurping heartily to get Jack hard and fingering his butt. Jack was caught off guard but turned on and immediately got a boner. As soon as he was hard in the guy’s mouth, the man slipped right off and started measuring Jack’s cock: length, circumference, tip, etc. 
"Sorry to seem impersonal, we don’t have time and I gotta work fast before you soften." 
Jack just didn’t know what to say so he stood there. 
"done, get dressed and fast."
The tailor stood up, he was Jack’s height only leaner with more of a European build. The guy gave Jack a quick stare down then leaned into his ear "nice cock boy" and walked out of the room. jack smiled to himself and started dressing. He was hardly a boy but there was something flattering about it every time he heard it. He was pulling on his tank when he heard conversation and recognized Biker’s voice so he quickly tucked it in and stepped back outside. 
There in the doorway was Biker talking to the tailor. 
"Good, I see you’re ready. But you could at least aim that thing." 
"Huh?" Jack looked down at his swollen cock looking pretty inviting in the tight pants. Biker reached down Jack’s pants and shifter his cock upward so it was less conspicuous. Jack who has begun to soften only got harden from Biker’s quick touch. The man had an electric sexiness that seemed to jolt through Jack anytime he touched him. 
"make the necessary changes and send it the usual place," Biker said as they left the doorway. 
Hmmm wonder is being made or altered…Jack knew it had to be something for playtime but there were many possibilities with this guy.
When they got home, even Biker was looking a little tired. 
"Time you got some rest while I get some work done." 
"You’re not going to nap or anything?" 
"No, but you certainly are." Biker indicated with his finger that Jack was to follow him and they returned to the basement level - Jack getting hard just thinking about it as they descended the steps. They entered the playroom he had been in the night before and on one side of the room inset flush into the floor was some sort of rubber bed. Actually, it was an inflatable bed with a rubber sheet on it, the mattress just below floor level so it was pretty low. But the sheet was no ordinary sheet. 
Biker stood over the bed with that ever-present smirk when rubber was involved. He squatted down and undid the central zipper running down the sheet which was neither a sheet nor a catsuit but a hybrid. Jack quickly doffed his clothes and tried to fold them in a semi-neat pile before he stood there completely naked in front of his master.
Biker then opened one of the closes and removed a large canister with a spray wand, sort of like what an industrial greenhouse would use to mist plants. He walked over and aimed the long wand into the strange black sheet and one could hear a pressured mist or something being shot out. He repeated this in the different corners pushing the nozzle under the zippered flap in different directions and then smiled and aimed the nozzle at Jack. 
"Hands forward." 
Jack immediately put his hands in front of him like he was going to dive in a pool and Biker aimed the long wand and coated Jack with a think slick substance but no like the lube he was used to. He also walked around Jack and sprayed his feet and legs, and a little but not much on his chest and butt. 
"Get in." Biker lifted the zipper and Jack sat down on the bed trying to figure out what he wanted and sent a wave of motion across the mattress, realizing it was water0fiuled and not air. As Biker pulled one corner of the sheet taught, Jack recognized the figure of a man, or at least a catsuit shape on the bed sheet but it was flat with a zipper running from neck to crotch. 
"Head first boy." 
Jack still wasn’t quite sure how this worked but as he spread the zipper and lay down he realized what it was, it was a catsuit front glued to a rubber sheet as the back. He slid his head into the hood which had no eyeholes, just noseholes and a pinprick mouth covering and then slid in his right arm. The farther his arm went in he realized there was a glove ending and his fingers slid into it. Then, hooded and blind, he felt Biker bend and guide his right leg into it’s opening and continue to fit him into the bondage sheet. The inside was slippery and so was his skin but it wasn’t the usual lube, this was a little stickier and more plentiful. With his hard cock now tucked down one leg, Biker zipped up the suit from Jack’s crotch to his neck, Jack was quite completely encased spread-eagle on a sheet and with both hands sealed in, the chest zipper need no lock, there was no way he could extricate himself from this simple design. He also realized the water was warm and felt relaxing on his back. He could hear Biker through the hood. "The lube is actually a dilute veterinary type, cheaper to use in quantity and mixed with both Vitamin E for your skin and a dose of melatonin to make you sleep instead of stay awake there with a hard-on wasting energy. I’ll wake you when it’s time to prep for tonight. Later stud." 
And with that Jack felt Biker’s shoe press firmly on his hard cock which made him squirm trapped in his rubber prison, but he couldn’t move and he was already so tired that the natural sedative was already taking effect. The downward pressure on his crotch in the center of the waterbed form Biker’s foot pushed his ass into the waterbed and sent a rippling series of waves underneath and around him so he was floating encased in black rubber on a warm dark sea, bobbing and undulating. It felt incredible and he soon found himself drifting in the most delirious state dreaming of all sorts of rubber creatures, robots, aliens, shapes shifting and morphing in no particular sense as his subconscious blended fantasy with the reality of the last few play hours.
A stream of water struck his still hard dick and woke him. He opened his eyes and realized, hooded, he was again encased in rubber and helpless. He concentrated on the noise of the water and it’s location, the stream moved upwards along his abs and was heading towards his neck, it’s volume didn’t change but while he at first thought Biker was pissing on him in his bondage, it didn’t feel warm through the rubber and when the stream finally struck his neck he knew it was cool as it rebounded off his chin covered in latex. Seconds later cold water was spraying into his mouth through the mouth grill and he sucked it down, dehydrated as he had been sleeping and sweating sandwiched in rubber. The water stopped and his zipper was slowly unzipped which felt incredibly erotic, and then the water stream returned, increased in volume and retraced its path but this time landing on his skin and rapidly spilling and pouring into the suit, chilly but not cold., just enough to make sure he woke quickly. As the water added to the lube in the suit he found he could squirm a little and finally, his right arm seemed less taught and he was able to slide it out of the suit (Biker had loosened the corner of the sheet which had Heavy D rings reinforced into the corners so it could double as a suspended slingsuit.) Once his right arm was free, he grabbed the chin area and pulled hi head from the hood section and blinked. As always, there was Biker, standing there in full rubber gear above him, like the first night but with a black garden hose in his hands. Jack pulled himself from the sheet and then scooted his butt upwards to pull his legs out from their slippery casings. The water bed continued to ripple and jiggle and it was a little hard standing up on it but when he did, Biker, still on the side of the bed standing on the floor level - held the hose above Jack’s head and let him rinse himself completely. The excess water puddling in the catsuit shape opening and running off the bed itself into some drainage method below floor level.
"Enough, your gear is in the bathroom over there. Dry off, lube up, get dressed putting everything on I’ve left for you there. You have ten minutes, don’t waste time. Biker dropped the hose and walked to the wall where he turned off the pressure, then walked unceremoniously out of the room. Jack was a little surprised he wasn’t friendlier and wondered if something had gone wrong while he was sleeping but he knew at this point it was all or nothing so he gingerly stepped onto the hard floor and walked dripping wet into the bathroom he had used the first morning.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Chapter 4 : Rubber Life

SUNDAY - rubber gym

Here's Chapter Four "Rubber Gym" from    

When he awoke it was from a chill on his naked body. Opening his eyes he was aware immediately of both his bound hands, now wet from sweating their rubber mitts, and the snug harness on his head. That moment when you go from completely unconscious to suddenly aware of the night before. It wasn’t a dream he was still in this guy’s house. He rolled over and realized the sheet was damp and slick underneath him from his own sweat. The curtains were still drawn but thin slivers of bright light infused the room well enough to reveal it was well past morning. He sensed the need to pee and rocked himself to the side of the bed so he could stand.
Ugh, I’m sore!
A combination of not much to eat, jet lag, poppers, strenuous sex and dehydration had given him a headache and general soreness all over. Standing in the bathroom he saw that the two buckles had been undone on the mitts and he took the change to get them off, then remove the head harness which left faint gridded lines along his face and neck from the night’s wear. Well I won’t be going anywhere looking like this he thought to himself. His hair was bed messy, he just generally felt a little woozy so he popped in the shower for a quick rinse noticing the hoods were gone and that a small toiletry kit was on the side. Rubber of course, to make it waterproof. He opened it and found the basics so after he dried himself off he used the toilet, shaved, brushed his teeth and combed his wet hair. The only other contents of the kit were a cockring in neoprene and a pair of short snug gloves, so donning them he padded back into the bedroom wondering what he should do next. He was startled by Biker’s presence, the guy was always quiet when he arrived. Biker was wearing a different outfit, rubber camo pants that were tight in the thigh and looser in the lower leg over thick lugged boots of some kind. A short sleeveless rubber T was tucked in with a wide belt, his shoulders and biceps flattered by the cut. The T had a front zip that was half open revealing some really sexy pec cleavage he wanted to lick more than anything. For the first time his hands were bare but he had snap on rubber gauntlets covering his forearms. Pretty underdressed compared to last night but his bod looked great in it. Jack could never quite decide if he thought total rubber was sexier or a combination of rubber and visible skin playing up the difference. Or maybe both.
"Good. Ring and glove son, you take clues well, good sign. And washing up is good too. I like a clean boy who takes care of himself." Biker approached him and gave him a nice wet kiss while grassing his ass and chuckling to himself.
"Sir what’s funny?"
"You’re just a pleasant surprise, and a perfect candidate for some rubber plans I have."
"Mmm" Jack hugged Biker happily knowing there was even more in store.
"Normally, you won’t know plans but I’ll give you the basic schedule today. You’re going to work out and eat, then we’re going for a sopping and whirlwind sightsee of London. Return for a snack and a nap and then we’re heading out tonight to something special."
"Whatever you want Sir, I’m happy to try anything you want," Jack smiled.
Biker smiled back, grabbed his sock cock like a handle and pulled Jack along into the next room, Jack jumping to follow since the sudden yank on his dick was a reminder pain was closer to pleasure than one might think.
"Start with this cream," Biker handed him a small jar. "Rub a little on your face where you have the red marks. It will minimize them, then gear up including the hood but don’t wash the cream off, and we’ll get started with your workout." The cream smelled like chamomile and Jack knew that had redness-reducing qualities.
Jack followed Biker to the house’s third above ground floor to a room done up like a high school locker room where he saw the familiar rubber gear awaiting him on a bench in the center. A short sleeved suit with legs just above the knee, with a 3-way zipper. There was a plain pull on thin hood and waders. He easily slid into them without any lube and waited for Biker who returned Shortly. His mouth looked full and he walked over and gave Jack a big sloppy wet kiss, filling his mouth with a syrupy concoction which tasted, yeah it did, it tasted like cherry. Biker pulled away.
"Creatine and lube, makes for a multipurpose rinse. I’ll walk you through your routine today, sometimes you’ll do it with buddies of mine, sometimes on your own so remember how the equipment works. I’ll let you talk freely for now, but typically you’ll be gagged if I’m not using you mouth for something better."
Jack smiled this time. "Sir, thank you for one of the hottest scenes ever. I’ve only dreamed about that sort of thing. Really, I just want you to know how much it means to me."
"We’ve only just started." Jack stared at the handsome face in front of him, squared sideburns, dark hair, green eyes, a real looker in a sort of James Bond secret agent style. He could hardly believe the guy was a kinkster and rich to boot, he was staring at Biker’s crotch again.
"I said do you need to stretch?"
"Stretch? Are you listening?
"Um, I’m sorry sir, I was just kinda daydreamin’ there for a sec, it won’t happen again. Sorry.
""You’ll get used to this and when it’s not so new, it will become second nature and you won’t have to even think about it."
Jack couldn’t imagine NOT thinking about rubber.
"Now go ahead and do some stretching, you’ve been in various bondage positions and I don’t want you cramping during your workout. I’ll go get breakfast."
Biker led Jack into the ‘gym’ and over to some thick neoprene foam wrestling mats for him to stretch on. They were soft and foamy. Jack sort of tumbled down.
"You OK?"
"Yeah, just a little out of it, guess I’m still get-lagged a bit."
"Well stretch your legs, back in ten."
Jack looked around and saw all manner of gym machinery in bright chrome but a lot of it had odd accessories and shapes, he wasn’t sure what any of them were for. As Biker walked away, Jack stared at the way his ass moved in the rubber jeans, he just wanted to bury his face there again. He looked around the room and all of a sudden was sleepy again. Without his usual cup of coffee, he found it hard to focus and the mirrored walls only made him a little dizzier. He did some lame hurdler stretches for his legs and before he’d paid much attention to anything, Biker returned carrying a tray with two thermos like steel containers, one taller than the other. But they had black short dildo lids on both of them, a pretty strange site. Guess a fetishist can never have too much rubber, Jack though.
Biker sat on the floor and cradling Jack’s head, took the smaller of the thermos containers and slid the dildo top into Jack’s mouth.
"Suck." The coffee was warm, but not hot and the perfect thing. Jack greedily sucked it down. "This will wake you up." Jack wasn’t sure if all the heat was coming from the warm liquid or if it was Biker’s body heat rising through his rubber jeans but he felt all warm and safe. When Jack had drained the coffee. Biker switched to the larger thermos. Jack opened wide and Biker slid the slightly bigger dildo nozzle into his mouth and pumped it a little for fun, watching Jack lick and suck until he let him keep it in his mouth. He tasted the familiar flavor of vanilla protein shake he used in N.U. He wondered if Biker knew all about him or if it was just some coincidence. The liquid was warm and he guzzled it realizing how little he had eaten in the last day.
"Yeah boy, love watching you work that black dildo with those pretty lips." Jack smiled and protein shake slipped out of his mouth and slid down his chin.
"Now this isn’t going to be a regular workout as you might have guessed already. If you become permanent, you’ll have regular workouts too but since you’re only here for a few days, I’m concentrating on what I want and I think you’ll be pleased with my choices. Just roll with it and maybe it’ll give you some new ideas for future scenes. OK, now get up." They both stood. Jack realized on the far wall that there were several straightjackets of the most elaborate kind hanging in a row. Biker led him across the room and chose one of the many jackets, opening the front zipper so Jack could don the sleeves and slide his head into the attached hood which had a large rubber coated hook where the mouth would be. He slid into the hood his mouth encountered a soft gag, sort of like gel padding on bike seats. There were no eyes and so he was enveloped in darkness. Biker zipped the front, crossed and buckled the arms and led him to the first machine. "Now bite the gag, it’ll help you with your grip." Jack could tell Stud was speaking directly into his ear, it made things a little easier to hear through two hoods. He bumped his legs into an edge and realized through the thick waders it was slanted. Biker led him over and laid him on the slant board, his boots fitting into some sort of depression shape at the bottom. A thick strap was buckled across his chest. "Now this one’s easy. We’ll get started in a moment." With that Jack felt fingers on his ass, there must have been a hole in the board because suddenly Biker was unzipping his crotch from behind. A thin tube slid up his colon and startled him as he felt something dripping. He would have jumped but on an angle and strapped down, there wasn’t a lot of room for movement. The tube retreated and Stud’s hand pushed between his cheeks, one finger running the outline of his asshole and a single finger testing the lube by pushing in. Mmm, he was getting hot again and his cock twitched simultaneously clamping on Stud’s finger. "Perfect." With that, Jack felt something being attached to the hook on his mouthpiece and felt tension in his neck as his head was pulled slightly forward. A snap, click and Biker had adjusted the chrome butt plunger on a curved arm just a centimeter from Jack’s ass. Jack only felt the edge of something brushing a few hairs on his asslips, not sure what was next.
"Now listen carefully. This is simple, you just pull back with your chest and neck and head and make slow repetitions of about 6 inches. Slow is key, understand?"
"Mm huh" Jack muffled through the hood. The section of the board behind his head was now unhinged and his head could move backwards freely. He started to pull, realizing his hooked mouth was pulling on the weights. The curved arm pivoted a butt plug right up his ass and Jack o, out of surprise, popped his head forward, which made a loud metal sound as the weight dropped onto it’s stack and the plug swung out. Oh I get it, self-fucking neck pulls, wow! He pulled again and this time let the plug slide all the way in, oh God that felt good. He completely controlled the action by the speed and tension he put on pulling the hook in his mouth backwards. It was one of the most comfortable buttplugs he’d ever felt. Biker had custom designed it, curved and silicone filled so that there could be no damage to the rectum no matter how the trainee moved or was positioned on the bench.
The site of Jack in rubber self-fucking himself was too much even for a rubber pro. Biker stepped back and smiled, groping his hardening cock and then unzipping his fly so he could pull it out and stroke it. This one’s a keeper but I won’t let him know just yet..
Jack felt completely possessed by his situation and became an automaton, picking up speed and slamming the buttplug in and out, it felt so good poking himself like that. He didn’t last that long and when he finally slammed back and screamed into his hood, Biker knew he was shooting while impaled on the plug. Jack was groaning and moaning in his hood, arching his neck backwards to force the plug in as deeply as the pivoting arm would allow.
Biker grinned, knowing how much Jack was liking this. When Jack finally calmed down Biker spoke into his ear.
"I knew you were gonna like it but remember this is a workout so you’ve got 10 more sets of 10 reps till I’m happy." Jack pondered this and was about to start another pull when Biker’s hand stopped his head. "Not just yet." He heard a clinking and then Biker’s hand was no longer blocking his head. "OK" Jack pulled, ugh the weight was dramatically increased. It had at least doubled if not more. What had been so easy was now a strain. He was suffering that post-orgasm sleepiness and just to get the plug half way in was a difficulty without being able to brace himself with his hands. Biker watched knowing Jack was completely frustrated because no matter how hard he tried, not once did he get the plug in all the way as before. He could hear Jack snorting through the hood as he strained and repeat his task while Biker counted for him. By now his neck was aching and sweat had broken out along his head and was dripping under the hoods, he felt it trickle down his back when he rested between sets.
"OK, that’s one exercise." Biker had helped Jack off of the slant board and was now leading him to a seat at another machine. Jack sat and wondered what was now in store for him, his ass felt sore when he sat on the bench. This time Biker pulled him forward by the hook, bending his body forward 45 degrees and snapping the hook onto a clamped pulley.
"Go ahead and pull, 10 sets of 10 with 30 second pauses in between, no more."
Jack it down and tentatively pulled with all his back muscles to a seated position wondered what would happen on this machine. As he approached 90 degrees a vibrating pad pressed against his crotch. Oh damn that feels good. He tested it by pulling slightly further and the device pressed firmly up against his basket making his nuts quiver. He grew hard again but hard to arch forward and catch his breath. This one was hot! He knew Biker would up the weights as he worked which is why he needed the 30 second breaks so h pulled back as far as possible on the early sets to enjoy the vibrations on his cock. By the 9th set he could barely get the pad to rub his suit and his back was aching.
"I see you’ll to work on this one more often." Biker observed.
Biker pulled Jack’s hook forward and undid the latch.
"Stand up." Jack did as he was told and in no time the hook was attached above him. "Now I’ll give you a better incentive this time." Jack felt a heavy harness being slid over his hood, but no pressure on the mouth hook anymore.
"OK, up on your toes a little." Jack raised his heels up in the heavy waders and felt the top of his head-harness being attached to something. Afterwards he felt the slightest tension upwards when he dropped his heels back down. Jack felt Biker’s hands on the back of his thighs.
"OK, simple basic squats, nice and slow." He spread his legs a it and began to pull down which wasn’t easy with his arms bound across hit chest. Jack slowly squatted, realizing his head was indeed attached to the weight pulled. When he was in an almost full squat he felt something flick and then realized Biker was licking his butt crack just in the tiniest bit. He could barely concentrate on this one and sat lower so that Biker could lick and tease his ass. Felt incredible, all that stimulation while he could see and hear nothing and was confined and held by rubber. His legs began to strain and he let up for a moment to catch his breath and then quickly pulled down. Again, little licks on his ass, damn it felt good. This repeated for several reps until one time he pulled and got no response when he squatted. Biker was waiting until he stood to increase the weight plate and when Jack resumed his downward squat the next time the resistance was suddenly much stronger and he began to whine in his bondage, desperate to sit on Biker’s tongue again but having a hard time as each rep, let along a whole set, got harder much faster. By the fifth set, he could barely pull down, his eyes were beginning to tear inside the hood he was so frustrated. He paused to catch his breath and suddenly the weight was immovable, try tho’ he might. Stuck like this he realized no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t even attempt a squat. It was making him nuts and he actually found himself sobbing in the hood. It was making him crazy stuck like this. His dick was hard, he couldn’t move, he was so close t pleasure but stuck and then suddenly he felt Biker behind him arms wrapped around him giving him a bear hug and the familiar pleasure of that big cock pushing on his hole.
"OK, OK. Stop crying kid you’re gonna get some. You’ve done well so far so I’ll treat ya this one time but in the future you’ll have to work and no whining."
With that Biker let him go and removed the weights completely, returning behind Jack and speaking in his ear "…just squat slowly this time, there’s no weight so watch your balance. On the count of 10 start squatting."
Jack made mental note and counted and on ten he very slowly began to squat realizing his was no longer attached in any way and he could actually lean it forward some to help with his balance. He very slowly bent his knees, almost seated but felt nothing He paused there wondering and felt Biker’s hands on the knees of his waders tugging as if to sit further. He did intending to sit on the ground and plopped himself right onto Biker’s hard cock who was now laying right beneath him
"MMF!" his weight had shifted too quickly and he basically fell down onto Biker, stuffing that dick up his ass in one quick stroke, and while he was horny, it was a bit much taking that meat up there so suddenly and he was sore from being fucked so much already this weekend. With no sight and with his arms bound he had to lean way forward to regain some control, the thick waders making it difficult to move his legs but he spread them further.
Sensing his predicament, Biker offered some guidance with his hands and soon Jack was bouncing on top of Biker’s hard cock to the delight of both of the.
"Oh yeah you fucking horny little bondage toy, work my cock with that slippery ass."
It was quite a sight, a hot biker stud laying on the ground with a bound rubber toy bouncing up and down on a big dick in a fetish gym nestled in a nice townhouse in London in the middle of the afternoon where no one could have guessed it. Jack kept his eyes closed inside the hood to keep the cream he’d put on his bondage markings from sliding into his eyes with all the sweat that was building up His breath was coming in fast snorts through the nostrils of the hood and with his mouth stuffed with the silicone end of the hook/bit, he was free to moan and yelp without making a lot of audible noise beyond the hood. Biker seemed to enjoy the noise because he rewarded Jack’s enthusiasm with some upward thrusting of his hips driving his big dick deep into Jack’s sore ass. Biker has to admit the boy was hot and while he was an experienced fetishist, the scene and the bondage situation made him cum earlier that he was used to. His deep moan a signal to Jack to sit down and clamp on the big meat. Jack sat, squeezed and concentrated on making Biker enjoy his slick ass, grinding his hips in a circle to rub Biker’s cock tip against his prostate which made him shiver and shoot again in his shorty suit.
Exhausted, he leaned forward and lost his balance, tipping over and sliding off Biker’s cock in the process, landing against Biker’s legs which luckily stopped him from banging the hook into the floor or he would have done his teeth damage. He hear Biker laughing behind him as he tried to right himself unsuccessfully, rolling off Biker’s leg as Biker moved and stood up. Biker grabbed Jack by the mouth hook and helped him stand up again, laughing at his helplessness. HE undid Jack’s arms and then unzipped the front of his jacket. With the front unzipped, Jack used his still encased hands to push the hood up off his head. His jaw sore from biting on the mouthpiece. The cream had seated down his neck and dripped on his suit while his hair was sweat soaked under the second hood. Jack blinked sweat out of his eyes and saw Biker smiling at him.
Jack just smiled, his white teeth parting and showing beneath the black plain hood.
"Well just a short but shall we say productive workout today Come on I want you washed up so we can run some errands." He guided Jack back to the locker room and opened one of the lockers, "go rinse your gear, shower’s that way and then put this stuff on. I’ll be back in 20."

Jack sat down on the bench, dripping with sweat, still breathing heavily, and pondered his adventure. This whole thing was pretty unbelievable, he thought to himself, wiggling out of the straightjacket sleeves and slipping off his sweaty gear. The hood slid off easily due to his sweat and he shook his head sending a spray of droplets in all directions, some landing on his thighs and waders. He slid out of the big boots, undid the shorty suit and felt the room air cool his drenched bod. I sure do take a lot of showers around here, he thought. The corner of the lockers led to a smaller shower stall complete with a chrome enema hose that he used to rinse out with. e washed quickly, dried off and returned to the locker and the clothes Biker left for him.