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Merry Christmas!!

Just a shout out to my pup, pig, oinker and rubber gimp out there.   You know who you are!  Merry Christmas to all.  

Sir Mark

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rubber Life Chapter 13 "Special Suit"

Rubber Life by xxxslick@msn


The next morning Jack awoke to find himself, as usual, alone in the bedroom. He used the bathroom and got in the shower just to clean himself off with a quick rinse so Biker would be happy with his appearance, and padded downstairs to the kitchen in a towel.
"Morning, that was fun last night. I really had a great time. Thanks" 
"Yeah, it was fun. Come here." Biker gave Jack a wet kiss and slid the towel off, kneading his asscheeks 
and grinding into him. " I don't think I'm ever gonna tire of that butt of yours." 
"Hope not!" and Jack flexed his glutes while Biker squeezed them. 
"Now, this part you won't like. But absence makes the heart grow fonder." 
Jack feared Biker was leaving. 
"Until Friday there will be no rubber play, no rubber wearing, no checking out what's in the closets. When 
I say no, I mean it to the fullest extent. You are not to don or touch any latex the entire week until or unless I say so, do you understand?" 
"Yes," Jack responded, not happy about the news in the least. 
"Now listen, I know you're a horny rubber pig, but there are other things we have to get accomplished this week. I didn't get where I am today just enjoying my free time." Biker paused, looking at Jack's now grim face. "If you manage, then you will be rewarded on Friday with a chance to wear your new gift." 
Jack's eyes lit up, "The bondage suit sir?" 
"Yes, the very one. But only, and I mean ONLY if you are completely obedient this week. One foul up and 
there will be no rubber play. But if you're good, then Friday you can wear your new suit and maybe 
Saturday I'll take you back to Hole." 
"Yes sir, please sir, please I want to go back so badly." 
"Well it really depends on your showing absolute control and restraint this week then doesn't it. It's 
not in my hands, it's in yours." 
Jack thought about this, the guy was right. If he could just completely control himself, then he would 
be rewarded. Sounded simple but Jack knew how much he wanted to rummage downstairs in the basement playroom with all that new stuff he'd never seen in the closets. Still, if it was going to get him a scene with Biker in that new suit, it would be worth the painful abstinence. Biker watched Jack's face and saw the concern and concentration. "I didn't say I wouldn't fuck you, I just said you 
wouldn't be in any rubber this week." 

Jack smiled at this and drank his coffee.
* * *
Tuesday through Friday afternoon was a whir of activity, but nothing rubber. Jack had met various 
business people and social friends, been sightseeing, been measured at several rubber workshops, been to the gym daily and basically just spent most every moment with Biker who was one seriously busy businessman. 
Guess being rich didn't mean being relaxed. Jack had also been in touch twice with his office about 'the 
funeral' and was supposed to be back at work on Monday. He didn't have much sense of his life back 
home anymore, it just felt like he belonged here, like this was the life he was supposed to lead. And having a super rich boyfriend certainly was sweet. When he thought about it ending after Sunday and heading back, he got depressed so he made himself remember 'the now' and concentrate on enjoying the opportunity before him. So far, it hadn't cost him anything but some vacation time and he already had a mess of new clothes to take back plus memories that would last him a lifetime. But hell, was life going to be dull back at work and at home. No, concentrate on the now, don't mess this up.
Luckily, the whole week hadn't passed sexless. Biker 'allowed' Jack to blow him before bed each night and 
take care of his morning erections as well, teaching him a few new techniques and methods he enjoyed. But Biker had pretty much ignored Jack physically during the week. There was one hot scene at a private gym Wednesday where Biker had hired a super sexy trainer to give them some private tips on weight-lifting in a one-on-one gym. Biker had booked the space for the whole afternoon. After a vigorous two hour workout that had all 3 of them sweat-drenched, a little persuading on Biker's part, whose tented shorts left 
nothing to the imagination, and they had had a sweaty three-way on the stretching mats right there and then. Non-rubber sex felt strange to Jack now, but two hard muscled studs playing with him was still hot. One great moment was when Jack was allowed to fuck the muscleman while Biker stuffed his throat and the two guys kissed while face and ass fucking the trainer on his back. When they had finished fucking and sucking (the trainer redefining the words greedy bottom) Biker had a little whispered conversation in the trainer's ear that Jack was itching to overhear. The trainer smiled in Jack's direction and said nothing. And Jack knew better than to ask. He'd had more hot sex, rubber or otherwise, in the last couple days than he had had in months so if he wasn't to be 'in the know' all the time, well, small price to pay. He just 
wanted to make Biker happy. He wondered if Biker was going to introduce the trainer to the world of rubber, but he also wondered if Biker was still looking for that perfect boy and just dealing with Jack for now.
But most of the week was just running around, shopping, stores, people, meals, it was a very normal, 
non-kink filled week. Jack thought about rubber all the time, but he promised himself he would stay in 
control. And as much as Jack wanted to stay in the townhouse and gear up by himself, he was eager to 
please Biker and Biker had insisted, no rubber. So Jack waited until finally it was Friday afternoon. 
* * *
Biker had made Jack use a depilatory Friday morning when he took his morning shower, so aside from his 
short haircut, he would be smooth and slick in the suit. The day had passed a little frantically as 
usual, but when they got back to the townhouse Jack started to get antsy knowing he'd been good all week and done without any rubber. He asked Biker if he could put on the suit and Biker told him yes to head down to the playroom nude after putting on the few items that he laid out on the bed for Jack. 

Things started with the basics. Jack was made to put on a very thin pull-on black rubber hood that fit like 
lycra it was so thin and comfortable. It had a mouth opening, nose holes and pinprick eyes but fit snugly. 
Biker then gave him thin tight gloves and a thick cockring that had a nozzle on it like a bicycle innertube. Padding around the room in just this, Jack caught sight of himself in the mirror. A total perve. Sleek, black hood, gloves, a dark cockring, his dick sticking out. His dick throbbed just looking at himself, the shiny hood contrasting with his hairless, toned body, an omen of layers to come.
When they got down to the playroom, the bondage suit had been laid out on the floor, unzipped and awaiting an occupant like some rubber Venus flytrap. The suit was super thick, thicker than anything Jack had seen besides dry suit diving gear. It had reinforced straps sandwiched in between layers of rubber worked into it with nozzles and D rings and detailing all over. Jack slid his legs into the suit bottom and 
realized that while there was just one lower shape, it had a dividing wall to keep his legs separated. This 
went up to about mid thigh where the interior division ended and it was just one opening. Biker lubed a plug and screwed it on to the ass nozzle which was built into the rear of the suit. It was a smaller version 
of the flashlight-shaped plugs Jack had seen in the storage room. Biker lubed it generously and then 
pushed it into Jack's waiting hole, Jack moaning from the pleasure of having his ass toyed with, knowing how much more was to come. Biker fed Jack's cock through the crotch seal, his cock and balls hanging freely out ever hard when Biker was around him and especially so when this man touched him, a thick rubber seal making things watertight. Biker fed the small metal nozzle on the cockring through a tiny hole in the suit and screwed a larger nozzle on the outside of it. Jack lay down on the floor and Biker continued to close up the suit after Jack had slid his arms into interior sleeves. Half way up his chest, Biker stopped the zipper and placed small suction cups over Jack's nipples. He was careful to apply a moist lubricant 
first so that the electrodes in the nipple cups would make contact with Jack's tits when necessary. The 
small flat suction cups were attached to long thin air tubes Biker had threaded threw the suit's front, with 
thin copper wires running through the clear tubes. Biker zipped the suit up to the neck. Then he took a 
special hood, as thick as the suit, with straps attached to the sides and bike and zipped this over 
Jack's already hooded head. After it was zipped, Biker attached the straps with metal clips to the nape 
of Jack's neck and both shoulders where D rings were secured. This effectively immobilized movement of the head in any direction except backwards. Jack lay there, immobile. Felt so good but he wanted to see 
what was going on and he couldn't. He heard Biker walking around, presumably connecting things. A tiny 
zolt shot through his nipples that both teased and tormented him but it was only just a flash. Biker was 
checking things. Then a hiss and the suit began to inflate, not like a regular inflatable body bag, but 
just a little due to the thickness of the latex layers. Jack felt himself rising a bit off the floor 
from the air pressure now cushioning him but it also further stiffened the suit as a whole and now Jack 
couldn't move at all. Almost randomly, electric current would tingle his nipples, distracting him from 
his cock for a moment. It wasn't strong, just the strangest tingly sensation that made him horny as 
hell. Sometimes it would be just one nipple, then the other, or both, then it would disappear.
Jack lay there for some time. Dazing off into a rubber bondage world that was both relaxing and very 
focused, he thought of nothing but sex. The room was quiet for some time and Jack wondered where Biker had gone to, but let himself just enjoy the moment, the "now" as Biker would have told him.
When Biker returned, he was in full rubber biker gear wearing his riding helmet with the visor down. He 
brought with him the twins, each boy wearing a slightly baggy bibbed wadersuit with thick wide 
buckling straps for suspenders, and rubber bondage mitts. Biker had led them in unhooded, so Jack could 
recognize them as CHiP's cute boys, the two from the Deep Throat contest. He had each boy don a simple hood and goggles, leaving their mouths available for use. One of the things he loved was to have a horny bottom just out of reach of what he most wanted, his master's cock. So Biker straddled Jack's head, one knee on either side, his cock aiming straight over Jack's face and let the twins kneel and go at it, 
matching rubber hoods sliding up and down each side of Biker's thick cock in unison, tongues flicking out, 
extra spit falling on to Jack's hood. Jack was powerless, all he could do was watch his hot rubber stud serviced by an equally hot pair of rubbermen, the two guys drooling and coating the big dick just out of 
Jack's reach. Now and then one of the twins would stop and lick some of the extra fallen spit from 
Jack's hood to use it as further cock lube on the monster meat. Jack would only feel a tongue sliding 
on his rubbered cheek or jawline for a moment and then it would be over. Jack wanted all three of them but he was a prisoner of his own rubber desires, immobile, stimulated and trapped. His cock ached as he watched the two boys kissing one another and Biker's cockhead at the same time, shiny rubber and spit all over the place. The boys were avid fans of Biker and his buddy CHiP. They had a hot private sex life and Biker had been instrumental in getting them a very lucrative modeling contract. They needed to be discrete in order to maintain their careers so they proved perfect kink partners since Biker basically helped them fulfill all sorts of fantasies that - had they been public - would have destroyed their careers. Biker 
motioned something and the twins stopped, Biker standing up and walking off. Jack could barely move his head so he didn't even try to. Suddenly he felt not one but two mouths on his crotch, twin tongues lapping up the sides of his hard cock. He was in heaven and his dick was rock hard. Then one twin sucked in his cock and the other took his balls into his mouth, tongues stimulating his every nerve. When Jack was close and the one twin felt his balls twitching in the early stages of ejaculation, the twin pulled off and immediately the second let Jack's hard cock slide from his mouth. At this very moment, Biker activated the cockring which inflated and pinched Jack's cock base, effectively stopping even his cum even if he'd reach the point of no return. The pressure was so sudden and strong that it bordered on pain and Jack was nuts from the 'almost release'
Biker took the twins off to the sling to fuck them both while Jack lay helplessly. In fact, watching was 
even better so he had the twins drag Jack's encased body over underneath the sling and propped a rubber pillow under his head until his view was perfect. Overhead, one twin was sliding his black rubbered dick into his brother's ass while Biker slid his own considerably thicker cock into the second twin, a 
train of rubber fucking going on just above Jack's head. He could hear the moaning and grunting as Biker slammed his cock into the tight ass pushing twin number 2 into twin number 1, and then the whole thing 
backing up and two cocks sliding out. It was incredibly visual, nothing but black rubber covering sleek muscled bodies, hard black-sheathed cocks pumping rubberman holes. And while it was hot to look it, not being able to play with himself was driving Jack mad. If he couldn't be part of the scene he wanted to at least jerk his cock while he watched, and he couldn't. All he could do was stare and sweat, his cock throbbing. Biker slowly pulled his cock all the way out and paused. Jack lay there staring at it, dying to lick the broad shaft - but Biker had other ideas and he stepped away from the sling. Using a thick electrical cord he plugged into a small box along the wall, Biker affixed the 3 prong plug into a special outlet on Jack's suit, just behind his neck. All Jack could feel was something being connected. Biker returned to the box and selected a pre-programmed computer path and pressed start, then returned to slide his hard cock back into the second twin and resume their fucking.
Jack lay there, wondering, waiting. Nothing changed. The nipple electricity had stopped completely. Jack 
pondered what could be next when suddenly tiny jolts began to zap across his skin throughout the suit. The custom suit had micro wiring and tiny electrodes throughout the interior surface that could be 
activated by various computer patterns. The only necessary element to complete the mild current was 
moisture so now that Jack was sweating in the bag, the current could flash across the sweat to his body and make contact. He didn't figure this out, but had it explained to him later, why the jolts and tiny fingering sensations were more prominent at first on his back, ass and leg undersides (where the sweat pooled). It wasn't unpleasant, it wasn't like the taste of electric zapping Jack had been unfortunate enough to get once with a total sadist, he hadn't liked that at all - that scene had been about pain and it just plain hurt. This was more like the kind of stimulation you might get in physical therapy, tingling, delicate like spiderweb like sensations that coursed across his body like tiny ants running frantically. The sensation moved in waves, and oscillated. Sometimes his feet would tingle and it would move up his body in a line, other times itstarted at one shoulder and spread across his body like a whisper of air. It was incredibly relaxing and a turn-on all at once. It was like being massaged while completely immobile. Now and then the current would be a little stronger in certain areas, like on his ass, and make his muscles clench involuntarily.
At first this bothered him, but once he learned to relax and accept it's randomness, it became completely 
sensual. He couldn't move at all but his muscles would flex in their confinement, and all the while his 
face just a few feet away from a hot live porn scene above him, rubber and more rubber and big hard cocks in tight asses.
Biker was completely familiar with the beginner's pattern of the program he had designed and the timing. 
He knew the intensity and speed would pick up and paced his fucking accordingly, every now and then 
watching Jack squirm a little when a muscle group tensed, his eyes glazed over and his moaning almost a 
constant drone. Jack noticed the speed was increasing, and the intensity had gone up a notch, his 
dick ached and he began to concentrate on cumming in his confinement. Seemingly in rhythm, Biker's fucking above him was getting faster and harder, lube and sweat dripping on to his hood. Ah fuck, I just wanna cum. Jack concentrated on the visuals above him. Biker was speed pounding the twin's ass, and twin 2 was sliding in and out of brother like a piston, all while Jack's muscle-twitching had picked up and kept moving in waves towards his crotch, it was as if his cock was a magnetic center for the current, the 
twitches were at his feet and shoulders and scalp and then all of it moved towards his crotch and while this wave was moving, a second wave began, and then a third, until it was a series of electrical ripples 
pulsing through him to his cock. Biker regarded the LED time on the box behind him and knew Jack was close to the end, Biker started pinching the twin's tits while he fucked his brother. He squatted ever so 
slightly and aimed his cock a little higher upwards while he fucked the twin, rubbing the guy's prostate 
with every slam. This set the twin off who pulled out and shot a wicked stream of hot jism all over his 
brother's shiny elevated rubber thighs cuffed to the sling's chains, cum dripping down onto Jack's suit. 
Biker likewise pulled out and aimed his cock at Jack's hood, shooting his thick load all over the boy. Even 
if Jack hadn't been programmed electrically to explode, he would have anyway watching all this and 
knowing his man was turned on. The pulsing ripples had been joined by fast and strong tingling all over 
his cockring and his nipples had been jolted once again. He shot a plume of sperm up that arched over 
and splatted as it landed on his bound legs. When he opened his eyes post-orgasm Biker was no longer above him, but the standing twin had his gloved fingers from both hands in his brother's ass, who had just begun to shoot as well. His cum, sliding down his brother's hood and chin, landed on Jack as well.
The brother helped his twin out of his sling position, and the two of them walked over into the cleaning room to wipe up their cum, then returned to the playroom. Biked had laid out a large 8' square black kiddie pool, with inflatable sides about 12" tall. It had two big pieces of rubber that covered it and zipped in 
the middle, but this cover was open at the moment. He pointed to the wall where a coiled garden hose lay in wait.
One of the twins aimed the hose at the pool and began to fill it, clear water rolling and puddling around 
the shiny black rubber, waterproof and resilient. When it was about 4" deep, he turned of the hose and 
shook a big tub of powdered veterinary lube loosely on top of the water, tossing the empty container to the 
On Biker's orders, the twins stood and undid their wadersuits, stepping out of the thick boots to reveal 
an underlaying catsuit layer, neck entry, form-fitting, with built in cock and ball sheath and 
ass zip. Before, Jack could only see their shoulders and arms in the tight suits, now their nice asses and 
streamlined physiques were perfectly detailed. He wished he could move so he could see more, but his 
vision was limited to where he could aim his restrained head. Still wearing the hoods, one couldn't tell one twin from the other. The twins undid Jack's hood, then the straps on Jack's suit, and then the front zip, slowly extracting the fatigued rubberman from his enclosure. Jack emerged sweaty and stiff, and stood up, but before he could stretch Biker had his arms around his chest from behind pinning his movement and the twins fetched new gear. With a quick spray on the inside, it was easy to slide a pair of simple tights over his sweaty legs, a 3-way zip evident as they pulled them up over his hard crotch, cockring still in place.. Mmmmmmmmm Jack loved the tight feel of rubber on his ass.
"Hands out and put it on" Biker voice was demanding as the Twins approached with a rubber straight jacket back zip undone. Biker released Jack and he slid his arms into the top as Biker zipped up the back and the boys crossed the arms and affixed the two attached straps. There were no leg straps because the tightly tapered coat hugged the waist below where the tights ended. Jack was so hard in his tights, being 
manhandled by 3 hot rubbermen knowing it was only going to get better. Restrain me? like I don't love 
every minute of this, he thought.
Biker likewise removed his boots so as not to tear the pod. He also donned a simple hood, his body now 
completely covered in rubber as well.
Biker had the twins place Jack in the center of the rubber pool, the water now thickened into a gel like 
consistency. There wasn't much Jack could do with his arms bound so he just lay there, looking at the twins who now knelt down on either side of him. Then, after hooking an oxygen tube to one corner of the pool's cover, Biker stepped inside and pulled the overhead zipper closed, one twin aiding him as they enclosed the foursome. The bag's top becoming a ceiling flush with the tallest person's head when kneeling and collapsing inward on any vacant area. The bag becoming one oversized black dark rubber womb. Jack could see nothing now but felt a gloved hand offering some of the pooled lube into his warm mouth, he licked the rubber covered fingers, jelly filling his mouth and then suddenly a cock was pumping his face, obviously one of the twins since it wasn't as thick as Biker's. He felt his legs being lifted and the back zip on his tights being undone, cool watery lube rushing over his bared skin and crack as a thumb 
probed his hot and ready ass. As Biker lined his cock up in the slick interior, the other twin undid Jack's crotch zipper further and began to suck on his cock, Jack lay there in black rubber ecstasy, lube sloshing 
and splashing about as they played, hard cocks penetrating his two holes, his cock being nibbled by what he knew was a hot stud. Rubbery hands teasing his balls, pinching his nipples through the straight jacket, this was fucking the best.
They played in the womb for what seemed like hours. The only sensations were the sound of rubber sliding against rubber, of splashing lube and hot moans, sucking mouths, cock punched asslips, an occasional slap from a rubber glove against a rubber covered muscle, the smell of mansweat and latex, no light, no visuals, just a surreal darkness experience of latex and mansex. Limbs rubbed over limbs, everyone besides Jack was free to move, to pinch, grobe, rub, Jack could only use his mouth and tongue while his ass was fingered, probed, pounded in turn by one of the three rubbermen he had been entombed with in this darkness. The air warmed quickly but Jack knew they wouldn't 
suffocate, Biker was too resourceful, and the cool pure oxygen ventilating in kept the breathing rates 
normal, extra air escaping from the top zipper.
From outside, in the playroom CHiP walked into to a seething mound of black rubber, indistinguishable body parts as maybe an ass or a hand would rub against the bag's top surface and every now and then lube would seep from the top zipper like pre-cum. Biker knew the routine and removed his helmet and boots, so that his rubber socked feet would be safer inside. The hood he had worn under his bike helmet would prove sufficient and before he unzipped one edge of the bag he went to the closet and grabbed a few toys - an inflatable dildo, a double ended butt plug, a vibrator, etc. He undid just two and a half feet of the cover zipper from one end.
Jack noticed only briefly that the action paused for a moment, some glimmer of light in the black rubber but he was so discombobulated, sensing only limbs and muscles over his face and a cock as usual stuffed in his mouth that he didn't realize a fifth person was to join them. 

CHiP threw the toys in to one side and then sat down, sliding in his feet towards one corner where there 
appeared to be space, pulling himself into the bag and zipping it behind him. He was immediately greeted by one of the twins who met him with a hot kiss and some lube to rub all over his hood. CHiP grabbed the hot muscled stud and pushed him into the other three men sliding around in the middle, his codpiece hard and now lube covered, the eager twin rapidly undoing his master's pouch, knowing the treat that waited for him. While the one twin went down on CHiP, CHiP felt for Biker and soon the two hot business partners were sucking face in the darkness and swapping mouthfuls of warm sweat and rubber scented lube. Biker whispered in CHiPs hood and the two of them felt around for the straightjacketed Jack. Biker then sat on Jack's face, his beefy muscled cheeks on Jack's forehead - while CHiP positioned himself the other direction, legs scissored around Biker's big legs, their two cocks lining up. CHiP displacing some of his weight on Jack's chest and supporting the rest of his body on his arms braced out to the sides. One of the twins positioned himself above this challenge while his brother scooped lube up from the bag's floor and 
rubbed it on the two hard cocks, his brother's well-trained ass sliding on to the first cock's head 
and easily swallowing it up until the second head began to stretch his hole. His brother's gloved 
fingers teased and probed the warm hole in the blackness, stroking the rim to get him to relax and 
helping in the second cock. Once both heads were in and he had adjusted to it, CHiP stroking the boy's 
upright cock poking his chest, the boy began to ever so slowly lower himself. Freed of his need, the 
second twin took the opportunity to slide over to Jack, lifting his tight covered legs over his 
shoulders which also supported CHiP's back and positioning his ever horny cock to plunge into Jack's 
hole. Once he had slid in, Jack was in an almost indescribable euphoria of sensations, smell and 
tastes. The second twin, fucking Jack, bent forward and kissed CHiP who had now leaned back, the twin's 
hand pumping Jack's cock underneath them. Without light, the sensations were reduced to sound and touch, the smell being such a constant that it was secondary. Jack could barely taste the latex which was 
everywhere, there was such an overage of it: on his tastebuds, gloved hands, hard cocks, muscled thighs, and right now if he could only see, hot muscled studs double fucking on top of him. Dildo's replaced or 
joined hard cocks, his mouth, his ass, they were always occupied with either something human sheathed in rubber, or something rubber shaped like a cock.
Jack awoke in bed. He didn't remember how the evening finished, or when. He only knew he was so tired that when they had finally emerged and released him from his straightjacket, he felt as if he had come a dozen times. He was beyond exhaustion and stimulation and Biker had the Twins rinse him and carry him upstairs, leaving him to bed. In the future, Biker would work Jack up to these marathon sex sessions, he had overlooked that this was all new to Jack and miscalculated the boy's energy level. When Jack 
awoke, he was so out of it, he was going to take a shower and then decided on just a pee, but sat down because he felt like falling over in the bathroom. He flushed and headed to the kitchen, naked, leaning on 
the stair rail as he went.

"Whoa, so the sleeper a wakes." 
"I can't believe how tired I am, or how sore I am." Jack answered. 
"Well 8 hours of fucking and sucking will do that to you." Biker chuckled. 
"Eight hours?", so it wasn't a dream. "Was there a bondage pool scene or something?" Jack asked, drowsy and clouded. 
"Oh yeah, and a lot more. You'll probably remember more later. You're just suffering from physical 
exhaustion, make sure you have some sports drink with breakfast and then you should probably take another nap. I'll get you up for a late lunch. We'll be going out again tonight, but not to Hole." 
Jack was so tired, he didn't even respond, he just looked at Biker who had one of those shit-eating grins 
on his face while he made Jack an omelet. His hair was tousled so he figured even Biker was sleepy this 
morning if he hadn't showered. Jack just didn't even have the energy for words and sat there hunched over the table sucking down his hot coffee which warmed him but didn't wake him. His ass felt like he'd eaten chili peppers for a week it burned so much. "Here, eat. And then go back to bed. I'll let you 
know when you need to be up." Biker set the plate in front of Jack, and after cleaning up, headed 
downstairs. Jack figured he could clean up later in the playroom or Biker would have told him to, the guy 
had told him to sleep and he desperately needed some shuteye. He felt like he had been clubbing all night 
or something, that dizzy-not-even-rational state of fatigue. He wolfed his breakfast and then went upstairs and crawled into bed. He woke when Biker brought him lunch in bed, which he thought was 
incredibly sexy but he couldn't have gotten an erection at the moment if winning the lotto depended 
on it. Biker saw how tired Jack was and fed him lunch like a baby while he sat there, his naked back propped up against two rubbery pillows, his athletic build emphasized both by the now hairless skin and it's paleness against the black rubber bed sheets. When he was done, Biker told him to get some more sleep because he'd need it. Jack crashed back into the soft rubber sheets and dozed off, getting up once in the afternoon to use the bathroom, then falling soundly asleep.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chapter 12 "Return to Club Hole"

Chapter 12 "Return to Club Hole" by Slick

On their second trip to the warehouse, Jack was filled with excitement and feeling a little cocky. His 
master was hot, hung and into rubber in a big way and he felt on top of the world, he knew there would be 
surprises, but he was completely trusting and relaxed about it, even a little conceited too.
When they pulled into the parking area, Biker pulled into his usual spot and turned the engine off, 
releasing the vacuum on the cock pumps. Just then the big door slid open and another bike rumbled in. Jack turned towards the noise and saw a bike coming towards them. The guy pulled in to the spot two over from them and parked. Stepping off his bike, the cyclist appeared to be short, about 5'4" and had enormous bulging thighs and calves. Without removing his helmet, the guy doffed his black leather bike jacket and laid it across the seat of his cycle revealing a competition type muscleman body in neck entry catsuit, round muscles all over ready to burst the seams of his rubber suit.
Jack looked over and leaned in to Biker who had just removed his helmet. 
"Look it's one of those steroid little muscle dwarfs" he said contemptuously. Jack had always been sort of mean to shorter guys especially the muscled types because most of them shunned him at his own gym since he wasn't a serious bodybuilder to the extent they pursued the muscle growth. 
Biker recognized Lance on the neighboring bike. One of his favorite boytoys and best buddies. He didn't 
like Jack's remark and knew the perfect treatment which would not only teach him a lesson about his 
rising attitude, but also give Biker a chance to trick with that Lance for the evening. As one of the top 
rubber studs in the area and a rich one at that, Biker pretty much had his choice of tricks and Lance had 
turned out to be one of the sexiest muscle bottoms he'd ever played with. In fact, Biker had seen Lance 
on the web on a muscle site and contacted him, flying him to London and introducing him to latex in a long 
weekend of hot play that had converted the bodybuilder to a kink lifestyle for good. As it so happened, 
Lance had not only become a rubberist but with Biker's connections had moved to London from Canada and worked for Biker as well.
"Off the bike, and leave your jacket here with your helmet and boots." Biker's tone was more than a 
little cold. Jack wondered if Biker was going to give him the bigger codpiece to snap on like last time. 
Jack was sort of puzzled by this but figured he was up for something fun and new. While he pulled off his 
boots to set by the bike, having already folded his jacket across the seat with his helmet, Biker had 
dismounted as well and was fishing in the backside compartment for something. Unbeknownst to Jack who had his back to the muscleman Biker had already signaled his intentions to the deaf bodybuilder 10 
feet away via sign language.
Biker remained on the far side of the bike, behind Jack as Lance walked over. Jack turned and looked at 
the incredible body approaching, rubber playing up his huge pecs, nipple rings barely visible under the t tight latex. He stopped just in front of Jack and Jack stared at the short guy. He was bald and wearing just 
a rubber half hood that covered only his nose and jawline like a windguard cyclists normally wore under 
hoods. The man's brow furrowed and his gloved right hand came up and flipped Jack the finger right in 
front of his face. 
"Yeah? Well fuck you midget!" Jack snapped back, scowling at the guy. 
In a fraction of a moment, Biker had pulled Jack's wrists back and handcuffed them while Lance held him 
under control him from the front, the muscleman was really strong and Jack's struggling proved useless. 
Normally, having some rubbered muscleman hold him would have been a complete turn on but the "attack" and force with which Biker had yanked his arms back caught him off-guard. 
What the hell? Jack turned his head to catch Biker's eye but caught a strap on gag in the process rendering him speechless. The gag was just a thick hollow tube of some sort held in his mouth with a threaded end sticking out like a plumbing pipe. The muscleman now smiled evilly at Jack as Biker came around from the Bike and gave a very familiar deep kiss to the short guy, grabbing his ass in one hand and pinching one nipple ring with the other, right in front of an infuriated and bewildered Jack. The kiss continued and Jack started yelping through his tube gag, his tongue trapped under the invading tube so that he couldn't pronounce any words. 
Biker stopped kissing the guy and put his arm around the big shoulders. 
"Lesson Number One Jack, you aren't my boy yet. 
Lesson Number Two, don't judge others, least of all a fellow rubberist. 
And make a mental note, Jack, this is my protégé Lance who happens to be not only one of my best friends, a hot fuck AND an employee of my company, but one of the most decent and hard working people you could ever be lucky enough to know. I don't appreciate your behavior or the arrogant little comment about a stranger you just made, and I think we have a change of plans tonight. I've been indulging you too much and you've grown a little stuck-up and cocky and if there's one thing I don't tolerate it's cockiness, especially when one is rude to others without cause."
Biker looked at Lance and spelled out something with his right hand which Jack didn't understand, suddenly realizing it was sign language. Lance signed something back and Jack realized he was definitely in a compromising position because he couldn't even hear what was being discussed.
Biker stepped behind Jack and at the same time Lance grabbed his lower legs, the two of them lifting Jack like a log and carrying him over to a corner of the warehouse despite his attempts to kick the muscle man. Jack struggled and yelped in his predicament for a moment but Biker only stopped walking, which indicated to Lance the same. He took a second to readjust his grip with one arm and whacked Jack hard across the side of his head with his hand.
"Shut up boy. You deserve exactly what you're going to get and if you piss me off further tonight not only 
are things going to be a lot worse than you can stand, but you'll find yourself in a most unwelcome position. All I have to do is leave you on the side of the road with no ID or ticket and you're pretty much fucked in this country. You don't even know my address or my real name so why don't you just realize I'm in charge. You've fucked up and it's time you took a lesson. You straighten up and we might continue your training, otherwise, it's over. I'm not going to keep repeating myself." Biker's voice was fast, deep and angry. 
Jack shut up and closed his eyes hoping it would end. This was a side of Biker he hadn't seen and the idea of being left somewhere without Biker's protection was horrifying.
They continued carrying Jack over to the corner and stood him up. A big metal oil drum attached 
underneath to a piece of board was slid to the side revealing a dark 4' wide hole in the floor. 
They picked him back up and sat him on the edge of the hole with his legs now dangling inside. It looked 
like the hole had a rubber lining or edge but it was so dark and Jack was so scared he couldn't tell or 
concentrate. Lance took a corrugated hose from the corner wall which was so long it coiled on the floor 
several times into a pile, and screwed the coupling to Jack's gag front. The air in the tube blew softly 
into Jack's mouth, lightly pressured and cool.
"So think about your behavior and what you're going to explain to me . IF I come back for you." With that 
Biker pushed Jack from the shoulders and he went forward and down the rubber bag opening. He fell 
suddenly, what felt like forever into a black void - but was only about 15' - screaming into the mouth gag. 
The falling was stopped just as suddenly when he found himself wedged and bouncing like a bungee cord 
in what was a long thick rubber bag, shaped like a cone that narrowed as he fell. The bottom had some 
sort of hard part his feet hit and he felt himself bounce up and down briefly swinging in a shaft or 
something. He was in darkness and heard the oil drum being rolled back over the opening making it 
completely black. FUCK no one would even know I'm down here. He heard strange muffled noises and some vibrations but could make nothing out in the thick bag which was actually two layers of latex with heavy foam in between to absorb sound. Not knowing what was around him or beneath him scared the living daylights out of him and he broke into a quick sweat.
He began to sob in his confines when he suddenly felt hands stabilizing him, the sudden grip scaring him, 
defenseless as he was. Just as suddenly he was twirled round and round which twisted the rubber 
lining like a garbage bag closure above him, around the breathing tube that led down the hole. He was so 
dizzy when it stopped he was completely confused. A thick belt or strap went around him at waist level and then he felt this being pulled slightly to one side and latched onto something else so the bag wouldn't 
unravel. Then the hands were gone and he hung there unable to move in the tight narrow bag, at a light 
slant that wouldn't budge despite his jiggling. With his hands behind his back he grabbed at the wall and 
found it was thick and taught from his body weight, all the while shaking and crying in his rubber trap. 
Moments earlier he had been proudly riding to a bar with his studly master, now he was in the dark, bound 
and ignored in a dark tube hanging somewhere he could only imagine. He hung there crying for a while until he realized at least he could breathe the cool air through the gag and he exhaled out his nose instead of back into the gag. His nerves settled a little as he felt a little better and got more oxygen in his 
system. He was getting more air this way and at least he wouldn't suffocate. But the darkness and the 
dangling without Biker was scary. And Biker was now with that musclestud instead of him, he began to cry 
again, softly and pathetically, ashamed at his stupidity.
"Hi guys, hey where's Jack?" The doorman asked the two men. "You get rid of him so soon? He was a cutie." 
" Nah, just using the pit to teach him a lesson tonight for a while, he was getting too cocky and you know how I feel about that." Biker said to the doorman. 
"I do indeed. Well the pit will certainly change him. You guys have fun."
Biker led Lance into the bar with his arm around him. He'd forgotten how hot this guy's bod was, incredibly 
muscled and looking amazing in the neck entry catsuit he'd sent him for a birthday gift last month. Lance 
had been in the Far East doing fieldwork for Biker's company, so they hadn't celebrated in rubber the way 
they normally would have.
Biker ordered two beers while they greeted friends in the bar and then enjoyed a long groping session with 
Lance at the bar. That bod felt amazing in rubber, his gloves gripped and slid over the massive pecs, the 
flexing steel ass, the melon-sized biceps. Lance was only too happy to see Biker take an interest in him 
and smiled while he rubbed the stud's groin and nodded. Biker looked over to see a twisted rubber bag 
shape hooked to the wall, it's narrow bottom a good three feet above the bar. Jack would learn, he was 
confident. He worried the treatment was a little strong for a beginner emotionally, but there would be 
plenty of time later and Jack would be a most appreciative and cooperative boy after his release 
once he got his wits back. Just as Lance had been after his second lesson in the bag almost a year ago. 
A little fear kept the boys in order, otherwise there was no telling what could happen if they found their 
master predictable.
Lance saw Biker staring at the bag and used his gloved hand to shift Biker's head back towards him, offering up his open mouth. Biker bent and sucked the hot guy's tongue in and then guided him to the ramp doorway that led to the basement.
Jack lost all track of time in the bag. He could jiggle a little but not get a grip on the bag or move 
much inside. He was definitely stuck and while he could breathe, the darkness was terrifying. This 
wasn't bondage, this was definitely punishment and he wished so badly he hadn't said something stupid 
before. Now instead of him, that short muscle stud was with his man, he hated the guy even more and vowed revenge if given the opportunity. But back to the present, he tried to calm his breathing and make 
himself more comfortable. He would panic later, for now he would just wait and try to make sense of the 
last 2 days. Time became abstract until he realized how badly he needed to pee and after holding it for an 
eternity, the ache hurt almost as much as the loneliness. He was forced to relieve himself and felt 
the warm liquid dripping out of his codpiece which he hadn't had time to snap back on when the 'attack' 
happened and running down his leg. At first it felt kinda sexy, but it quickly cooled and felt clammy.
Biker greeted Bek at the ramp's end, this time without his faithful rubber dog. 
"Hey, so this time it's Lance?" 
Lance smiled at Bek. 
"Teaching Jack a lesson tonight, he'll be back." He felt comfortable saying that because with Lance in 
front of him, the deaf muscleman couldn't hear or read his lips when he spoke to Bek. "Is the wedge bed 
available right now?" 
"Yeah, nobody in there. Just do me a favor and lock the door, we have to replace the cushions everytime it 
turns into a scene." 
Biker led Lance down the hallway, his hand gliding over the shiny steel hard back as they walked. When 
they came to the room, Biker slid open the door and guided Lance in. Lance turned and gave Biker a big 
smile. This room was a simple one but it made for some serious fucking. Biker locked the door behind 
him and took off his jacket. Both of them took off their boots and then proceeded towards the "bed".
Occupying most of the small room, the bed was 10' x 6' and consisted of a lower 3' deep, illuminated plastic mattress filled with a mixture of silicone and water so it wasn't as sloppy as a water bed and not as stiff as a breast implant. The clear mattress was illuminated from beneath with red lights. Above the 
mattress was a thinner, maybe 2' thick mattress of a more pliable clear plastic that was air-filled. This 
hung from the ceiling on automatic pulley chains that were controlled from a small mouse on a cord. The 
ceiling mattress could be lowered onto the bottom mattress and inflated fully to create a bondage 
sandwich, or could be left with less pressure so the person or persons could move around inside.
Lance knew the routine. He took a bucket of lube stored at the bed corner and poured it into the center 
of the red-lit, gelled bottom mattress. Then he slid onto the bed, slow waves and ripples resulting as he 
moved himself first backside down into the center, then slid around and flipped over, his glistening suit 
covered with a thin layer of lube, his rounded ass shiny and inviting. Biker grew tremendously hard in 
his gear. He unsnapped his codpiece and approached the bed. There was a range of hoods hanging on the wall and Biker chose two. One eyeless and anesthesia style for Lance which he reached in and handed to him, and one with a gasmask styling and large eye panes like a diver's facemask for himself. All of the hoods had clip on front connections that one attached to oxygen hoses that ran from the headboard area of the bed. Biker handed one tube in to Lance, who now blinded by the eyeless hood, snapped the end into his mouth area by feel, his gloved hands feeling for the ridges, Biker growing harder watching the hooded black muscled figure groping his own mask. Biker connected his tube to the mask before he slid the hood on and then grabbed the mouse control device, before sliding in on top of Lance. He positioned himself on top of the hulking bodybuilder, the lube making their two rubbered bodies slide on one another and pressed a button. The top mattress began to descend, he kept the button pressed until it was on top of them, only a thin layer of air separating the top and bottom mattresses. Then he reduced the air pressure in the top mattress so he could move more comfortably and then lowered it until the outer edges of both mattresses met. Yet another button sent a vibrating quivering through the entire bottom mattress as the support pad began to vibrate. Lance moaned in his mask, grinding his rubbered ass up against Biker now sandwiched on top of him. The site of the two men would have made any rubberist cum instantly. Trapped in a sandwich of silicone gel on the bottom and clear air on top, the two black-attired, lube-covered rubberists existed in a cube of light, floating between the red layer and the clear layer in the dark room. The vibrating only made Biker more impatient and he slid his hand down to undo Lance's suit, the big round glutes easily pushing the zipper apart as Biker eased the pull upwards and that glorious ass 
crack freed itself. Biker slid down to stare at Lance's hot ass, using his gloved fingers to slide in
some of the extra lube on the mattress's surface into the pink hole. Lance's moaning and flexing ass cheeks made Biker even more lust filled and he slid back up and guided his cock to Lance's pucker, pressing forcefully against the tight sphincter. At first, Lance didn't let up and clenched his strong glutes 
together, pinching his sphincter as hard as possible to keep Biker out and make him nuts. But Biker didn't 
let up, knowing Lance lusted for his big meat and would stop this game momentarily. Lance's glutes were 
fatiguing and in the one moment he relaxed them Biker slid and gained entry, his big cockhead forcing the 
little muscle to open and wrap around it. He held back plunging in, enjoying the sounds the deaf 
muscleman was making, knowing how much he enjoyed the vibrations from the mattress. This was one of the places they had always fucked and Biker realized how much he still liked Lance. Jack was cute but hands down, Lance had a come-fuck-me body. Those muscles were meant to attract big tops to pay attention to the little guy. It was like nature's way of attracting a mate.
Biker took his time slowly pushing in until he was completely up the guy's ass. He knew he was thick but 
Lance always managed. He left it there for a moment while he ran his rubber gloves down Lance's beautiful arms, the roundness of his shoulders repeating in his biceps. And then once he reached his gloved hands he interlaced his rubber fingers with Lance's and pulled back, leaving just the cockhead in. Lance responded by gripping Biker's gloved hands even harder so Biker thrust back in and began pumping the catsuited muscle stud, trapped beneath him sliding on a siliconed mattress of vibrating red light. Both men were now rapidly breathing through their tubes. Since this bed was meant for sex scenes, the air pumped into the tubes was not just air, but had a higher level of oxygen to facilitate exertion. Biker felt the rush in his brain and continued pounding Lance over and over. The boy couldn't get enough of it. They fucked like this for about twenty minutes, both men sweating in their rubber suits, groans and animal noises emanating from the oxygen hoods, the sound of their breathing mixed with the vibrating drum from the lower mattress made for a highly erotic atmosphere. Finally, Biker slowed down and pressed the button to relieve a little more air pressure in the top mattress. Lance knew the routine and used the greater freedom of movement to flip over under Biker and place his legs up on his shoulders, their bodies moving in the womb-like atmosphere of the airmattress ceiling. Biker slid back in and this time bent Lance completely over sliding his cock in to the hilt, watching the squirming rubber hooded toy take it deeper. Biker braced his gloved hands on Lance's delts, repositioning them so they wouldn't slide off while 
Lance grabbed his own two nipple rings and rubbed his fingers around the excited tits, moaning and 
squirming, his ass twitching on Biker's hard cock, seeing Lance like this again made Biker slam in and 
shoot, the different stilted rhythm of his shooting cock signaling to the rubber toy to slow down and let 
his top cum. But while he gripped down his ass, he also pinched his nipples harder and he too shot in his 
tight rubbery confines, until Biker collapsed on top of him and the two of them lay there breathing deeply 
of the cool oxygenated air. Biker pinched Lance's left nipple and the super sensitized muscleman 
squealed into his anesthesia cup over his mouth and tried to get away but Biker only twisted and pinched 
more, enjoying Lance's squirming. How he loved this hot fuck, the way light played off every rounded ball 
shaped muscle on the guy, and those thighs, fuck his ass looked good in latex! Just thinking about Lance 
got Biker hard again and when Lance felt the big dick begin to stiffen up his ass again, he clamped down in a fury of anal attention to get the guy super hard. Round two of fucking began and the two guys just went at it like machines until they both came a second time. Lance was up for more but Biker liked to keep 
his boys wanting so he undid the pressure of the top mattress and let it ascend, sliding his lube slicked body off the bed.
He removed his hood and let it fall to the floor, breathing heavily and wiping his hair out of his eyes. 
Lance knew Biker was looking at him and began to massage himself and pose on the rubber bed hoping 
Biker would hop on and fuck him again. He lifted his legs up and held his thighs with his hands, offering 
his pretty ass to Biker invitingly, winking his slick ass hoping Biker would take the bait. Instead, Biker 
went to a small wall closet and opened an almost hidden narrow door in the corner of the room. The 
shelves were crammed with supplies and he chose a small tripled lobed dildo with ridges running around 
it, which he headed back to the bed and slid up Lance's ass. Lance was moaning with delight, the ribs 
teasing his assmuscle as each one slid in. Once it was up there, Biker turned the base and a low hum 
vibrated through Lance's being, and Biker zipped the catsuit closed, pulling hard to get it to close over 
the big ass cheeks. Lance arched his back for just a second from the sudden sensation and then slowly lay back on the siliconed mattress. Biker patted him on the chest to indicate he was going to be left there 
and Lance, like a well trained boy, placed his hands on his chest - so he could play with his nipples, and 
spread his legs. Biker lowered the top mattress and increased the pressure, effectively sealing Lance in 
the vibrating bed, a dildo humming away up his ass. That was an appropriate reward for the hot stud. He 
donned his jacket, and left the room, locking it via the card key that opened the parking garage and headed down the hall to Bek. 
"Leave him in about an hour and then do as you please, just don't forget him in there like that one time. 
The little fuck was so spoiled it took a month to get his ass hungry again." 
Bek laughed and thanked Biker who ascended the ramp back into the bar.
Greeting some of his regular rubber buddies, Biker headed over to the bar to where Sky was dispensing beers.
"Go ahead, let him out and make sure he gets a quick rinsing, I want him in the contest." 
"Will do." And with that Gray motioned to two of the bar backs who jumped up on the bar and undid the 
hooked belt so the bag would swing. They untwisted it and when it unfurled itself, one undid a 4' industrial 
zipper that ran on the wall side of the bag. While Biker headed over to take a piss, the two barbacks 
eased Jack's feet free and slid him out of the bag, gravity feeding him down to the two guys who carried 
the relieved but frightened boy to a supply room behind the bar. Jack was bewildered to find himself 
being loered into the middle of the club's main bar where he had been the night before. The bag had 
muffled so much sound, he had no idea. "Ah fucking jerk pee'd himself. I hate that," said one of the bar backs. 
"Yeah, well it's not like they don't all do it, so rinse yer apron and quit whining. Sure beats a job in 
a restaurant." 
The other barback laughed at this and using a glass rinsing nozzle head from the backbar sink where they 
cleaned the glasses, gave Jack's suit and especially crotch a quick once over. 
"You better be'ave boy if you want to keep that one." 
Jack looked at the barback who was young and wiry in a rubber apron. 
"Listen to 'em mate, your master is one hot fuck, ain't no shor'age of guys willin' to do what he 
wants." Jack would have responded to this beefier one but he still had his mouth tube gag in. 
"Ah, guess it il be 'right if we undo this, eh?" And with that Jack's mouth was finally freed of the 
intrusion, he was so happy to be out of the bag he didn't even notice the pain of his jaw. The one 
barback handed him a bottled beer. 
"'ere, take a swig, the party s'bout to start." Jack thankfully guzzled some of the cold liquid and was 
lead back around the bar to the noisy room.

Standing there was Biker, waiting. Jack's mind jumped. 
"Sorry sir. I'm, I'm sorry I was out of line. I promise it won't happen again, I'll do whatever you want sir." He could have cried he felt so badly. 
"Good," Biker regarded his new toy, "because I want you in the contest." 
"You'll see soon enough." And with that Biker put his arm around the frightened stud and led him over to the front of the bar.

Rubber Life Chapter 11

Chapter 11 by Slick

Jack only remembered lumbering up the townhouse steps once they had parked the bike. Biker had something about going on up, so he did. He stepped into the bedroom bathroom and peed. Then sat down on the bed edge, his eyes only half-lifted. Normally, he would have had to clean up but Biker knew it was his first long night and figured it would give him something to do in the daytime.
Jack took off his boots, the jacket and gloves and peeled off the chaps. His rubber fell on the floor in a wet jumble. He kept the catsuit on and collapsed forward on to the bed completely out of it. He had been stimulated to the point of adrenaline exhaustion and now his body was just shutting down on him. Biker walked in the bedroom scornfully eyeing the pile of rubberwear discarded so haphazardly but when he 
eyed his hot little fuck, laying face down now on the bed, the tight rubber outlining his butt and thighs in 
the hottest way, his thoughts shifted. He'd love to fuck him right now but an inactive play partner was not very interesting and he could tell Jack was almost asleep on just the long ride home. So he chucked his gear and took a quick shower, leaving his rubber hanging in the shower. Drying off only his body, Biker lay down on the rubber sheets on the other side of the bed, his wet hair siding easily on the inflated back pillow. He removed a tiny earpiece from the drawer of the night table and set the time on it, then popped it snuggly in his left ear. The alarm would be faint and would only awaken him so he could steal out 
while Jack lay passed out. He liked leaving Jack wondering all the time, kept him in line. The ride 
had been long and Biker extinguished the room lights from the wall rheostat and lay back. This one was 
pretty good, but there would have to be some more tests. He had to be sure Jack would be trustworthy and worth the investment as well.
When Jack rolled over, his mouth was sore, his ass was sore, his muscles ached and his throat felt parched dry, but more importantly he needed to pee. He roused himself and remembered he was on a rubber bed, his mind snapped a little and he woke faster, looking to see if Biker was with him, which he wasn't. A neatly computer-printed note lay on the other side of the bed.
You obviously need your sleep. When you do wake, 
shower and then get yourself some breakfast. The 
kitchen is on the 2nd floor behind the dining room. 
It's Monday, I've already altered your flight a week. 
You will need to call your office and make up some 
excuse like a funeral or emergency. If there's any 
back-up you need I can provide it when I return this 
afternoon around 5. (Jack wondered what time it was 
now since they hadn't gotten home until close to 6 
a.m.) Your task today is to clean and dry all of the 
gear. It's in the basement play area waiting to be 
washed. I expect a high quality of care when you 
clean rubber, it should be spotless and polished when 
appropriate. You'll figure out where things go when 
you slide open the closets. There are hangers and 
supplies down there as well and a rinsing area that's 
on the other end of the playroom. You have pleased me 
thus far and I'm extending the option of another week 
to you. Please know that you are free to leave at any 
time if you no longer wish to stay, the choice is 
yours. However, should you step out of the house at 
any time, the doors lock automatically and you will 
not be allowed back in until I return at 5, presuming 
you haven't gone back to the airport. Hopefully, you 
will be here when I return.

Hopefully?, Jack couldn't imagine leaving and only thought what a drudgery his job had been at home. Ugh, the office. He still needed to pee and stepped in the bathroom. Then decided his clammy catsuit needed rinsing as did he, so he took a shower, rinsing out the suit as he pulled it off and hanging it in the shower afterwards. He looked sort of scruffy in the mirror and wasn't going to shave when he remembered 
Biker's comment about how he liked 'em clean cut. Well, that was enough motivation and he set about 
shaving. A week. Hmm, a lot could happen in a week, would he still need a job? Maybe, so he'd better call. He looked for a clock and found one downstairs in the kitchen where he made himself some scrambled eggs in a room that looked like a stainless steel advertisement. The clock read 1 and the sun was out so it was early afternoon. Fuck, it was already late in the office back in NY, he'd wait a bit more and leave a message on his boss' machine instead of deal with his wrath. 1 o'clock. That left him four hours. Oh and he had cleaning to do. Well, how bad can that be. He went back upstairs with his coffee and used the bathroom. His rubber wear was no longer on the floor from last night so he guessed it must be in the basement. Getting another cup of coffee from the kitchen he headed downstairs and found piles of gear.
Fuck!! He'd forgotten there was play gear and the gym gear and what he'd worn last night in addition to 
Biker's gear, toys . . . there was a BIG pile of things by one rubber curtained wall at the end of the 
playroom. As he sat down and tried sorting it into categories of thick and thin his dick started to get 
hard and sensing he was alone, he fell into the pile of used rubberwear, reveling in the smell of his and 
Biker's sweat, the scent of used rubber, his dick was hard in a flash and while grinding it, images of the 
past scenes went flooding through his mind and he buried himself deeper into the pile, licking and 
sniffing himself into a frenzy, eyes closed until his cock coming in contact with the bottom tread of a big 
wader boot hit the point of no return and shot into the latex mass while Jack moaned and pumped his groin against the boot. Such the rubber pig he thought to himself afterwards, cum shot onto several items at once. Well, I've got to wash it anyway. He wondered what Biker would think of him like this and frowned at himself and then set to work cleaning up. Of course Biker HAD seen everything since one didn't get to be rich and stay rich without being prudent. Biker had watched all the action on a tiny remote screen hooked into a video camera in the ceiling that beamed it to his portable monitor. He was in a business suit being driven to an important luncheon and he shifted his hard cock in his suit pants to make it less noticeable and turned the monitor off. Excellent instincts, he thought to himself, the image of Jack's cute butt riding above the pile of latex with his head buried in my sweat stained jacket..
Jack noticed one boot went under the curtain where he presumed there was simply a flat wall - he lifted up 
the curtain and found the washroom Biker had mentioned - black tile floor, white tile walls, big plastic 
bins, some type of soap in a large pump container and shelves of towels, paper towels, silicone, rubber 
polish, and a leaf blower he presumed was for air blowing larger items dry. He sorted rubber into 
thicknesses and then set up a system of soaking, rinsing, drying whereby he could do several things at 
once. As he dried them he ran back and forth to the playroom closet looking for spaces between lined up 
boots, hangers with nothing on them, to figure out by deduction which pieces belonged where. It was hell 
not trying everything on and there were so many cool things in the closet, but he had a simple mission and 
he figured he better not screw it up. He kept all of the stuff he had worn together so he could deal with 
it later and put away the rest. Twice running upstairs to the kitchen to monitor the clock. By 4:10 
he was done, took longer than he thought but everything was cleaned up and dry and put away. There 
had been a LOT of gear and just drying out the rubber bed catsuit sheet thing had taken a while with the 
blower since the layers had stuck together since their scene and needed rinsing first.
He however, was a sweaty mess again. He went back to the kitchen and called his boss' line, leaving a 
message about a dead Aunt and Uncle from a car crash and that he'd be in touch again the next day when he knew more since he was on a flight to Utah. He also called the personnel department and left a similarly frantic and cryptic message with the promise of details from Utah. Then he plowed through the frig, lord this man was organized. Everything was in compartments, there wasn't a piece of junk food 
anywhere, there were meats and cheeses, interesting gourmet supplies, lots of vodka in the freezer, 
everything was pretty healthy but interesting. The cabinets had protein powders, vitamin supplements, it 
was like a store with everything alphabetical. He popped a few multivitamins and supplements he was 
familiar with then microwaved a chicken dish from the freezer and took it, in it's plastic container back 
upstairs to shower again, hoping to be completely finished and presentable when Biker returned at 5, or 
even earlier just to be safe. After he was dry he stepped back into the bedroom. He'd left his rubber 
gear all downstairs and wondered where his suitcase and backpack were. He pondered if they were still in 
the first room next to the playroom and sure enough there they were untouched. Somehow, he didn't feel 
like putting anything on he'd brought with him. It wasn't sure what to do so he went back upstairs and 
sat on the bed. It was then that he noticed the upholstered bedroom walls had seams. Closets of 
course, the guy has to have regular clothes stored somewhere. Jack went to move a panel but it didn't 
open. He tried a second and a third working his way from one wall to the other. They sure looked like 
they might be doors and this was confirmed when the last one swung open and surprise, there was all the 
stuff they had shopped for at the boutiques. At least all the stuff for him, he recognized the shirts, the 
colors. Yeah, this was all his size. He picked out a new outfit head-to-toe and got dressed, feeling really 
special and happy the way new things always perked him up. The one thing he had left on from last night was the cockring and he liked the way it made his basket show more in the stretch fabric dress pants he chose.

"Perfect fit." A voice said.
Biker scared the daylights out of him, here he was standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror and 
this person appeared out of nowhere in the reflection. When his heart paused, he smiled and ran over to the big hunky guy standing there. He hadn't heard him come in and he was definitely ten minutes early. 
"You scared me! Missed you big time. But I got all the gear cleaned up and put away. I think everything is exactly where it belongs, you just have so much it got a little confusing. Oh and I called my office and said I had a double funeral in Utah and would get back to them, and um, and " Jack was speaking a mile a minute. 
"Whoa, slow down. I'd like your mouth for something else right now." And with that, Biker put his arms 
around the cute bod grabbing his ass and giving him a big wet tongue-sucking kiss that shut Jack up in 
Mmmmmmmmm Jack just got lost in the guy. 
"And I brought you a present." Biker offered Jack a heavy black shopping bag. 
"For me? You already got so much stuff already. I don't need." 
Biker cut him off. "It's more for me than you." Jack put the heavy bag down on the bed corner and 
opened it, black tissue on the top needed to be pulled out first and underneath was the ever-present black 
rubber. Jack shot Biker a beaming smile and then pulled the suit out. 
"Oh my God this is so fucking hot, will it fit me?" Jack pulled out an inflatable bondage bag withreinforcing straps and D rings all over it. The rubber was thick and there was an attached hood and a sheath at the front, even the cock sheath had a D ring at the end of it. The suit because of the latex 
thickness was surprisingly heavy. There were nozzles and details all over the suit in different places and 
Jack could only guess what they did. 
"It should, you got measured the other day for it." 
Jack remembered the skinhead tailor and wondered just how "custom" the suit was. 
"Can I?" 
"No, that's for later. We have, unfortunately, an obligatory dinner to go to in two hours so right now I 
just want a drink, we can talk a little and a nap before we go out."
Biker took Jack's belt front in his grasp and tugged him along behind him down the stairs back to the 
kitchen. He mixed them each a martini showing Jack which glasses he liked, the vodka, how much ice, the works. Jack knew he was to memorize the details because this man was fastidious. It was nice to be 
with Biker like this, in day clothes and talkative. Biker let him ask anything and he learned all sorts of 
details but nothing highly personal. He wouldn't detail the business too much and he wouldn't give any 
very personal questions much more than general answers. Jack figured where he could probe and what 
was off limits and settled for that. Likewise, Biker in turn had questions for Jack about his life in the 
states, where he was schooled, what he liked and didn't like about his job.
The glasses were empty fast and Biker motioned for them to go in the living room. On a big oversized 
charcoal silk velvet couch that felt like fur and was almost as wide as a bed, Biker laid out, pointing at 
his feet. Jack thought a second and then realized he wanted his shoes removed, so he unlaced the expensive looking black shoes and put them on the floor. 
"You too" Biker nonchalantly said, and Jack slipped out of a pair of modern looking loafers that he'd been 
smart enough to comment on during their shopping spree, and joined Biker on the couch. 
"Yes sir." 
"I'm glad you came over, you took a big chance." 
"Well I'm really happy I came over, I don't want this to end. " 
"Good, we'll deal with details later. Now one other thing." 
"The way we are in private is not necessarily the way I want you in public, or in the club. So when I 
change, you just need to accept the different modes our relationship operates in and accept it. If I'm a 
little icy in public, it's because I'm a very private person and when you're wealthy people like to pry. If 
you think I'm a little rough sometimes in rubber, I'll warn you now, you have a whole lot more to learn and 
your boundaries are going to be expanded. But right now, this," he gestured to Jack's head on his chest 
"This is part of what I want at home." 
"That's fine with me sir." Jack smiled then added, "I hope you don't think I'm out of place sometimes or pushy, I'm not sure what the rules are and I can't quite read you yet." 
"You might never" 
Jack wondered what that meant. 
"Just deal with the now, you should always concern yourself with the now. You're very trusting, which is 
good, you just need to be trusting at the right moments." Jack nuzzled his face into Biker's warm dress shirt and wondered what that meant too. 
"OK, I'll try but just tell me if I make a mistake" 
"Don't worry about mistakes, that's how you learn. Now just be quiet for a little while." 
Jack closed his eyes and breathed in, he felt secure and owned laying here next to Biker but in such a 
normal way. Regular clothes, a living room. He tried to think things out and realized it was easier to just 
veg and fall asleep and deal with it later. Deal with the now.
A small buzz jolted Biker, whose movement bounced Jack's head awake. 
Biker regarded his watch and turned off the alarm. 
"6:30, time to dress, head to dinner and then return 
here for a quick change." 
"Quick change?" 
"Yeah, we're going back to the club. 
"Yeah? Cool!" Jack replied. "But isn't it Monday? You have guys going out on a Monday over here?" 
"Full moon. That's different." Biker had already slid Jack off his chest and was heading upstairs to 
the bedroom. Jack grabbed both their shoes and followed.
"Here, put these on instead. I want you looking a little less sexy. Remember, you're just a guest from 
the States visiting me, just follow my lead and we can make it up as we go along. This is a business dinner and I have to go but it's a nice restaurant so you should enjoy the food."
Jack took off his clothes and standing there in his underwear, took up the pants Biker had thrown on the 
bed. He was half dressed when he stopped and looked over at Biker - the guy was hot. He had taken off his business suit and was now standing there in just dark socks, and boxers looking incredible beefy, his thighs making the boxers tight at their hem. Biker walked over to the bedtable and punched some sort of code into the phone, then returned to the wall and this time the closet doors Jack had been unable to open, all unlocked simultaneously. Jack sat on the bed and put on more conservative shoes from his new wardrobe, buttoning his shirt and watching Biker hang up his suit and pick a less formal outfit for dinner. 
Shadows on the muscles in his shoulders and arms moving and shifting in the window light. Jack walked 
over to Biker who was still in his boxers 
"Sir?" Jack knelt down in front of his man. Biker regarded the hot American, clean cut and sexy in his preppy attire now on his knees, his nose just inches from his crotch. 
"Please sir" 
"There isn't time, get up." 
"Please sir," Jack begged, looking up at the handsome kinky businessman standing over him, the same eyes he had stared at before from the sling, from his knees, in the club. 
"I said no." Biker's tone had changed. He shucked the boxers, revealing a hot rubber jockstrap with 
yellow piping under the shorts, stood just momentarily over Jack as a tease and walked into the bathroom. 
Jack followed, mesmerized by the round ass moving with the rubber straps framing it. Biker slid out of the 
jockstrap as he turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature. He was wearing a nut spreader in latex under the jock and a cockring. Jack's mouth watered thinking about how good it would be to have his sack in his mouth, licking the day's salt and sweat from them. The idea that this businessman had rubber on under a suit all day was toooooo fuckin' sexy. But Biker was not to be persuaded. He practically barked 
at Jack 
"Go sit on that bed and stay there until I'm ready. I decide when my cock is to be serviced not you. Don't 
ever presume you make the rules here Jack or I'll send you back to the States on the next flight. Control 
is one of the privileges of being rich. You mess up, you're out of here and you do something inappropriate 
at dinner, we're not going to the club. I'll go but you won't, I'll just cuff you to the bed and leave you 
locked in here. Now just sit down and don't even think about getting in the shower with me. You get 
one spot of water on those clothes you just put on and you're staying home for dinner as well." Biker barked at him with such speed it didn't seem he stopped for breath.
Jack stepped back and sat down on the bed immediately. He was a little shocked and put out but he also knew to shut up. He decided not to watch Biker in the shower because he knew he'd get a raging hardon so he just concentrated on calming his breathing and staring at the wall. No, he should clean up. That's what he should do, he took Biker's dress shoes and polished them with a towel from the bathroom, storing them in the closet bottom. He stacked the dress shirt and rolled up the necktie looking for laundry but not 
finding it. He then sat back down and just waited, watching Biker walk across the room in his towel to 
pick out an evening's outfit. Neither of them spoke. When Biker was fully dressed and had combed his dark hair, he spoke as if nothing had happened, smiling. 
"Yes, sir." Jack said nervously and a little depressed. 
"OK, let's get something straight right now. When I snap at you, you deserve it. When I'm mad at you, 
it's because you deserve it. I don't want you being all hurt and moody afterwards, do you understand? 
Part of your training is going to require correction and you can't be moody about it. That I have no time 
"Yes" Jack said, trying to sound more upbeat. 
"Good. You've done very well so far just don't ever be presumptuous. Trust me to make the decisions, I 
don't want to keep explaining that. If you're stupid and don't get it I'll move on to a boy who learns 
Jack's eyes widened and his mouth opened in a look of terror. 
Biker poked his thumb in Jack's mouth in his usual way and lowered his voice. 
"But if you're a quick learner and please me, there's a whole lot of rubber out there you can't even 
imagine." He slid his thumb out and stuck his three middle fingers in Jack's mouth. Jack licked and 
sucked them carefully until Biker pulled them out. "Better," Biker perked up. "Now, let's go eat, not a 
word about any of this, we've got a nice meal ahead of us."
Jack followed Biker down and out to as usual, a waiting car which took them across town to a 
smart-looking restaurant that was buzzing with people. The driver opened the door for Mr. Dickenson and Jack slid across the seat to exit as well since that was the curbside. The hostess recognized Biker in a flash and gave the prettiest smile "So nice to see you, your guests are here already. If you'll both follow me." Biker and Jack followed the beautiful girl to a curved booth where a guy and girl were waiting for them. Jack's heart did a flip-flop when he recognized the man from the airplane, the mustached CHiP officer and his sexy eyes seated in the booth in a casual boatneck sweater showing off his impressive shoulders and lats.
"Hi Gray, you're late. Sybil hates that you know." 
Biker bent to greet Sybil, "Hi beautiful" a pretty blond in her late twenties, kissing her on the neck. 
Sybill just cooed. 
"Hi Lance, long time no see. You mad at me?" 
"Just busy, why is it you Brits always think someone is mad?" 
"It's our schooling, we take courses in it" she posed as she tipped back the end of a pale pink drink, then 
motioning to the passing waiter she wanted it replaced. 
"Who's your friend here?" 
Biker motioned for Jack to slide in first, which sandwiched him in between Biker and CHiP. "This is 
Jack, Jack this is Sybil Eddington - she's an import broker, and this is one of my business associates Raul 
da Monteverdi." 
Italian, that explains the good looks, thought Jack. 
"Nice to meet you, Jack." Raul extended his hand and shook Jack's hand in the most casual of ways, as if 
he'd never played with him in a sling, as if he hadn't had a hot kinky rubber three way. "So how do you 
know this character?" Raul innocently asked. 
Sybil chimed in with her British accent "Yes, do tell. 
He's definitely the character. You're American right?" 
"Yeah, from New York City. Well not from there, but I live there now." 
"Oh I love New York City" Sybil purred, starting another cocktail which had arrived. 
"You probably want to catch up with us, Jack what would you like? A soda I s'pose." Raul said 
jokingly, Sybil punched him in the arm. 
"No, maybe some Hawaiian Punch or what's that killer blended thing they drink over there, oh yes a Long 
Island Ice Tea?" she giggled. They had both obviously been drinking and were punchy. 
"Actually, what do you recommend here?" Jack turned to Biker. 
"Two very dry vodka martinis, no garnish." Biker told the waiter who left menus and then departed. Biker 
chiming in before Jack had a chance to, inventing a story about how Jack was friends of one of Biker's 
friends in the states and how he had wanted to check out the London job market but really didn't have any 
"Oh he'll get you a job, this one knows everybody. Everybody. All I had to do was say boo and look at 
me, I'm working with the whole Pacific Rim market in importing now, it's great. And Raul you work for him 
too, but I can never for the life of me understand what you do with those rubber plantations in Malaysia, 
all hot and full of bugs, I'll take Tokyo, thank you." 
She gestured with her other hand where a dazzling bracelet caught the light of the table's candles. 
Raul smiled, dazzling teeth beneath his mustache and laughed with Sybil changing the subject to bugs. 
"Great big nasty ones scurrying around in your luggage" Sybil shrieked with laughter and Jack laughed 
too, she had one of those infectious energies that made her popular. 
"Guys, I've got to use the powder room, excuse me a minute." Biker stood from the banquette as she 
scooted from her end of the curved banquette. "Always the gentleman" she smiled at him. 
The moment she had walked away, Raul's left hand was firmly on Jack's crotch pulling the zipper open and kneading the cotton covered basket, while his right hand conspicuously stayed above the table with his drink. "So you hogging this one all to yourself?" Raul spoke quietly to Biker who had sat down again. "You still owe me some playtime boy" Raul was looking at him, smiling in a nonchalant way and gripping his nuts something fierce which made Jack squirm. 
"Hands off Raul. You'll get your turn later." Biker intoned in a low voice while smiling and waving at 
someone at another table who recognized him. 
"Soon enough, but not now. Anyway, you've still got the twins I presume so don't be greedy." 
"Oh yeah, those two can't get enough of a the vac-rac. I left them alone in the house at breakfast 
the other day and came back to find both of them ziplocked in when I'd just taken them out from 
spending the whole night." 
Biker laughed. "Well that's a good sign." 
Raul replied by toasting his glass "sure is! Why so quiet little rubber stud, gag got your tongue?" 
Jack gave Raul a wiseass smile, and zipped his pants back up. 
"Leave him alone Raul, you don't want to do a business trip to Guam again do you?" That shut Raul 
up, he sulked back into the banquette. Ugh, that had been the flight from hell, the weather from hell, the 
trip from hell. Raul did a lot of site inspections in foreign countries for Biker's company, part of which 
involved the harvesting of rubber sap. 
"So you own rubber plantations?" Jack asked Biker quietly. 
"Own them is an understatement," Raul answered, sipping his drink. "He practically controls 
production in most places." 
Biker smiled in response to this. "But the best part . . ." and Raul nudged Jack to get his attention, " is 
the bioengineering work he's doing with rubber." 
Biker gave him a look to kill. 
"Don't worry, no trade secrets, just thought your boy would like to know that latex is being advanced in the 
name of the space program - but seems to have some real nifty little kink uses on top of it." 
"Enough" Biker snapped, Jack wondered why the two of them were so edgy. Raul sat back into the cushions 
"Ah, Sybil returns which means more drinks."
Dinner was fun once Jack's drink kicked in and with Sybil at the table the conversation stayed light and 
silly. The food was tasty but in small portions that seemed to be more about appearances than anything 
else. After two courses, Biker let it be known that they couldn't stay for dessert and he and Jack left, 
after arranging for the bill to be taken care of in full on his account.

Jack was really tired from the drinks and just stayed quiet in the car lest he say something stupid. Biker 
could sense he had a lower tolerance for alcohol, which was good. He didn't want a drunk for a boy and a 
lot of them got so messed up in drugs these days. After the car dropped them off, Biker spoke up. 
"Same gear as last night, and have the Bike ready. You've got 30 minutes while I make some calls." Jack 
flew into high gear, running downstairs to where he'd left his suit.