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Rubber Life Chapter 15 "Frogman Fuck"

Frogman Fuck

The drive to the club went by almost unnoticed, so involved was Jack with his own sensations in his new 
suit. They passed one street which was fairly busy with cars even this late and drove past to a side street that connected with an alley in the back. Jack figured correctly that they were going through the back since 
Biker always seemed to have an "in."

They parked the van in a rear lot, Biker tipping a big bruiser of a guy who ran the lot and seemed to know 
him since he didn't even flinch when five rubbermen with rubberized hardons stepped out of a van. After a short wait at the door and a buzz, Biker announced himself to the door speaker, the door unlocked and a leggy brunette with a clipboard dressed in stilettos and a tight PVC corset smiled and let them in.
"Hey guys, was worried you weren't going to make it. You've got about 20 minutes before you go on. Green 
room's down the hall to the left."
"Thanks Carla" and Biker escorted Jack down the hall, CHiP and the twins in tow. Jack figured Carla might 
be yet another employee of Biker's rubber industry but it wasn't important at the moment. Jack was just 
nervous about what tonight's performance entailed since it was so, well . . ., public.
The green room was a backstage room with a lot of dressing tables and mirrors and lights, like something 
you might expect at a Vegas stageshow, pervy couples and freaks were busy polishing gear, adjusting collars 
and the like. Biker's quintet received a slurry of whistles and catcalls as they entered, 5 studs all with pointing cocks and rubber encased shiny bodies. People marveled at the custom suits and had lot of 
questions, but the guys all just pointed to Biker who repeatedly answered "trade secret, at least for now." 
If it was just a party, they would have probably been groped to death but since it was a performance, people 
were pretty busy finishing their outfits and going over their presentations. A tiny video monitor near 
the door showed the stageshow parade of outfits and kink combinations.
Jack realized they were pretty much the stars of the green room even tho' it was filled with all sorts of 
outlandish get-ups, girls as rubber ponies, guys in colored inflatable suits, hazmat outfits crossed with 
beekeeper helmets, fetishized SCUBAwear, people with more piercings than a colander, you name it, 
there was some variation in the room but a lot of skin bared, whereas the 5 guys were in complete encasement.
Biker was the first to walk past the curtain to a huge round of screams and cheers. Jack was held back by 
CHiP and wondered what was up. The twins then proceeded to walk out, arm in arm, their big dildo 
arms raised in the air to either side like a kinky Siamese lobster. Again, a loud range of cheers. Jack 
wondered what could top that since he and CHiP were simply in normal suits. Before it hit him, CHiP had 
scooped him up like a new bride and was walking down the runway carrying him.
The lights made it hard for Jack to see anything besides the noise of the crowd, flashbulbs went off 
and he was glad the runway at least was white or he feared CHiP would misstep and drop him off the sides. 
As they neared the end of the runway, Jack could see Biker was standing at the end of the runway facing Jack and CHiP, he was flanked by the twins so Jack couldn’t see past them into the crowd. When they reached the end of the runway CHiP didn’t put him down, instead, with the help of the other three, they each grabbed a leg or an arm and kept Jack dangling in the air. Now Jack could see what was at the end of the runway just below in the audience.

It was a clear lucite case, about 7’ long and 3’ wide, with 2’ sides. The guys lowered Jack in and unceremoniously dropped him into it. He landed with a splash and realized there was a thick layer of clear gel lube in the case which made maneuvering completely random, he simply slipped around unable to control any of his movements in the box. The crowd was screaming. The 4 rubbermen jumped off the stage and quickly closed the hinged clear lid, latching it securely on it’s free side. Jack was already struggling and trying to push the lid off, but he only left slippery lube handprints all over the top of the case. Biker flicked the remote on Jack’s cock vibrators and Jack quickly dropped his hands and started twitching in his gel-based home. This was the strongest Biker had ever set the vibrators and it completely blinded Jack to anything, he just closed his eyes and shuddered at the sexual sensations. Meanwhile, the four rubbermen each took a corner and began to roll the Lucite case on a gurney around through the crowd. It had those attached heavy duty gloves on the sides like on lab-testing equipment where the technicians simply slide their hands into the gloves but it remains attached to the container Well, that’s what the crowd promptly proceeded to do. As it rolled through the packed club, pushed the case through the crowd everyone gave Jack a squeeze, hands slid in and out of the many gloves surrounding the 4 sides and Jack was powerless to escape them. There must have been 14 hands on him at any one time mostly grabbing for his erect cock. Biker had seen to it that between Jack’s thick suit, the thickness of the gloves on the lucite case AND the lube inside, people could grope and grab but no one could do any serious damage, it was too hard to get a grip but that didn’t stop anyone from trying. Guys and girls were all grabbing at Jack’s prick, his legs, pinning his arms down, other hands probed his mouth, grabbed his ass cheeks. Biker, CHiP and the twins were also the recipients of plenty of hand-groping but Jack’s defenseless situation made him the center of attention and Biker enjoyed wheeling him slowly around as the kinky crowd pinched and grabbed at Jack. They made three revolutions of the first floor which took about 30 minutes before Biker indicated they should head out. Jack was in a complete blur, imprisoned in tight rubber, groped and touched, his cock shaking from the remote vibrators, he was in a latex trance, a dreamworld of rubber sensations.
The MC caught the crowd’s attention in announcing yet another display and with this, Biker signaled his guys to roll Jack’s coffer towards the back of the house and through a curtained doorway which lead to the back of the house. Biker turned off Jack’s vibrators and the four men unlocked the lid. The twins helped Jack out and into a bathroom shower backstage where they turned on the water and it quickly rinsed him of his slimey covering, leaving him in his pristine black shiny suit. They seemed very impatient and dragged him out and out of the club to the van which Biker had pulled up closer to the door. They climbed in and the van took off but slowly. Jack was ready for sleep but doubted that short moment was the end of the evening.
About a mile later, the van stopped and parked in an alley along a deserted part of the riverfront.
"Out we go," Biker announced.
Jack followed and the five of them got out of the van and crossed the deserted street to the river side. 
Jack just following along. One of the twins was carrying a medium sized box that peeked Jack's 
They descended a nondescript set of stairs that led down to the water about 15 feet below. Jack knew 
better than to ask questions and simply tagged along, wondering what could possibly be in store. They 
walked single file along the narrow edge of the river, hardly a walkway but more like a shelf that ran just 
above the water's lapping edge at the base of the wall that supported the roadway above. The area was 
basically unused, a bit of litter here and there and weeds growing out of cracks. Lights from the streetlight 
and bridge above reflecting in the slow moving river's surface.
About 300' from where the stairs were they were now under a small, low bridge where the walkway was about 4' wide and here the twins unceremoniously grabbed and held Jack's arms.
'Huh?" Jack blurted.
"Time for a new adventure, we'll get you in a couple hours. You just relax." And with that Biker slid a 
simple neoprene strip, almost like a headband over Jack's hooded head and covered his mouth with it. It 
was porous and easy enough to breath through and around, but it's ¼" thickness certainly muffled Jack's 
voice. "Arghmm rff" Jack mumbled, trying to ask a question and barely being heard over the noise of the 
water and occasional stray truck rumbling over the bridge above.
"Like I said, we'll be back in a while." Biker added. CHiP was busy untying a rope along the side of 
the bridge support which when loosened, brought 4 bundled chains down from the ceiling and slid them on tracks under the small bridgeway to the edge of the platform where the five of them stood. With the twins help, they locked the restraints around Jack's wrists and ankles, the chains were long and Jack was still standing while they did all of this. The twins lifted Jack and squatted, lowering him to water's level and pushing his legs out suspending him. His back landed in the water but the chains were just long enough to keep him just at surface level, the water acting as a sling and his torso and butt bobbed in the water up and down about 12 inches, water lapping over his abdomen and then receding. CHiP used a wooden pole leaning on the bridgewall to push the top of Jack's chains a little further out until he was clear of the platform by 3 feet. Jack looked back and saw the four hot rubbermen standing above and behind him, light catching edges of their thick shiny suits. And just as quickly, they walked away leaving him there. Hanging. in the darkness of the middle of the night, bobbing in and slightly under the water's surface, his hard coated cock rising up and out of the water like a buoy. Every dip in the water and the tiny droplets coursed off his super slick suit.
Jack lay there bobbing in a strange web of dreams and half awareness. A little frightened but growing accustomed to Biker’s scenes. It was very relaxing and the thick suit kept him warm bobbing along at the water's surface. Still, being left along like this in public was still something he would never grow used to. On the one hand he had grown to trust Biker but since everyday something new popped up he was always on edge that something would go wrong. He still wasn't used to being in public in such a flagrant sexy state, he could see his own rubber-encased dick obscenely poking the water's surface with each little bobbing movement. He still felt incredibly vulnerable floating in the water but it was a small river in the country maybe 60’ across so he didn't worry about sharks, maybe a snake, but he was helpless and resigned himself to just hanging there.
His mind wandered to the various scenes he had been in the last few days. Absentmindedly dreaming in his 
floating world he felt something almost caress the underside of his suit but dismissed it until he 
noticed it stronger this time and his heart started to race. It was a very light moving sensation and Jack 
realized it was accompanied by a bubble breaking the surface. He started to panic as the bubbles increased 
in number until there was almost a frothing from underneath him. But as quickly as it happened the 
bubbles moved left and right and in tandem. And then frogmen's heads broke the water's surface scaring the 
hell out of Jack. He let out a muffled scream which could barely be heard through the thick neoprene wrap. 
One Diver headed to Jack's head, closer to the 'shore' it must have been only a few feet deep because 
the guy was soon standing with his crotch just behind Jack's head and rubbing against it. The guy slid Jack's neoprene mouth wrap down around his neck and poked his thick gloved finger into Jack's mouth, two 
then three for Jack to slurp and suck on. His other hand rubbing Jack's shoulders, his arms, pinching his 
nips through the thick suit. While he did this, Diver two now stood at Jack's crotch, his gloved thumb 
pressing on Jack's hole through the thick suit.
“Oh yeah” Diver two flicked on a flashlight and removed something strapped to his bicep that looked like a cigar holder in metal, and dipped below the water level. Jack could feel the Diver’s hand tracing his ass but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Diver two ran the end of the small device along Jack’s crack to just below his balls where the magnet in it clicked, indicated the metal tip of the pull cord embedded in the suit just below Jack’s scrotum. The Diver felt between Jack’s legs and grabbed the tiny tab with a small hook on the end of his flashlight and pulled, this thin cord cut through the suit and opened a gash along his ass of about 6”; it worked much the way FedEx packages opened with a tear cord at the top. It must have been a strong nylon or something because it cut through the rubber like cheese. Then the Diver turned the metal device around and slid the tip to Jack's hole and compressed it, Jack felt something small slide up his ass and presumed it was some type of lube, probably concentrated since they were in the water anyway. Actually it was lube but in a slow dissolving gelcap which was now a few inches up Jack’s ass. The guy returned the canister to his arm band and Jack presumed he was about to get fucked by the hot guy.
Instead, Diver two began to play with Jack’s ass with his thickly neoprened fingers. Both men continued to breathe through the regulators, the air sounds making gasmask like noises. Jack felt 
the guy's wetsuit covered finger pushing into his ass and it went in easily, fuck it felt so good. The gel cap pushed further up Jack’s ass. The cool river water, the rubbery finger, Two hot frogmen to play with him, completely at their mercy, a rubber sex slave suspended in the water for them to do with as they pleased in the cover of night.
The frogman at his legs pushed his airmask up onto his forehead and slid under water for a moment 
and Jack felt the most amazing sensation of fingers probing his ass while tons of air bubbles from his 
regulator streamed past tickling his hole, he was hard as a rock, the airstream felt like a vibrator of sorts 
and then it stopped and was replaced by a tongue. Jack had been rimmed before but being rimmed 
underwater by a frogman was way up there on his hot scenes list. Diver two could really burrow in there now that his facemask wasn’t in the way. The guy’s shiny rubber head bobbing in the water between Jack’s legs/ This guy was an expert, licking and nibbling on Jack's tender ass. Sometimes he would dart in with his tongue, other times he would just use the bubbles from the regulator or let air slip from his mouth underwater in tiny bubbles along with the tips of his gloved fingers, sometimes a nibble, it was a constantly morphing group of sensations and Jack closed his eyes and went with the moment. His mouth stuffed with frogman fingers, his ass worshipped and prodded in a mix of hot breath and cool tank air, wet river water and neoprene touching his asslips. The guy ate Jack out like he was starving, and after only a few minutes of constant simulation Jack started tensing. The frogman could tell by the way Jack was trying to arch his back that he was close and he clamped down on Jack's hole, his tongue a good inch in Jack's ass and wriggling wildly while he extracted maximum vacuum pressure sucking Jack's asslips just inside his hot mouth where the edge of his teeth could just nibble the tender edge.
It was too much and Jack came, trying to move his body as much as he could, splashing about in his hanging 
confinement. His voice a muffled garble with the fingers in his mouth. It was obviously turning on the 
Diver behind him because Jack had noticed how hard the guy's dick felt in his suit as Jack's head banged 
against the Diver's crotch. Jack’s jerking caused splashing about the three men but nothing that would go noticed late at night in an empty business zone.
When Jack’s orgasm had subsided, Diver one pulled his fingers from Jack’s mouth and climbed out on to the platform under the bridge, gleaming wet and dripping on the cement. Just looking at the Diver’s hard body wet with river water and his big fins made Jack’s cock remain painfully hard even tho’ he had just come. The Diver went to the side of the bridge support and hidden in some shrubs, pulled out a large clump of thick rubber. He brought the armload to the water's edge and squatted, searching for something. Diver two had stopped his rimming and was now standing alongside Jack giving his erect cock a constant squeeze. Diver one flicked a valve and the rubber mass expanded instantly into a blob, then unfolded and became a 7' black rubber inflatable raft which Diver one somehow attached to the edge of the platform so it wouldn’t float away. Diver two used his grip on Jack’s cock like a handle and slid the floating boy back towards the platform, the chains on the underside of the bridge gliding shoreward in their well lubed channels. The two Divers helped Jack back on the platform where he stood and they removed his restraints. Diver removed his own regulator and gave Jack a hot, wet kiss grabbing Jack’s round ass with one of his meaty gloved hands. Jack closed his eyes and sucked on the Diver’s tongue.
Diver two slid back in the river and moved the raft in front of the other rubbermen. Diver one pointed to the raft and on cue, Jack crawled in, the Diver following him. Once they were both in the bobbing raft, the guy 
lifted up his facemask so it rested on top of his neoprene covered head and spoke for the first time. "OK boy, legs up and enjoy." And as Jack lay back on the raft, the hot Diver unzipped the front of his wetsuit right down and through his crotch. The gleam of latex was unmistakable even in the darkness and the guy's short thick cock completely filled the molded sheath like a butt plug. Jack spread his legs to either side of the raft and rested his head on the inflatable edge. The Diver lifted Jack’s legs on to his shoulders and lined his hard cock up with Jack's ass, the gel cap now well dissolved, it’s thick concentrated lube guiding the Diver’s cock in readily. The Diver planted his mouth on Jack’s silencing his moan. The frogman was heavy, his tanks and gear pressing down on Jack while the big cock started working his ass. Here in the raft, they bobbed and bounced as the fucking commenced. The guy bit Jack on the neck and when Jack looked up past the guy’s head, he noticed the bridge underside was receding and they were floating down river. He tried to raise his head. The Diver stopped chewing on Jack's neck for a moment and raised his head.
"Hey, just relax, my buddy is doing the steering."
Jack looked towards the end of the raft and could see the other frogman's faceplate reflecting the light from the streetlights above as he guided the floating raft along, propelled by his big fins underneath. A snorkel catching the light for a moment as they glided quietly down the small river with no bubbles or splashing.
Jack smiled and layback. "Fuck you guys are hot, just don't let it end." And he wrapped his lips around the big guy's mouth, water dripping from the wetsuit hood into his mouth at the same time and tasting slightly briney. Diver one pumped Jack for almost an hour, slow and tantric until the last few moments when he piston pumped Jack’s hole and came. Jack didn’t come but then he’s sort of lost track of orgasms, he was just constantly turned on and constantly hard.
”Ah man that was incredible, can I ask something? “
“Sure stud”
“ Can I suck you while he licks my ass again, that guy is amazing with his tongue." Diver one smiled and leaned back, motioning with hand gestures to his Diver buddy who gave Jack a big thumbs up. The raft turned and headed to the river’s edge near another small bridge and accompanying stairway, while the men repositioned himself. Diver one sat in the middle of the raft while Jack slid halfway over the back, his head planted firmly on the hard Diver’s cock laying in front of him, his exposed ass primely positioned for Diver two to slurp and eat out again. Diver two promptly stuck his tongue up Jack’s ass while constantly paddling his jetfins underneath, pressing the raft against the river’s edge so it didn’t float downstream further. As Jack sucked and worked the sheathed cock in front of him, he could tell there was a warm layer of cum trapped by the rubber layer and he used his lips to force this up and down the shaft while he worked the meaty cock that stretched his lips. The guy was really thick and it made Jack incredibly turned on to be blowing this frogman while his own ass was worked to perfection by the second Diver. It also turned him on to have something like stranger’s cum so close to his mouth, the thrill of risk. It didn’t take long for Diver one to tense and signal an approaching orgasm as Diver two jerked his own cock underwater and Jack ground his thickly coated stiff prick against the floor of the wet raft, the three of them humming and speeding to a triple climax with all three men pausing in painful pleasure as another load of cum worked its way from their balls.
Spent, the three men rested a moment, Diver two’s hot panting landing on Jack’s exposed ass and making him crazy for the tonguing to restart. Diver one was the first to break out of the threesome and he climbed out of the raft onto the walkway edge that followed the shore. Jack regretfully followed and then helped hold the raft while Diver two climbed out. The two Divers took off their fins so they could walk. The three rubbermen lifted the almost weightless air raft and headed up the small staircase. Up top, the area was even more remote and darker than the club’s parking lot he had been in earlier, Jack wondering how far downstream they had wandered. There was a beat-up gray van parked near a large tree and Diver one unclasped some keys from his weight belt and unlocked the back doors. They slid the raft in, then the two Divers removed one another’s airtanks and neatly stowed them on the side interior where they strapped to the van wall. Then after Jack got in, one of the Divers got in the back and shut the door, the other went to the front and got in the driver's side; he closed the door, turned on a small light in the rear and climbed back to join them.
”OK Jack, this what you had in mind? The first Diver was seated on the raft's inflatable side, his hard 
sheathed cock pointing upwards? 
"Yeah but can you guys wear your swimfins, that makes me nuts. I’ve always had fantasies about Navy SEALS." 
"Sure perve, why don’t you slide 'em on for me" 
The Diver in the back handed Jack his pair but before he slid the stiff oversized black fin onto the guy's neoprene bootie, Jack slowly and deliberately ran his tongue along the fin’s edge, eyeing the Diver’s reaction all the while.
"Fuckin’ tease, get that mouth over here where it's useful" the Diver said. 

Jack smiled, slowly sliding the guy's two big fins on and then settling in on all fours so he could bob his head up and downmore ra[idly on the thick cock pointing upwards in front him. Once in position the second Diver, having slid his own fins on slid under Jack 69 style, settling in to lick and eat out Jack's ass as before and alternately chew on Jack’s own cock, the Diver using his teeth to drive sensations through the thick coating. They played this for a few minutes, Jack pausing now and then to work the second hard cock poking up beneath him. When he did this once too long the guy in front of him interrupted,
"Hey, unzip my suit some more for me and line up my buddy's cock." Jack was only too happy to oblige, and 
lowered his head to the Diver's crotch searching for the heavy plastic zipper somewhere just 
past his exposed cock. Jack licked and nibbled while his custom-coated fingers felt for and found the pull, 
tugging it up a few more inches up the back side of the frogman’s wetsuit, exposing more of his underlaying catsuit. Then Jack, his head smothered under layers of muscle filled rubber sniffed and licked his way blindly along the underside of the guy's catsuit , where he found an indentation or rather an inverted sheath at the guy's ass. Jack sat back up and let the Diver reposition himself on to his buddies dick, moaning as he slowly sat on the hard cock of the second Diver. It only took a moment before the Diver in front of him - now impaled on his ass-eating buddy - grabbed Jack by the shoulders and pushed him back into his crotch for some heavy oral worship. Jack was in heaven once again. The smell of rubber and latex and neoprene and mansweat was everywhere. While he sucked off a hot frogman, he listened to the sound of a rubber cock sliding in and out of a sheathed ass, the van was a small dark rubber hole of latex and neoprene covered studs reveling in their sexuality. Their enthusiasm began to rock the van, parked God's-knows-where in some remote country roadside late at night. He was a prisoner of his own lust, and all he could focus on was rubbercock and another orgasm. They sucked and fucked for what seemed like an eternity, grunting, moaning, slurping, sweat and lube and rubber squeaking against rubber as they men fucked away on their raft.
Just about to shoot, Jack’s orgy was interrupted a banging slammed on the back door which knocked the wind out of him with fright. The three men paused, frozen in their guilty pleasure. A moment later they heard a voice.
“Come on guys you’ve had plenty of time with him” Biker’s voice could clearly be heard behind the van door.

Rubber Life - Chapter 14 "The Coating"

The Coating

"Up you go." Biker shook Jack's shoulders.
"Time to get up, it's 7 p.m. already." 
"Seven, oh hell, I've slept all day?" 
"Yup, but it's your last night out in London so it's going to be a late night and you needed the sleep, now get up." Biker pulled the sheets back, the cool air hitting Jack's sweaty bed nest. 
"OK, for this one I want your head shaved. So to make things easier get in the shower." 
"…yes sir." Jack quietly answered. He didn't know how he'd explain that at work. 
"I know that wasn't exactly a happy 'yes sir' but trust me on this and realize your hair grows back 
really quickly. You'll have a flat top within a week so just wear a baseball cap if it bothers you. A lot 
of people do crazy things and remember, you're supposed to be in mourning, so your office won't 
bother you anyway."
Jack stepped into the shower and waited. Biker likewise took off his clothes and after plugging a 
barber clipper into the outlet, stepped into the shower.
"Kneel for me" Jack obediently dropped to his knees and bowed his head. "No, chin up for the moment." 
Jack lifted his head, Biker's crotch directly in front of him. His scent filling Jack's nostrils, the trace 
of latex always there. He knew better than to lick and suck the big flaccid cock in front of his mouth 
since he didn't wish to do anything without Biker's instructions, but it sure was tempting.
Biker proceeded to use a pair of barber clippers to rapidly remove the majority of Jack's hair. Then he stepped out of the shower and grabbed and plugged in a small blow dryer, set it on no heat and blew the loose clippings off. Then he took a special depilatory cream and spread it all over Jack's stubble. 
"Hey, it's easier this way and I want you nice and smooth." 
Jack sat there obediently and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of Biker massaging his scalp. 
Wishing the guy was grabbing his head and slamming it into that crotch. 
Biker then slid a swimming cap over Jack's head, it was shaped to perfectly cover the areas of hair, a 
little longer in the back then a normal swim cap.
"Ok, come on." With that Jack followed Biker.
One of Biker's more interesting business patents was quick-setting rubbers and foam rubbers being developed for mold makers. He took Jack downstairs and instead of exiting the house and crossing the driveway to the warehouse next door, Biker took him through an underground passage that went from the playroom's cleaning area to a false wall in a bathroom of the warehouse. Once Biker had closed and disguised the door in the bathroom, he led Jack into the warehouse. It was nondescript, empty of people and Jack wondered who they might encounter here.
Parts of the warehouse were like any other, corrugated metal walls, industrial fixturing, big ceilings, huge multilevel shelves, a forklift parked in an aisle. They walked through a long hallway and through another set of doors and finally into a room that was built as a subroom out of a larger tripled height warehouse area. Inside the room, which looked like an industrial lab, was CHiP wearing just beat-up waders and a heavy apron looking like some sexy porn butcher. Jack smiled, thinking to himself of how American gay videos were often named as bad puns on popular movies and tried to think of one that would suit this place. There were machines of all sorts and tall canisters with hoses along the walls.
"Throw away the cap and rinse yourself, drying your skin completely and be careful not to get the hair cream in your eyes. Then come back in here."
Jack stepped into the small industrial shower in the little bathroom and did as he was told. As he washed the cream off, his head was bone smooth, his hands and the water slid off his scalp and it was very sensitive to the touch. He made sure none of the cream was left and rinsed himself thoroughly, then turned off the shower and dried himself with three towels before stepping into the room. He dried much quicker than usual because without any hair on his legs or underarms, there were fewer places for water to stick now.
The mold room contained a strange frame-like table. A heavy metal rectangular frame held a drooping double-layered sheet of liquid-filled clear vinyl. The table had 4 corner legs, but no internal supports,so the vinyl sheet attached to the edges sagged in the center. Hinged to one end of this was a similar piece, two sheets of vinyl with the same odd liquid trapped inside. Jack stood naked and chilled in the room, a little excited and a little apprehensive at the same time.
"Now, you'll need to hold your breath at one point, I want you to relax about that. The more relaxed you are, the slower your heartbeat and the slower your metabolism so your oxygen usage will be reduced. Once you're positioned, unless we tell you otherwise or physically guide you, you are not to move."
Jack nodded.
He was helped onto the tableheight frame and lay down on the bowed clear sheet. It was cold and he feared he'd fall through. Biker adjusted him so that he was centered with his arms and legs spread out, much like as if he'd been in a vacrac, his fingers splayed open. His body weight sagging the sheet a little. Biker closed the top cover and had Jack move around underneath until the one small reinforced opening in the top layer was over Jack's Mouth. Jack could breath through this but Biker slid a small snorkel like device through the vinyl into Jack's mouth.
Jack noticed nothing different and was still breathing the room's chemical smelling air.
As Biker and CHiP adjusted various instruments, the liquid in the trapped sheet layers was reduced in volume, and the sheets became more and more taught, Jack could feel his body being lifted up as the bottom layer become more firm and supportive, all the while shaping to his body. When the pressures had been adjusted correctly, Jack was perfectly suspended as if in a clear vac-rac with two layers of thin fluid top and bottom. Biker pressed a button and a colored additive flowed into the two sheets, chemically altering them. Jack felt a cold all over his body as the endothermic reaction stiffened the liquid into a quick freeze material. It was icy cold and Jack feared he'd get sick if he stayed like this. But no sooner had the chill shot threw then Biker lifted the top layer and Jack felt warm room air on his top layer of skin.
"Get out for a second. Jack reached over and CHiP guided him up and off the sheet. The top layer was replaced and Jack saw a complete echo of his body like some air bubble between the vinyl layers. Further adjustments to the high tech machinery and a watery fluid went rushing into the empty cavity form of Jack. 
At least it looked like water. It filled the space completely until there was no air left. Biker adjusted the chemical components and the watery mixture froze in place, Jack watched mesmerized as an icy form of himself appeared sandwiched in the plastic. Biker adjusted the outer sandwiched plastic layers to liquify ever so slightly, then rendered them taught again. A few more switches and the watery mixture was then melted and sucked out. Biker unhinged the mold and used high powered dental air jets to dry the interior of the plastic gel sheets perfectly.
"The mixture will freeze at just 60 degrees and expands only a small amount, creating a version of 
your body only just a 1/4" larger all over which is the difference in the mold we need to allow for the 
rubber coating. Now just a few details. "
"First a couple prep items." Biker placed two funny nose plugs in Jack's nostrils, small soft tubes in his ears, slightly adhesive foam pieces on to his closed eyelids, a small rubber tube in the end of his dick projecting about 2 inches and a buttplug of a different sort up his rectum. Biker pressed a remote button and the sensation from the buttplug on Jack's prostate caused an immediate and constant erection. 
Then a high tech cockring that he snapped onto Jack. To Jack it just felt like a chrome cockring but 
nothing was normal in this place. Biker spread a thick gel into Jack's eyebrows so they would be safe 
from the chemicals. He didn't want Jack to shave those, he'd look like some drag queen by day if he 
Jack was laid back into the mold, which no longer fit quite so tightly. When the lid was closed he noticed he could move ever so slightly, especially his fingers. Suddenly a light air pressure entered and he was no longer resting on the bottom but felt himself hover just above the mold's bottom layer. Breathing through the snorkel and with ear plugs on, Jack couldn't deduct the pressurization that had just taken place.   Cool, this feels wild, like I'm floating.
Biker attached an oxygen canister about the size of a small thermos to Jack's snorkel piece.
"I want you to take 4 big breaths and then hold your breath. You are to hold your breath for 60 seconds, then exhale and take 4 more breaths and hold it again for 60 seconds. Whatever you do, trust me and relax."
"I'll tell you when to take the big breaths, just breathe normally for now." The cold canister air 
made Jack lightheaded.
Suddenly, an oozing squirmed all around Jack's body, it was viscous and odd feeling, sort of sticky. He winced as it flowed under and around him, covering every inch of his body. He was glad he had the eye pieces on because it felt gross.
"OK, now 4 slow deep breaths and then 60 seconds and then repeat. OK" 
Jack made a mumble to indicate he had heard.
He felt chills and heat and wasn't sure what was going on. After his second breath holding, he took a deep breath to catch up and forced himself to breath as normally as possible even though his nerves were jumpy.
The air canister was disconnected from the snorkel piece and Jack breathed in the regular room air. The hinged lid was lifted and Jack lay there completely encased in a perfect ¼" layer of hybrid deep gray neoprene rubber. Biker and CHiP helped lift Jack's arms out and guide him out. Jack felt strange and erotic. He heard an odd buzzing as CHiP ran a muddling tool all around Jack, first up his leg, midsection, underarm and around his arm - Jack figured it must have to do with the seam edge of the mold and put his arms out to either side, as CHiP traced all around his body and then did his interior inseam.
Then he was lead over to a standing box case and positioned with his arms slightly away from his body. 
He heard a clicking and if he had his sight he would have seen himself being closed into a shaded Lucite box completely lined in UV bulbs. He stood there, feeling warmer and warmer, a slight tightening. He just knew he had to trust Biker.
The UV reacted with the rubber in the way many of the new dental fillings instantly hardened upon exposure, essentially vulcanizing the rubber to cure it and ensure elasticity. In this case, the rubber firmed up throughout the 1/4" layer and the UV reacted with the air to create a shiny high gloss outer surface, glossy like car enamel but pliable.
The click sounded and Jack felt his hand being gripped and he was led out.
"Let's see now." Biker pulled the snorkel mouthpiece out of Jack's mouth. Then he pulled the special eye covering pads up and off, two openings appeared and Jack could see but Biker soon replaced these with individual dark gray goggle lenses that tucked in under the rubbery layer making them look like their were cast with the suit. Jack could still see but it was in a sexy encased way. Biker used a pair of pliers to extricate the ear plugs leaving only a tiny hole centered over the ear canal to allow sound through the thick rubber. The nose plugs were likewise pulled out and Jack found he could breathe through his nostrils again.
Biker led him to the mirrored wall and Jack beheld himself in a seamless custom rubber suit. It was 
comfortable walking in it and Jack felt his new casing. His feet felt like he was walking on pads. 
The foam rubber was thick, like diver's rubber but the surface was super shiny like latex. He loved it, it completely covered him, he was perfectly encased. No zippers, no extraneous anything and he could still use his mouth. He turned, his asscheeks astonished him, mounds of perfectly glossed black rubber. He looked amazing. The gear wasn't thin like latex so you didn't have as much feeling through it, but it was sturdier and the soft thickness was extremely sexy. He looked down at his crotch his hard cock now encased in a shiny rubber black dildo
"Oh, let me fix that." Biker mentioned nonchalantly.
Biker led Jack over to one of the machines. First, he bushed Jack's cock with a liquid adhesive from a beaker on the counter. Then he took a piece of aluminum wire about the thickness of a coathanger and carefully wrapped it in a tight spiral around Jack's already rubber encased cock, when he got to the base of the head, he wrapped it once, then snipped off the balance. The wire felt sexy, sort of snug even tho' it was on the outside of the rubber. Then, Biker grabbed Jack's cock and curved it upwards, it stayed that way, held by the metal wire. Biker then rummaged through the closet and found some small cone shapes, sort of like little pointy pencil erasers. While he brushed the beaker adhesive onto Jack's cock head, CHiP was busy revving up some other dials on one of the machines. Biker carefully arranged the cones all over Jack's cockhead, completely covering it. He blew on it to dry the adhesive slightly, then motioned to CHiP who affixed a heavy cylinder to the same tubes that had been hooked up to the molding table. He handed the cylinder to Biker who slid it over Jack's cock "here hold this" Jack gripped the big cylinder, which was awkwardly heavy, and Biker worked a seal around the base with a spring lock. While CHiP worked the machines, Jack felt the familiar cool, warm cycle he had experienced on the table and saw the dark liquid rubber being pumped into the cylinder. When it had gelled properly, CHiP turned off the machine and Biker undid the seal, taking the cylinder from Jack. Jack's cock was big and thick now. 

"Don't touch it, we need to seal the surface"
Biker placed a different cylinder over Jack's cock and Jack watched as purple light escaped from the base, knowing something was being done as in the Lucite box. When the light was shut off and the cylinder removed, Jack's dildo cock was now as glossy and shiny as his suit, it was also permanently stiff.
FUCK!" Jack's cock was now thicker, a big toy dildo with a French tickler like head of little protrusions and a ribbed spiral running up the shaft. Jack touched his own cock, now in double layers of rubber and found he couldn't feel much but the visuals were enough to make him crazy.
"It's more for effect than feeling but don't forget this" and with that Biker reactivated Jack's remote 
cockring vibrator. The vibrations went buzzing through the metal encasing wire and Jack felt 
stimulations all along the shaft. He almost fell over it felt so good.
"and look you can aim it" CHiP grabbed Jack's cock and bent it do the left - it stayed that way, the 
wires encased in it serving as support. Both Biker and CHiP laughed at this. Jack aimed it back to 
center and glared at CHiP who always seemed to be toying with him.
Biker took Jack's rubber covered head into his hands and looked at his eyes through the goggles "Now you just need to be patient while the rest of us get ready and since I don't want you messing anything up, I'm just gonna let you watch." With that CHiP clipped a big chrome collar on to Jack's neck. It was 
comfortable with the thick rubber suit on but Jack could tell by it's weight it was a major collar. 
They lead Jack over to the end wall and attached a chain to his collar so he was stuck on the wall, 
attaching his wrists with chrome manacles to his collar as well. 
"And no yakking, you just watch." With that Biker stuffed a big black rubber ball gag into Jack's mouth 
and secured the strap around his head. He knew Jack would soon be drooling all over himself and Biker 
loved that look, a horny restrained boy with spit oozing out of his mouth on to his own rubber suit. 
Yeah, that would keep Biker hard just looking over at him.
While Jack was now stuck on the wall, once again unable to touch his cock, the twins entered the mold 
room, both stark naked. The boys were beautiful, the only difference was Biker and CHiP let them keep their hair, so the two were given special rubber swim caps, like the one that had sealed Jack's hair cream in, to keep the liquid rubber from messing up their dark shiny locks. That way, they could have their normal modeling jobs and at night be kinky shaved rubbermen as well. Biker used the special gel on their eyebrows and underarm hair.
When Biker was doing his encasement, he simply let CHiP wrap the wire directly around his bare cock and CHiP spaced it farther apart as he spiraled it. CHiP then took a ¼" wide thin walled sleeve of plastic, 
like a long zip locktube and poured both lube and assorted metal ball bearings in different sizes. The 
tube was about 24" long and CHiP heat sealed the top shut. Then he dipped it in the beaker of adhesives 
and wrapped this flat tube up Biker's shaft in the space between the wire coil, the ball bearings 
rolling around in their slick entrapment. He eased a piss tube in Biker's cockhead and clipped off the 
extra so it projected about 1", and then glued on 3 small metal devices, about the size of a dime to the 
head area, high tech vibrators that would drive Jack wild later buzzing against his prostate. Biker also 
used a thinner layer of rubber on his dick so that Jack could handle the size, and Biker would feel the 
ballbearing massaging his shaft while he fucked his boy.
Biker repeated in kind to CHiP. First a special vibrating ball spreader and then dressing his dick 
with a thin mesh sleeve of microfiber which had projecting, widely spaced ½: long fibers that made 
his cock look like a fuzzy caterpillar that had gone through chemotherapy. But when it was coated and 
finished, the end result was a cock completely covered with rubber prongs for stimulation, the hybrid 
neoprene thickening each tiny fiber into a pencil thick stub. 
The twins were coated, their cock shafts detailed with rounded half spheres of plexiglass that coated into 
big asslip rubbing nubs. And each twin got a magnetic ring glued to his cockhead so when finished, their 
dickheads would stick to one another magnetically. Each twin had also donned a rubber bondage mitt sleeve on one arm with a thicker mitt end stuffed with foam rubber, for one twin the left arm, for the other the right. When the modified glove had been coated, it left nothing to the imagination and it transformed the hand into a cockhead complete with glans, so that each twin was a fist fuckee's living fantasy. A giant 
rubber dildo attached to a rubberman. When they walked arm in arm, they were like some sex version of 
the zodiak Gemini.
Each of the 4 men went through the molding process as well, everyone emerging as a black rubber-coated stud. When they were ready, Biker walked over and removed Jack's soaked gag, removed the manacles and took the chain from the collar, but left the collar on.
"How long can I be in this stuff?" 
"Part of the chemical composition includes gel filled nylon micro beads which absorb heat so your body 
doesn't sweat too much. You can wear it easily for 12-15 hours without a skin reaction. After that, you 
tend to get a little dehydrated even with drinking. Then when we're done, we just cut it open and you peel 
it off. We make a new suit each time, which would be prohibitively expensive for most rubberists but you forget I own the plant. Now go take a piss, I don't want to have to stop for anyone." 
CHiP laughed at this, having just flushed the toilet. 
The twins used the toilet after Jack who now stood in front of his hot rubber master.
"The best part is this." Biker held up a remote and pressed a corner button Jack's ass automatically began to vibrate and throb. 
"Oh fuck sir, oh man." Jack closed his eyes and his tongue rolled out while he leaned his head back. 
Biker pressed another button - Jack's cockring buzzed, making his erection instant and deliciously hard, the vibrations traveling up the shaft of his dick but the thick rubber making it appear as if nothing was 
happening from the exterior.. ah fuck man, this is too much. He looked at his padded rubber body in the 
mirror. The perfect rubberman, not only seamless and super glossy but thick too, he looked at his hands, 
they were covered in shiny spongy rubber, his thick fingers made himself hard thinking how much he'd like 
to get probed by his own fingers. He grabbed his big dildo cock and squeezed it, marveling at how sexy and shiny it looked.
"We're going to a fetish ball tonight, gay and straight, it's mostly to show you off, you're gonna be 
modeling so I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm going to"

They left the mold room and continued through parts of the warehouse Jack hadn't been in. At the end, they came upon a van with tinted windows and Jack and the Twins got in the back while Biker took the left side drivers seat and CHiP took the front seat. Jack's heart rate was zipping. Here he was encased in this 
super sexy super comfortable full rubber suit made on him, sandwiched between two similarly dressed hot 
studs going to a rubber party with his master and his master's best friend. The garage door lifted and they 
drove out into the night, heading for the fetish ball.